Where are Cannondale Bikes Made? Full Guide

The American company is very famous for its wide variety of bicycles. But Where are Cannondale bikes made? Bike fans often ask this question. Well, our research team found the answer for you!

Where are Cannondale Bikes Made?

Have you also heard the rumor that Cannondale bikes are produced in the United States? Well, that’s not the truth.

All of the Frames of Cannondale Bikes are made in Taiwan. Then these are exported to countries like the United States, Germany, and the Netherlands for assembling. From there, these are supplied to the local markets.

Where are Cannondale Bikes Made

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Who Owns Cannondale?

Surprisingly, the company did not start as a bike company. Joe Montgomery and Murdock MacGregor formed the business in 1971. The idea behind setting up Cannondale was to manufacture precast concrete housing.

Later, Joe and Murdock decided to launch bikes too. The firm debuted its first bike on the market in 1983.

Their bikes turned out to be a success, and within a few years, the brand earned global recognition.

The company today sponsors many international cycling events. They have a diverse variety of bicycles, including mountain bikes and electric bikes.

Cannondale, headquartered in Wilton, Connecticut, United States, produces bikes and related components.

Manufacturing Countries of Cannondale Bikes:

Let’s dig down further to know where Cannondale Bikes are manufactured. 

1. Are Cannondale Bikes Made in the USA?

The United States is the hometown of Cannondale. It was this country where Cannondale first started manufacturing and marketing bicycles.

Cannondale bikes were initially manufactured in their manufacturing facility in Bedford, Pennsylvania.

This plant served as their production base from 1983 to 2009. All of Cannondale’s entry-level Aluminium bikes were manufactured in Bedford’s plant.

Unfortunately, Cannondale’s bad times started in 2003 when the company went bankrupt due to economic conditions. A Canadian manufacturing concern, Dorel Industries, acquired the thriving company.

Since then, Cannondale has been owned by Dorel Industries and overlooks all of its operations. The Cannondale plant in Bedford was completely shut down in 2009.

2. Manufacturing in Taiwan:

With the closure of its Bedford plant, all of Cannondale’s production was shifted to Taiwan. Taiwan was already famous as the “Bicycle Kingdom” due to several bike brands manufactured there.

So, it was feasible for the company to shift its manufacturing to Taiwan entirely. Dorel Industries around the globe established five centers of excellence.

Out of these, the company established one plant in Taichung, Taiwan. This center in Taichung, Taiwan is the home of Cannondale bikes.

Moving to Taiwan was crucial to cut costs and employing inexpensive labor. The company never revealed its manufacturing location.

But as per the reports, the Taichung plant is the only place left where Cannondale bikes are manufactured.

Why are Cannondale Bikes So Expensive?

Cannondale Bikes are expensive, but the reasons behind their high cost are the premium features and high-end finish.

They are a premium bike company, and like all flagship brands, a lot of effort has been put into making the bike extra special. 

Let’s talk a little about the factors which contribute to the hefty price tag of the Cannondale Bike.

  • The bikes’ frames are manufactured with carbon fiber, combined with Bio-Mechanical and curvilinear technology to make your every ride comfortable. 
  • Some of their models come with a Scalpel Frameset with adjustable size. Thus, it can fit according to your desire.
  • The use of Lefty Fork, Kingpin Suspension, and Cannondale Advanced Aluminium Design (CAAD) in their premium models have made them stand out from the rest of the bike brands.

The above points contribute to the cost as a lot of R&D is done to make each model more unique and superior to its competitors. 

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Are Cannondale Bikes Good?

Cannondale bikes are popular because they offer high-quality premium bikes in all categories.

Whether you are a racing professional or want a bike to wander around the city, there is a bike for everyone.

They have the reputation of being made to last and are widely used by people in all sorts of conditions and environments.

Their bikes are very innovative, and their R&D is quite efficient in improving their models yearly.

The only downside is they are a bit expensive compared to other bike brands. However, if you consider the technology and features of their premium bikes, they definitely provide value for money. So, yes! They are good.


Cannondale is a well-known American bicycle brand that has won the hearts of many customers with its bikes for several years.

Their bikes have also won many International Cycling Competition. So, they are well-known among cycling enthusiasts. 

The company is also known for making innovations. The features like Lefty fork and Kingpin Suspension provide an overview of the innovative technology used in their bikes.

Coming towards the conclusion, I hope the article has solved your query regarding the company’s production.

Cannondale bikes are manufactured in Taiwan due to low labor costs and technological advancement in the cycling sector.

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