Where are Peloton Bikes Made? Who Owns It?

In this fast age of the hustle and bustle, people don’t have enough time for exercise. So, why not buy tech bikes, or E-Bikes, to be precise? One particular company famous in this domain is Peloton Interactive Inc, mainly the Peloton bikes.

The company is quite popular nowadays, but what makes them so special, and Where are Peloton Bikes Made? Let’s find out the answer!

Where are Peloton Bikes Made?

All Peloton bikes are produced in Taiwan and China. Bicycle parts such as frames and all other accessories are manufactured in these 2 countries.

After finishing, these parts are shipped to the United States. In New York City, these parts are assembled and displayed for sale.

Where are Peloton Bikes Made?

What is a Peloton Bike?

Well, Peloton bikes are expensive fitness equipment that allows you to take a bike ride without going outside. It’s a bike that makes you work out while riding.

We can do cardio, strength training, or yoga with the built-in computer to set our own goals and monitor our progress. So, it’s a total gym without having to leave our homes!

With the Peloton Bike, we can stream from our home or studio, get live feedback and guidance from our personal coach and use all of the features that make the Peloton Cycle so effective. Now that is cool. Isn’t it?

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History of Peloton Interactive:

The history of Peloton is quite interesting. The brand was founded in 2012, so it is not that old compared to other Bike Manufacturing Brands.

It all started with the love and passion of spinning for two friends, Jill and John Foley. They only had one problem: going outside their homes to do this exercise.

Like the old saying, “Necessity is the mother of Invention,” thus they came up with an idea to make a bike for spinning that can be used at home. 

At first, no company seemed interested as they thought it was just a waste of money and not worth the investment.

After some struggle, John and Jill were able to get their first investment from an American Company, and the rest is history. 

The company is now a well-known brand in making fitness bikes. Their bikes are popular among gym enthusiasts and everyone who wants to work out but does not want to leave their home.

Who Makes Peloton Bikes?

Peloton Interactive Inc is a company that manufactures Peloton bicycles. A group of friends formed the firm 10 years ago, in January 2012.

The American exercise company is headquartered in New York City and deals in various products.

Apart from stationary bicycles, these include treadmills, exercise equipment, and Peloton apparel.  

Two suppliers mainly manufacture peloton bikes. These are Rexon and Tonic. Both of them are fitness equipment manufacturers based in Taiwan.

They work as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for peloton bikes. Apart from Rexon and Tonic, Peloton recently acquired Precor to meet the increasing demand for bicycles.

Let’s analyze how and where Peloton bicycles are manufactured.

1. Rexon: (Taiwan)

Rexon has a factory in Taichung, Taiwan. The majority of Peloton stationary bicycle frames are manufactured here.

The peloton was finally able to sell its first bike in 2013. The company raised US$400,000 in seed funding. The company first unveiled stationary bikes in 2014.

In 2020, due to the tremendous demand for Peloton bikes, Rexon factories around Taiwan went on 24-hour production to meet demand. The fitness manufacturer Rexon continues to supply bicycle frames for Peloton.

2. Tonic: (Taiwan)

Tonic Fitness Technology Inc is another major supplier for Peloton. The company is situated in His-Kang Shiang, Taiwan. Peloton has been associated with Tonic since 2019.

In 2019, Peloton acquired Tonic. This step was taken to take more control over production and to meet the ever-increasing demand. Tonic continues to manufacture cycle frames for Peloton.

Bikes manufactured by these two suppliers after assembling in New York are supplied in different parts of the world. These countries include the United Kingdom, Germany, the US, and Canada.

3. Precor: (United States)

Precor is one of the largest fitness equipment manufacturers based in the United States. Precor manufactures premium fitness equipment for its users worldwide.

In December 2020, Peloton Inc acquired Precor to meet the increasing demand for the company’s products. A whopping total of US$ 420 million was paid to acquire Precor.

Are Peloton Bikes Good

You might also be interested to know the following:

Who Manufactures Peleton Screens

The display technology behind Peloton’s interactive, immersive exercise experience is brought to you by ViewSonic.

With over two decades of expertise in crafting high-quality LCD screens, ViewSonic sets the bar for exceptional screen manufacturing.

Peloton screens are customizable to fit every user’s needs, with a range of sizes and resolutions available.

But ViewSonic doesn’t stop at delivering a top-notch product; they also provide comprehensive support services to guarantee a seamless experience for every Peloton customer.

Benefits of Peloton Cycling

As a Peloton bike owner, I can attest to this equipment’s numerous benefits. Not only does it offer a convenient, at-home workout solution, but it also provides a truly immersive and interactive fitness experience.

Here are some of the key benefits that I have personally experienced:

Access to Live and on-demand Classes:

With a Peloton membership, you can access live and on-demand classes led by world-class instructors. These classes range from high-intensity workouts to yoga and meditation.

Customizable Workout Plans:

The Peloton app allows you to create personalized workout plans based on your goals, schedule, and fitness level. Immersive experience: The large touchscreen display provides a highly immersive experience with scenic routes, leaderboards, and custom playlists.

Competitive Motivation:

The live leaderboards allow you to compete against other riders in real-time, adding extra motivation to your workouts.


With a Peloton bike, you no longer have to make time for a trip to the gym. You can work out in the comfort of your own home and even save space as the bike is compact and easily moved.

Wide Range of Classes:

The Peloton app offers various classes, including strength training, cycling, running, yoga, and more.

In short, the Peloton bike is a valuable investment that provides a convenient and interactive way to reach your fitness goals.

The combination of live and on-demand classes, personalized workout plans, and the immersive experience make it a must-have for any fitness enthusiast.

Are Peloton Bikes Worth It?

They are excellent exercise equipment and have improved health in numerous case studies. I have always been intrigued by the technology that allows me to work out and burn calories without lifting a single pound of weight.

While the results are great, the downsides are the hefty initial investment and monthly subscriptions. So, if you are on a tight budget, a regular gym is the perfect choice for you.

Peloton Bikes are definitely worth it for those who can afford them. Peloton is an excellent investment to keep you fit and improve your health. 


The world is moving towards fitness bikes. They provide an alternative for those who don’t have time to go to the gym but still want to stay fit and healthy.

The company’s objective is to make health and exercise more enjoyable for everyone. Peloton has built a large community of cyclists who use their bikes to maintain their fitness and enjoy working out with friends.

With the acquisition of Precor, Peloton continues to expand its reach and dominate the home fitness market. Get ready to revolutionize your workout routine with a Peloton bike!

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