Where are Napoleon Grills Made? 3 Countries Revealed

Where are Napoleon Grills Made

Are you looking for a quality, affordable, upgraded grill to fill up your kitchen requirement? You must have heard the name, Napoleon Grills.

The brand conquered the entire North American market in a few decades only. And why not? Multinational firms around the American market have appreciated the brand as the best-managed company.

Which got me thinking, where are Napoleon Grills Made? So, I did some research, and if you are curious too, let me answer it for you.

Where are Napoleon Grills made?

Most Napoleon grills are manufactured and assembled in the United States, Canada, and China. The company exclusively owns all of these facilities.

The designs and R&D that go down in every Napoleon product are done at their headquarters in Barrie, Canada.

These prototypes are then forwarded for the manufacturing process to Napoleon’s manufacturing locations in the USA, Canada, and China.

Let’s have a closer look at Napoleon’s rich history and its manufacturing locations.

History of Napoleon Grills:

Napoleon was initially known as Wolf Steel Ltd. In 1976, the firm began out as a maker of steel railings.

Wolfgang Schroeter and his wife, Ingrid (also the co-founder), started building wood-burning stoves in their garage in Barrie, Ontario.

Fireplace sales were seasonal, so the company had to expel a few workers every season or pay for idle labor hours.

Wolfgang decided to add a new product to their fireplace range to avoid this loss for both the company and its employees. A thing that would perfectly complement their existing range was barbeque grills.

In 1995, the company officially introduced barbecue grills to its product line, and that’s when Napoleon was formed as a company. The company soon gained recognition outside the North American market.

In 2010, the company opened branch offices in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Austria and opened distribution centers in several other countries. Napoleon also had the honor of inventing the smallest BTU-size gas furnace in 2013.

Napoleon achieved several International Recognitions Awards, with the Queen Elizabeth II Medal in 2012 being the most notable.

In 2018, the founders stepped down from the company’s management, and their sons Christopher and Stephen were appointed as new co-CEOs.

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3 Manufacturing Countries of Napoleon Grills in 2023:

As mentioned above, the company has manufacturing facilities in Canada, the United States, and China. Let’s have a closer look at these manufacturing locations:

1. Napoleon’s Manufacturing Facilities in Canada:

Canada is the hometown of Napoleon products. Napoleon is headquartered in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. All the research and development of Napoleon products is done here in Barrie.

The designs and prototypes pass through rigorous testing, which helps the company to maintain quality and keep a check on everything. Barrie houses one of the company’s first and oldest steel manufacturing houses.

In the early years, all of Napoleon’s products were made here. The 1000 sq foot facility has long served the North American market for the company’s grills, fireplaces, and other products.

The company cashed the “Made in Canada” label as a selling point as Canadian manufactured products have a good reputation worldwide.

The products made here, such as the Pro series of Napoleon grills, are supplied in North America and European countries.

2. Production plants of Napoleon in the United States:

The USA houses one of Napoleon’s manufacturing facilities in Kentucky. The production plant was opened in Crittenden, Kentucky, to cater to the needs of the American market.

The plant was opened in 1999 with only 23 employees and had a total space of 39,000 square feet.

This facility was expanded to over 180,000 square feet and employed 82 employees over the next twenty years.

Recently in July 2019, the company announced to further invest more than US$5.9 million in their Crittenden manufacturing house.

This investment has now opened new gateways for Napoleon USA operations as it has strengthened its position in the USA.

Over the years, Napoleon has diversified its operations and products, adding new products such as heating and cooling ones into their existing range. The Kentucky facility continues to produce Napoleon grills for the American market.

Are Napoleon Grills Made in USA

3. Napoleon’s Production Operations in China:

With all the major manufacturing concerns moving to China, Napoleon also decided to move its grill manufacturing to China.

Due to its inexpensive labor and easy resource access, China is a sweet spot for manufacturers worldwide.

In China, Napoleon operates as Guangzhou Napoleon Steel Co. Ltd. It was established back in 2002 and is owned by Napoleon Appliance Corporation.

Located in Huadu District, Guangzhou, the plant has over 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space and employs more than 400 individuals.

Gas and charcoal grills, free-standing stoves, barbecue accessories, and gas fireplaces are manufactured here. The famous Napoleon LEX 485RB is manufactured here in China.

This move from the company moving its production to China has helped cut costs and increase profitability. Recently, reports surfaced on social media that most Napoleon grills are manufactured in China.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure. Napoleon strictly checks its products for quality assurance.

Are Napoleon Grills Good?

Napoleon Grills are an excellent choice for both outdoor and indoor grilling. Napoleon is among the top 2 choices for grills in America besides Weber.

Which ones are better, Napoleon or Weber Grills, is a long debate for next time. But as for, one feature that standout for Napoleon Grills is its affordability against its rival. 

Another great feature of Napoleon Grills is its design. The products have a good aesthetic value, with a contemporary look and feel.

The grills have a high-quality finish that lasts for a long time. The company has a good reputation for its product quality and durability.

They have excellent customer service and a great warranty policy. These features set them apart from their competitors.

In case you haven’t already guessed, Yes! Napoleon Grills are good, and they do provide value for money.

Verdict: Where are Napoleon Grills made?

There has been a growing demand for outdoor cooking in recent years, which means that the need for barbecues has also grown. Napoleon Grills are one of the most popular brands in the market today.

Napoleon introduced its line of grill products in 1995 and has since become one of the most renowned companies for outdoor grills.

Their range of barbecues is varied, with different sizes and features that make them the perfect choice for different types of needs.

Summarizing the whole discussion, like other concerns, Napoleon has started to adopt a hybrid approach to manufacturing.

Management might think of the possible opening of its production houses in other countries, but that is the company’s sole discretion.

Currently, the company serves the European and American markets with quality and affordable grills.

In the end, I hope this article was helpful to you in determining where are Napoleon Grills made? Tell us about your experience regarding America’s favorite grill.

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