Does Petco sell Ferrets? Laws, Return Policy & FAQs

Not every day do you find customers walking in to adopt a ferret. Usually, a dog, a cat, or a hamster prioritizes finding a new home. 

But what if you want your furry friend to be a ferret? Can you easily find it at the pet store?

Ferrets are small, highly playful companions. You can easily domesticate them and be surprised by their little intelligent brains! So, does Petco sell ferrets?

Keep reading to find out! 

Does Petco sell Ferrets

Does Petco Sell Ferrets? 

Yes, you can get a ferret from selected Petco stores. However, the store does not deliver them at home. 

Getting a ferret is a slightly tricky task on its own. Even Petco finds itself subjected to limitations due to specific laws. 

Petco cannot sell ferrets at all of its locations because it is illegal to own a ferret as a pet in certain states. For example, if you are a resident of California or Hawaii, you are especially out of luck.

But do not worry; your friends in New York and Washington cannot own one either. 

Read the following to learn more about Petco policies related to other animals:

Why Are Ferrets Illegal in Some States? 

Ferrets are illegal in some states because they pose a potential danger to urban surroundings.

For starters, ferrets are territorial by nature. They tend to get aggressive with other housemates when left unsupervised. 

They are also potential carriers of Rabies and pose a pandemic risk of erupting in busy neighborhoods. Moreover, Ferrets are not suited to the urban living space. Therefore, being connected to the wild keeps them at bay. 

They are half-wild small feral creatures, and their maintenance is also incredibly high. So, if you house a ferret, you must be wary of its high maintenance. 

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Why Does Petco Not Sell Ferrets Anymore?

Unfortunately, Petco cannot sell ferrets in States that explicitly ban owning them as pets. Still, you can get them at some locations where you can own a ferret once you obtain a license. 

Does Petco Vaccinate Ferrets? 

Yes, Petco diligently vaccinates its ferrets for all the relevant diseases. For example, the store administers the Distemper vaccine at 8, 11, and 14 weeks old.  

However, vaccination alone does not conclude ferret care; other factors contribute equally to domesticating the animal’s behavior. 

Can I Return A Ferret To Petco? 

Petco entitles you to return live animals within 60 days of purchase. 

Fortunately, this policy is in place since some pet owners are not entirely legible to own pets. Returning the pet saves the animal from being subject to mistreatment or neglect. 

You can get a full payment refund if the animal is returned uninjured and well. Petco takes a few bucks off the return receipt if the animal seems to be in discomfort. 

All you need is a receipt as proof. You can easily obtain this from your Order History. 

What Stores Do Sell Ferrets?

Ferrets at Petco

You can only find a handful of stores, including Petco, selling ferrets. 

For example, Marshall sells ferrets. In fact, Petco is known for getting its ferrets from Marshall. The recent claims about ill-treated ferrets from Marshall concern customers about Petco standards.

Regardless, the pet retail giant continues to sell healthy pets to satisfied customers. PetSmart also used to sell ferrets in the past but has recently pulled out of the ferret trade. 

Other than that, a few stores also partner with shelters to accommodate the ferrets. Therefore, you can surf through pet shelters and private breeders if you wish to contribute. 

How Many Years Can A Ferret Live? 

A ferret can accompany you for an upper bound of 8 years if you provide excellent care. 

Keeping a ferret involves active participation at all times. To ensure your ferret’s long life, you can begin with a well-balanced carnivorous diet. 

You must provide suitable habitat, 24″ L x 24″ W x 36″ H, with multiple levels to prevent micro-aggression.  Maintaining hygiene can also help prevent unnecessary hiccups in raising a healthy ferret. 

Is it OK to Get a Ferret from A Pet Store? 

Yes, it is entirely safe to source a ferret from a pet store rather than a private breeder.

You may endanger yourself if you dare to think about catching one from the wild.  A ferret from the pet store comes with added benefits. You get a proper manual on creating adequate conditions to host the pet. 

You can easily get food supplies, medicines, and pet toys from the store. The ferrets at Petco, especially, are neutered. This can even be extended to providing de-scenting facilities. 

Moreover, they are vaccinated too. So, it is a hassle-free one-time purchase with the option of return. 

Can Ferrets Sleep with You? 

We would not suggest sleeping with ferrets as they are small animals and might be unable to bear human weight.

You do not want to bury your pet just because you rolled over once. Additionally, ferrets are feral by nature and may carry diseases. So, it is a bad idea to sleep with ferrets.

How Long Does It Take to Train a Ferret?

Training a ferret requires much effort and patience to draw its attention. Your efforts will be futile if you forcefully train a ferret to produce early results. 

A distressed ferret cannot form a bond with its owner. Ferrets are highly affectionate animals and love to cuddle their pet parents.  

Though they may give you a hard time potty-training or damaging your treasured furniture, your patience will not go in vain. 


Conclusively, Ferrets are amiable companions but difficult to source, even from the biggest pet stores.

Being subjected to state laws, only limited locations of Petco sell ferrets. This is because they are partially wild and at risk of carrying Rabies. 

However, the ferrets available at Petco are duly vaccinated and cared for. Therefore, the risk of Rabies decreases. 

Before you buy a ferret, make sure you check your state laws and policies. Otherwise, you might be subjected to a heavy fine and imprisonment.

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