Does Walmart Take Checks in 2023? Updated Policy

In the digital age, every product or service moves to become automated. So, cash becomes a digital wallet, and cashier-run tills become self-checkouts.

However, in this rat race, some groups struggle to keep. So, businesses extend their horizons to capture customers.

One such expansion occurs in Walmart. The grocery and home improvement giant extends financial services to its customers. So, does Walmart take checks? Let us find out!

Does Walmart Take Checks?

Yes, Walmart accepts checks in stores at all locations across the USA and abroad. No registration is needed, but you are expected to pass the identification. So, make sure to carry a Valid ID for verification protocols.

The check undergoes verification from Certegy or Telecheck. The check holder’s name on the check must match the ID.  

Lastly, if the check does not clear third-party verification, you must provide an alternative means of payment up-front.

You can visit the Money Service Center or Customer Service Desk to get your checks endorsed at customer host checkouts.

Does Walmart take Checks

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What Type of Checks Does Walmart Cash?

Walmart cashes different institution-generated checks at all store locations, given that they are pre-printed.

The store primarily cashes payroll, government, tax, cashiers, insurance settlement, and 401(k) retirement disbursement checks.

In addition, the service also encompasses MoneyGram money orders and two-party personal checks.

Walmart policy specifies that the checks must pass third-party verification. Also, the store requires you to sign the backside of your checks.

So, you can withdraw money as safely and as conveniently as you would at a bank or an ATM. Except Walmart’s multiple locations provide easy access with fewer waiting queues.

How Much Money Does Walmart Take from Checks?

Walmart charges a minimal fee on cashing checks relative to the associated withdrawals cap. 

Checks up to and including $1000 carry a $4 charge at Walmart. For Checks greater than $1000 up to and including $5000, Walmart charges $8. These charges may vary from store to store.

These numbers are also exclusive of the $3.74 fee that Walmart charges per card cashing transaction.

Note that Walmart restricts customers to $1000 transactions at a time. Also, you cannot cash more than 3 cards a day. For two-party personal checks, the store earns up to $6 per $200 worth of transactions.

Does Walmart Take Checks for Gas?

Fortunately, Walmart accepts checks for gas payments directly. This extends to all other store purchases as well.

Many gas stations have a Walmart store located within the facility. So, you can cash the check at Walmart and then pay for gas.

Make sure it is not a post-dated check, or else you might be in a fickle. You must carry all the required documents as well!

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Can I Write a Check at Walmart If My Account Is Negative?

Yes, you can write a check if you have insufficient funds, but it depends on your bank’s terms.

In most cases, the e-checking system will verify your bank balance and flag the transaction. The cashier will reject your request.

In another scenario, if you have $200 in your bank account and write a $220 check, Walmart will process your transaction.

You will even get a receipt! How? Only overdraft protection clients can do so. You are at a disadvantage if you go through with this unnecessarily.

The store charges hefty fees on overdraft transactions and even contacts agencies to pester you for payments!

Does Walmart Accept Checks Online?

Yes, Walmart accepts e-checks online for cashing and payments.

It is one of the first retail giants to extend this facility. The checks are cross-checked and verified. Walmart uses Certegy to run the checks online.

You can even load the amount on your Walmart Money card if you do not have a credit or debit card.

The Walmart Money card allows you to make purchases in-store and online. On the Walmart app, at checkout, you will be prompted to “pay by check.”

Press “select,” then enter the name of your bank, account and routing numbers, driver’s license information, address, and your name.

Does Walmart Take Checks at Self-Checkout?

Unfortunately, you cannot enter checks at self-checkout counters at any Walmart store locations.

However, you can use other forms of payment at the self-checkout. Your other in-store payment options include EBT, debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, and Capital One Walmart credit cards.

You can also visit the customer-host-operated checkouts to pay by check. If you have time on hand, avoid the hassle by cashing the check, if eligible.

Checks carry various verification checks that need to be endorsed by a supervisor. So, self-checkout check cashing carries a risk. You can check your check cashing jurisdiction on the Walmart website.

Final Thoughts

To wrap it up, Walmart takes checks at all store locations for cashing and payment.

You cannot find the option to pay by check at the self-checkout tills. So, you might have to run to another counter operated by a customer host.

You can pay by check in-stores and online. Make sure to read the terms and conditions for check limits and any associated charges. Lastly, do not forget to carry your valid ID!

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