Where are Yeti Bikes Made? (2023)

Yeti Cycles is one of the most well-known bicycle manufacturers in the United States. They have been a staple for mountain bikes since their inception. They are a trusted brand when it comes to MTB, and many people across the globe love them.

But many people don’t know about the company’s origin or where are Yeti Bikes Made. So let’s find out!

Where are Yeti Bikes Made?

The frames and components of Yeti Bikes are made in Taiwan. The company has contracts with Taiwanese companies.

However, most of the components and frames are believed to be assembled in their factory in Golden, Colorado. All of the R&D and product development happens in this factory. 

Now that we know about their manufacturing country, let’s know more about their origin. 

Where are Yeti Bikes Made

Yeti Bikes History:

Yeti Bikes, an American Bicycle Company, has a history of producing and selling top Mountain Bikes worldwide.

John Parker launched the company in 1985. At the time, the craze for mountain bikes was growing with each passing day.

John decided to leave the job and pursue his passion for mountain bikes. The headquarters was situated in California at that time. However, when the first MTB Championship started in Durango in 1990, Yeti decided to move its headquarters to Durango. 

Yeti was able to produce some of the best mountain bikes in the next decade. They started by making Hand Built Bikes that were ideally made for racing. 

The company became a global brand through continuous innovation and improvement in components and suspension systems. They won numerous competitions and hired some of the most popular MTB Racers globally.

Who Owns Yeti Bikes?

The ownership of Yeti has been changed multiple times. Schwinn Bikes bought Yeti in 1995 to expand its portfolio and gain more reputation in the MTB Segment. 

However, Schwinn sold the company to Volant in 1995. Volant could not manage the company well, and it was going down day by day. In 2001, Steve Hoogendoorn and Chris Conroy, 2 of Yeti’s employees, purchased the company from Volant. 

As of 2023, Steve Hoogendoorn is the VP (Vice President), and Conroy is the president of Yeti Cycles. The two began the repair work, and gradually Yeti became a reputable brand again.

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Are Yeti Bikes Good?

In my opinion, the answer is a big YES. Their bikes are known for their durability and quality. The iconic turquoise Yeti Bikes are a great addition to any mountain bike collection.

The company strives for innovation and makes adjustments to enhance the cycling experience further. They have patented several suspension designs and systems like Zero loss Technology, Swift Technology, or Switch Infinity. 

The Zero Loss Suspension Technology utilizes two gliding pivots that absorb the shocks, so the bike’s frame does not flex.

The Switch Infinity Design improves the rearward axle path of the bike, and almost all their latest dual suspension bikes are equipped with this feature.

Although these Yeti bikes are steep, they are worth the price. So if you are a mountain biker who loves durability, quality, and innovation, Yeti might be a perfect choice. 


Yeti uses carbon fibers for its frame production, so its bikes are lightweight and fast. By outsourcing their production to Taiwanese factories, they are able to cut down the manufacturing cost and get quality frames and components from Taiwanese factories. 

Yeti Cycles is now a global brand with a massive fan following worldwide. Meanwhile, the company is still committed to the same core values in the early days. 

Although price is a big factor, they are worth the investment. They are built to last, and their bikes are designed to perform well. 

That’s all from today; I hope you’d find the article helpful, and that it has cleared your queries regarding Yeti’s origin and manufacturing facilities. 

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