List of Australian Skateboard Brands in 2023

At first, Skateboarding entered Australia in the shape of a little flexy plastic board. That board dominated the streets all across Australia and was famous as the banana board.

Now, many Australian skateboard brands are producing premium quality boards all around the world. So, the competition among the Aussie companies is very high. All of these local brands compete to provide the maximum value to the riders at the highest level.

Some Australian-made skateboards use premium quality materials. Some are budget-friendly while still being very effective.

Top 8 Australian Skateboard Brands


The goal of this article is to inform you about the top Australian skateboard companies so that you may develop a stronger relationship with a local maker.

1) Folklore Skateboards

Folklore is a Western Australian skateboard maker, which started producing the boards in 2004. If you want to support local skateboarding in Australia, it won’t be challenging to find this brand.

They have a wide range of decks in various sizes with fascinating graphics in their product line that quickly draw attention.

The company uses high-quality materials to make the boards, from hard rock maple to carbon fibre. That is why Folklore skateboards are not the cheapest on the market. But, they are true value for money.

When it comes to durability, we have found that their decks are very lightweight with great strength. The unique design of Folklore boards helps to sustain big knocks without snapping the deck.

Another great thing about this brand is its team, which is very responsive. If you are not sure which board model would work best for your riding style, you can take help from their team of expert riders.

2) Penny Skateboards

Penny is another top-notch Aussie skateboard company founded in 2010 by Ben Mackay, who named this brand after his sister. Now, this brand is famous all around the world for its plastic skateboards. Also, their boards in the skateboarding industry are popular as short cruisers.

Penny Australia boards got inspiration from the traditional style of solid vinyl plastic decks that were very common back in the 1970s. Their boards are a perfect combination of traditional and modern styles and are very easy to ride.

If you wish to have a great time riding with your friends and family, the Penny skateboard is worth buying.

However, this brand may not be a decent option for heavyweights since its deck is not wide enough for large feet. But, for teenagers and kids, Penny Australia is a top choice.

3) PASS~PORT Skateboards

It is another Australian-made skateboard maker from Sydney. The PASS~PORT was founded in 2009 by Trent Evans after realizing the need for a home-grown skateboard company in Australia while he was in the US.

The brand was established with great inspiration, and its motto line is “Do It Yourself.” Now the brand has gained popularity all around the world. In 2020, along with Australia, it was also one of the top-selling skateboards in the US and Canada.

The PASS~PORT offers you quality decks with unique artwork which is inspired by the Australian culture. Moreover, these boards are suitable for freestyle, street, and skate parks.

So, we can say this brand is a good combination of less price with maximum value.

4) Eternal Skateboards

The Eternal Skateboard has a different story compared to the other Aussie brands. The company was born in Canada in 1992 and then moved to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, which is its home now.

Currently, this company is run by a talented Aussie team and produces some high-quality decks, wheels, trucks, and clothing. The design and artwork of their boards will make you stand out in the crowd.

They have built a community of riders by providing them with all support, and now the company is growing quickly.

5) NANA Skateboards

The NANA skateboards are good for new riders who want to have skateboarding fun without taking skating too seriously. This brand was born after the resurgence of plastic boards.

Their boards provide a whole new generation with the memories of the hot summer season while cruising on the 4 wheels board around the town with smiles and joy.

So, the NANA is a top choice for beginners to start riding without spending a huge amount.

The NANA’s product range includes longboards, skateboards, mini cruisers, sticks, wheels, and many more. Overall a great Australian-made skateboard for fun riding.

6) 24 Skateboards

This brand is making skateboards in Sydney since 2004. Many people are unaware of this brand because they do not make high-end boards. However, the 24 is one of the cheapest board options on the market in 2021.

While reviewing, we got mixed reviews about the 24 Skateboards. People claimed that the decks are made in China as they snap easily. So, make sure to check the reviews of riders before deciding on 24 Skateboard.

7) Omni Skateboards

Omni is producing skateboards in Australia since 1987. They have a rich history in the board industry. The best thing about the brand is that they make quality boards at very affordable rates.

Moreover, they are sponsoring a number of Australian riders and promoting the sport to the new generation.

So, if you are looking for something cheap without breaking your bank account, the Omni skateboard is a good choice.

8) FSC Skateboards

The FSC is a newly established Aussie skateboard brand, which is based on the idea of fun instead of taking skateboarding too seriously. So, the company makes some quality boards at very affordable rates.

You can find a wide range of hilarious graphics in varying colours and sizes in their product line. The build quality is also sturdy that ensuring your ride is safe and enjoyable.

Some Other Australian Brands that you might want to know about:


Skateboarding is an emerging sport that has intrigued the younger generation’s interest. But, choosing a skateboard brand can be so frustrating when you have hundreds of choices in front of you.

So, in the post, we have tried to promote the top Australian native skateboard brands to help you better knowledge about the local companies.

With the rise of many top companies, Australian skateboard brands are becoming more popular in the world.

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