Where are Haro Bikes Made in 2023? Who Owns It?

Where are Haro Bikes Made

Haro is an American Bike company that designs, makes, and sells high-quality bicycles. The company is particularly famous for its Freestyle BMX bikes. It was founded by Bob Haro, a famous BMX cyclist.

If you are also a freestyle BMX bike fan and want to know where are Haro Bikes made?, you have come to the right place. So, let’s get started.

Where are Haro Bikes Made?

As of 2023, all of the Haro Bikes are made in Taiwan. The company has followed in the same footsteps of the major bike brands and has outsourced the production of its frames to Taiwan.

By outsourcing the production, the company has reduced manufacturing costs and competed in the ever-growing bike industry. 

History of Haro Bikes:

It all started in 1978 when Bob Haro started making fancy number plates for BMX in his own garage. The popularity of these number plates was so high that he could not meet the demand.

Bob Haro was famous for his freestyle bike tricks and was known for his incredible stunts and innovations in the sport. Bob Haro is also referred to as the “The Father of Freestyle” for his efforts.

It wasn’t until the 1980s that he started Haro Designs, which grew into a successful company that helped develop the sport of freestyle BMX even more. In the early part of its rich history, its popularity skyrocketed.

In 1983, the firm debuted its first successful range of freestyle BMX bikes. The company’s premium bikes, the Haro Sport and Master, led to a revolution in bicycle designs. They also launched the FST in the following year, an affordable option for consumers.

Companies like Schwinn, GT, Dyno, and many others started to incorporate the designs of Haro Bikes. GT did give a tough time to Haro Bikes during the 1980s. However, due to the massive sales and profits, GT was left far behind. 

Who Owns Haro Bikes?

Bob Haro sold the company in 1988 to another bike company, but he still provided the consultation for innovation and R&D. His agreement ended after 5 years, and then he left the firm. 

The firm was sold again in 1993 to Jim Ford and a group of investors. Jim Ford was the Vice President of Haro Bikes in 1981. Immediately after acquiring the firm, he started to make bikes on Bob Haro’s vision. 

The step was taken to rebuild the brand’s position, which has continuously declined since 1988. The company is growing strong today and sponsors some of the best freestyle cyclists worldwide.

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Are Haro Bikes Good?

Haro bikes are generally considered to be good-quality bikes by many users and industry experts.

They offer a wide range of bikes for different riding styles, such as BMX, mountain, and road bikes, and are known for their durable frames, good components, and innovative design.

However, like any brand, the quality of a Haro bike can vary depending on the specific model and price point. Some users have reported issues with certain components or the bikes not holding up over time.

It’s important to carefully consider the type of riding you plan to do and research different models and reviews to find the best fit for your needs.

In summary, Haro bikes are generally considered to be good quality and reliable. Still, it’s important to research and carefully consider your specific needs and the particular model you are interested in before making a purchase.

Final Thoughts:

Haro also sells related parts, clothing, and accessories along with bikes. Their frames are all produced in Taiwan, and the quality remains unaffected.

Haro Bikes have been a popular choice for cycling enthusiasts worldwide. The company has designed its bikes to be more comfortable and durable than others.

The high-end bikes they produce are excellent value for the money. Customers are pleased with the company’s quality and affordability.

They offer different models, from the entry-level to the best-selling ones. It is a pleasure to ride their bikes, and there is something for everyone. 

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