Does Petco Sell Bunnies? Price, Adoption, Return Policy

Petco is one of the largest pet chains in the country. You can find almost all types of pets and pet supplies at the store.

But what about bunnies? Does Petco sell bunnies too? If you are also wondering the same thing, keep reading. You will find everything you need to know below.

Does Petco sell Bunnies

Does Petco Sell Bunnies in 2023?

No, Petco no longer sells bunnies online or in-store, even though it did before. 

The store stopped selling rabbits due to pressure from PETA. They had been pushing Petco to stop the animal sale in its stores.

Therefore, Petco decided that it would no longer deal in the sale of rabbits. However, the store still gets rabbits from animal shelters or rescue organizations.

Thus, you can adopt one if you want to. The process of adoption is the same as buying a rabbit. Just the sources are different.

Different rescue organizations charge differently for the adoption.

So, you must go through all options before deciding which rabbit you want to adopt and from which rescue organization.

When Did Petco Discontinue Selling Rabbits?

After immense pressure from PETA, Petco stopped selling rabbits on November 17, 2008.

According to PETA, dogs and cats are not the only homeless animals. People also buy rabbits on the spur of the moment, especially during Easter.

These people are unprepared to take full responsibility, leaving them homeless. This is where rescue shelters come to their aid.

Petco has decided to work with different animal shelters to promote the adoption of rabbits instead of their sale.

This is a massive step by Petco and other companies that decided not to add more to the rabbit overpopulation crisis.

Why Can’t Petco Sell Bunnies?

Petco stopped selling bunnies because the store realized many of them ended up in animal shelters and rescue organizations.

The store had been in discussion with the House Rabbit Society (HRS) for a long time. After continuous forcing from HRS and other organizations, the store decided to stop selling rabbits.

Later, Petco also encouraged customers for adoption as many of its previously-sold bunnies ended up in animal shelters.

Why Can’t Petco Sell Bunnies

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How Much are Bunnies at Petco to Adopt?

Different shelter organizations charge differently for bunny adoption. However, the adoption fee ranges between $25 and $100.

Other than that, the adoption fees also depend upon the age and breed of the rabbits.

For example, a young bunny would cost more to adopt than an older bunny. If the rabbit breed is rare, you might have to pay some extra bucks to adopt it.

Moreover, the adoption fee would be higher if it is sterilized and vaccinated.

How Do You Adopt a Bunny from Petco?

You can adopt a bunny from Petco either by visiting the physical store or its official site.

There are many Petco stores all over the country. You can visit any of them to see the options it currently has. You can also visit the store on weekends when the animal shelters bring more bunnies into the store.

The store’s website has a list of all the upcoming adoption events on it. So, you must also keep an eye on it as this will provide you with many options.

Can You Adopt a Bunny from Petco Online?

You can now adopt a bunny online by visiting the Petco website.

To browse different options on Petco’s website, you need to navigate to the adoption section and choose rabbits from the list. Next, you need to enter your radius and zip code to view the available options.

Find the rabbit of your liking and find its contact information. You can ask everything about the rabbit by calling on the number.

Does Petco Sell Bunny Food?

Petco has a huge collection of bunny food available in-store and online.

Some popular options available in the store include hay, veggies, pellets, herbs, and mixes. Other than bunny food, you can also find bunny enclosures at Petco. So, you can choose the one you want.

For example, the store has a vast collection of indoor, outdoor, metal, stackable, wooden, plastic, and wire bunny enclosures.

Can I Bring My Rabbit to Petco?

Yes, you can bring your rabbit to Petco if it is vaccinated, licensed, and domesticated.

However, you must properly restrain your rabbit before bringing it to the store. You must ensure that it is secure in its cage. This is important for the safety of your pet and other animals.

If Petco finds your rabbit poses a danger to other animals on the premises, they might ask you to leave the store. That’s because the safety of other animals and people visiting the shop will otherwise be compromised.

Can You Return an Adopted Bunny to Petco?

Since there is no guarantee on adopted bunnies, you can only return them to Petco as a surrender.

However, if you need to return a purchased animal to the store, you must do it in 30 days with proof of payment.

But, this rule does not apply to saltwater aquatic life. They can neither be exchanged nor returned.

Can You Return Bunny Enclosures to Petco?

Yes, you can return bunny enclosures to Petco within 30 days of purchase. The store does not accept returns after this time.

Other than the original receipt, you must also bring a valid form of ID at the time of return. This will make the return process easier, and you will soon be done with it.

Final Thoughts

Even though Petco used to sell bunnies before 2008, it no longer does so. That’s because the store faced pressure from different animal rights organizations.

Also, the store realized that most bunnies it sold ended up in animal shelters. So, the store decided to end its sale and now offers adoption options instead. 

The process of adopting the bunnies at Petco is the same as buying them. But, the parties involved are different. 

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