Where are Specialized Bikes Made? China or USA?

Selecting the proper category with the right specs is very crucial when it comes to purchasing a bike.

Another critical factor that many people don’t bother about while buying their bicycles is checking their manufacturing location.

Others are curious about knowing the truth. If you are a bicycle fan, you might have heard the name Specialized Bicycle. Want to know Where they are Specialized Bikes made? Let’s see what we can find out!

Where are Specialized Bikes Made?

All specialized bikes are manufactured and assembled in Taiwan by a contractor company named Merida. In contrast, the R&D and prototyping are done at their headquarters located in Morgan Hill, California, USA.

Although some down models and inexpensive versions were manufactured in China, most manufacturing is done in Taiwan.

Where are Specialized Bikes Made

Are Specialized Bikes Made in China?

As I stated earlier, Merida is responsible for all the manufacturing and assembling of Specialized Bikes. 

Merida is a Taiwanese company that manufactures bikes and sells them in over 77 Countries. However, some down models and inexpensive versions are made in China.

Why are Specialized Bikes made in Taiwan?

I believe it’s essential to know a bit about the history of this bike brand. It will give us our answer to this question. 

Specialized Bicycle Components Inc, casually known as Specialized, is an American bicycle manufacturing company that designs and sells bikes and related components.

The company was founded by cycling enthusiast Mike Sinyard around 48 years ago, in 1974. It is headquartered in Morgan Hill, California.

The firm initially sold Bike Components in the US imported from Italy. In 1981, Specialized introduced its first line of bikes. They were the Stumpjumper, Allez, and Sequoia 

In 1995, the Specialized brand started to get more popular, and they decided to produce more affordable bikes. However, this decision backfired, and soon, the brand lost its distributors, which ultimately caused a financial crisis.

Thus, the company had to sell 49% of its shares to Merida in 2001. Soon after partnering up with Merida, a Taiwanese Bike Company.

Specialized decided to go back to the production of premium bikes while outsourcing the inexpensive models to Chinese OEM companies.

That’s why most of the Specialized bikes are made in Taiwan. The decision to go back to premium also brought fruitful results. Today the company is growing in stature with each passing day.

Some of the most popular models of Specialized bikes include the Specialized Tarmac, the Venge, Roubaix, Diverge, Crux, and the Specialized Allez.

Now that we know a bit of Specialized History, let’s talk further about their operations. 

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Design and Prototype: (USA)

It is in their headquarters in Morgan Hill, where all the brainstorming is done. Ideas are gathered and discussed. The specialized bicycle design is done within their headquarters, from prototyping to product development.

After going through rigorous testing and approval from the technicians, the bike design is finally selected.

Bike Manufacturing: (Taiwan)

The selected design is then handed over to Merida, which manufactures bicycles for Specialized. Merida is a bike manufacturing company based in Taiwan, created in 1972.

The company manufactures bicycles with its brand name and works as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for other companies.

The presence of big fat bicycle manufacturing companies in Taiwan makes it the best place for bicycle manufacturing.

Today, Merida manufactures most of the bikes for Specialized with its humongous factories all around Taiwan.

These bicycles include road bikes, mountain bikes, Turbo bikes, active bikes, and bicycles for kids. The company also manufactures E-Turbo bikes.

Apart from specializing, Merida also manufactures bicycles for other companies. Merida produces more than 2 million bicycles annually in its factories in China, Taiwan, and Germany.

Merida has a decades-old factory in Taichung where most of the bicycles are manufactured. This factory is the home of millions of bikes. Taichung also houses factories for other bicycle manufacturing companies.

Some people speculate that Specialized bicycles are manufactured in their headquarters in Morgan Hill. But the reality is otherwise, as discussed above.

Today, Merida is placed second in the cycle manufacturing industry in Taiwan, second only to Giant, another OEM.

Specialized bicycles produced in Taiwan are exported to many regions worldwide though most are supplied to the United States.

Is Specialized a Good Bike Brand?

Are Specialized Bikes Good

In General, Specialized bikes provide value for money. Specialized bikes offer both premium and low-grade bikes. But it is not possible to explain it in one sentence, so stay with me to dig a bit further.

The flagship bikes are expensive, but they are very well made. The company pays attention to details to provide high-end consumers with value for money.

While low-quality products have an obvious price advantage, low-end products also have a significant quality disadvantage.

There is a lot of competition for low-range bikes. So, in order to compete, companies have to use shortcuts to cut costs.

The end result is that you will get a bike that’s not very good quality. Eventually, you will be disappointed, and it will be a waste of money.

The down-end bikes are not the strong suit of Specialized bikes. They are renowned for their high-quality premium bikes. 

So, if you are a serious cyclist who does not compromise on quality and is willing to spend a few extra bucks, then Specialized bikes are an excellent choice for you.

However, if you are a budget-conscious person who wants to save a few bucks and can compromise on quality, better alternatives are available in the market.

How Long Do Specialized Bikes Last?

The longevity of a specialized bike is heavily dependent on the frequency and intensity of use and the proper maintenance and storage of the bike. With regular and proper care, I have seen specialized bikes last more than 20 years.

If you’re using your specialized bike for daily commuting or more intense and challenging rides, it will need more frequent tune-ups and replacements of wear-and-tear parts. But proper maintenance can still provide reliable performance for many miles to come.

On the other hand, if you only ride occasionally and store your specialized bike in a dry and protected place, it can potentially last a lifetime.

Final Words:

Specialized has been a well-known bike manufacturer in the world since it was inception. The company has several bikes for users, including road, mountain, Gravel, and E-bikes.

The bikes are engineered for performance, comfort, and safety. In addition, they are designed to cater to the needs of their users.

The bikes are available in various colors and designs, making them a one-stop shop for all your bike needs.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s a wrap here. We have analyzed how and where are Specialized bikes manufactured. I hope that you found this information helpful and that it cleared all the queries.

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