Where are Jamis Bikes Made? 2 Countries Revealed

Jamis Bicycles is a family-owned business of bicycle distributors in the US. They are an International Brand that is present in more than 50 markets worldwide.

But what makes the brand unique, and where are Jamis bikes made? Let’s find out more about the brand.

Where are Jamis Bikes made

Where are Jamis Bikes Made?

Jamis Bikes are mainly made in Taiwan and China. However, the design and R&D are done in their headquarters in Tallahassee, Florida.

Initially, the company started as solely a distributor but in 1979, it started making its own bikes. 

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Overview of Jamis Bikes:

The journey was started when George Joannou went to the UK in search of business opportunities. One thing that intrigued George was the number of bikes swiveling around the streets.

After his return to the US, he saw that the bicycles here were quite heavy and bulky and not modern compared to the US bikes.

George saw an opportunity and started importing bicycles from the UK. As a result, the company was legally created in 1938. Soon, he shifted his focus to importing bikes from France, then Japan, and finally from Taiwan. 

The business was growing day and day, and in 1979, George set up his own bike brand Jamis Bicycles. The company launched its first-ever bike. “Earth Cruiser.”

But sadly, George passed away in 1981, and his daughter Carine Joannou took over the company, and to date, she is the CEO of the company. 

After the launch of Earth Cruiser, the firm launched Boss Cruiser, Dakota, Jamis Lightfoot, and Jamis Roughneck in the upcoming years. 

Jamis launched its famous Dakar bikes in 1985. It is a customizable race bike that has won the Mountain Bike of the Year Award in 2003 and 2004. The company is still making these bikes with more innovation and advanced technology.

Jamis Bicycles have won numerous Bike Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Awards for recreational road bikes and budget bikes. 

Most Popular Jamis Bikes:

Jamis Bikes is an international brand. So, you can find their bikes in many markets. Here are some of the most popular Jamis Bikes:

1. Jamis Dragon Sport:

The Dragon Sport is one of their best-selling mid-range bikes, and it’s probably one of my favorites as well.

I have had this bike for a year now, and it has held up remarkably well. It is still going strong, despite some pretty hard riding.

It’s an extremely well-made bike, with a steel 520 frame that’s super strong and rigid. With minimal flexing or wobbling, you can get the most out of this bike.

It is also extremely comfortable to ride, and it’s built to handle all the hills and obstacles you will encounter on mountain trails.

It has the highest quality Shimano components, so you know that you are getting a top-notch product. The suspension is also adjustable, allowing you to tailor the bike to your own needs.

Jamis has a lifetime warranty on their frames, and they’re able to replace them if they break.

2. Jamis Dakar:

It is impossible to talk about Jamis Bikes and not mention Dakar. This bike has been the face of the company. It has also won many awards and is still very popular among cycling enthusiasts.

The Jamis Dakar A2 Mountain Bike has a pretty solid reputation for itself. It has been designed to handle pretty much anything you can throw at it.

This bike is really made for off-road trails, where you’ll find rocks, roots, steep hills, and other rough terrains.

It’s also designed to be fast on climbs, and it can go pretty quickly. It comes with several options for customizing it to meet your riding style.

3. Jamis Hudson E2:

The Hudson Series is the only electric bike from the company. The first was launched in 2011, with only one mission, i.e., “To Make Riding Easy.”

The laid-back frame design makes the ride very easy on the knees. This makes the bike feel very stable and allows you to ride it longer than you may have imagined.

The A320 Battery, Shimano components, and Hyena 250 Motor combination make this bike a pretty powerful one.

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Jamis Bikes have made their name on a global scale. The company outsourced its production, and all of the Jamis Bikes are either made in China or Taiwan.

The plus point is that all the design and development happen in their headquarters in the US, and they are continuously innovating and improving their bikes.

In recent times, the brand has been making a huge impact in the industry by offering bikes that are extremely stylish, well designed, stylish, and durable.

The bikes have a great range of products; thus, they have bikes for beginners as well as racing professionals.

That’s it from Where are Jamis Bikes Made? I hope now you know the brand a bit better.

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