Does Costco Sell Ice in 2023? Yes! They Do

Ice became the most demanded product with the inception of summer. And why not? Hundreds of benefits and uses make ice the most hot-selling product of summer.

Many people in the United States do their grocery shopping from Costco. Why not buy ice from Costco when you are buying other things from Costco too?

But the question is, “Does Costco sell ice”? Let’s find the answer!

Does Costco sell Ice

Does Costco Sell Ice?

Yes, Costco sells ice. You can buy bagged ice at Costco’s select locations throughout the United States and Canada.

It is highly likely to find ice bags at Costco locations that are closer to public outdoor parks, amusement parks, beaches, and vacation spots.

Also, Costco stores in highly crowded areas and regions receiving spells of extreme temperatures will most probably have ice bags.

Does Costco Sell Dry Ice?

Yes, Costco sells dry ice. Dry ice, like regular ice, is available only at selected stores of Costco in the United States and Canada.

Dry ice is most likely to be used in transport, industries, events, or special occasions. You won’t find any dry ice on Costco’s website.

However, dry ice is available in some physical stores. Most Costco stores don’t carry dry ice at all.

To check dry ice availability at your nearest Costco, try contacting them.

Apart from Costco, read the following blogs to learn whether Publix sells dry ice, or Walmart sells dry ice.

Does Costco sell Dry Ice

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How Much Does a Bag of Ice Cost at Costco?

Costco has some of the most affordable ice bags on the market.

Ice bags at Costco are comparatively cheaper than what other brands are offering.

A 20-pound ice bag at Costco would cost you between $2 to $3. This is much cheaper than what other retail stores are offering.

Where Can I Find Ice at Costco?

When it comes to finding ice at Costco, the process is a little different than in most stores. To get your hands on ice bags, head to the front of the store rather than the frozen food aisle.

Simply let the cashier know how many bags you need, pay for them at the checkout, and then pick them up on your way out.

Does Costco Sell Ice Melt?

Yes, Costco sells ice melt. You’ll find Mag chloride 8300 ice melt and salt depot purple ice melt at Costco in a 50lb bag. 

The salt depot purple ice melt is made of organic non-staining purple dye. It is environmentally and vegan-friendly. It comes with an 8% magnesium blend.

Does Costco sell ice cream?

Yes, Costco sells ice cream.

Summers have always been cruel midway. Costco can be your next top spot to beat the heat with their signature ice-creams.

Costco’s very own brand, Kirkland signature, has some of the best-flavored ice-creams, which you can buy easily at their physical stores.

Costco also carries Brown Sugar Boba ice-cream bars at some of their stores.

Does Costco Sell Ice Makers?

Yes, Costco sells ice makers. There is a wide variety of ice makers and freezers on Costco’s website and physical stores.

You can buy from a wide range of available products. Ice makers and freezers at Costco are very reasonably priced.

Freezer chests, under-counter commercial ice cube makers, upright freezers, and under-counter freezers, you can find it all at Costco.

Sometimes there is a promotion on these freezers in which products are generally discounted more. If you plan to buy from Costco, try buying it from a promotion, as it will save you some extra bucks.

Will Dry Ice Ruin a Freezer?

Dry ice should never be stored in a regular home refrigerator or freezer.

Regular home refrigerators cannot store dry ice, as dry ice needs a completely insulated environment to be maintained. 

Dry ice quickly evaporates in a home freezer and converts it into gas.

This sublimation is potentially damaging to the freezer thermostat as the cold temperature due to evaporation can cause the thermostat to shut down.

So, yes, you should avoid keeping dry ice in a refrigerator.

An alternative to this is a Styrofoam container or an airtight container which will keep the dry ice intact for 24-48 hours or more, depending upon the quality.

How Long Does Dry Ice Last?

Dry ice is excellent for cooling beverages, keeping food cold, and industrial usage. But dry ice should be stored with proper care.

Dry ice is actually frozen carbon dioxide having a temperature of -78.5°C or 109.3°F. Dry ice sublimates very quickly.

Dry ice properly stored in a Styrofoam container will last up to 24-48 hours, depending upon the quality of the container and dry ice.

Dry ice can also last well in the freezer if covered with a newspaper or Styrofoam cooler. Dry ice touching the walls of a freezer is highly damaging to your freezer.


Costco isn’t your regular grocery store. Costco is a whole universe in itself. You’ll find high racks of products piled up to the top. There is just everything you need for your day-to-day chores.

Even the most basic things, such as ice, are available at Costco. The availability of almost everything makes Costco people’s go-to choice.

We hope this article benefited you and solved all your queries regarding ice at Costco.

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