Does Petco Sell Cats & Kittens in 2023? Do This Instead!

Does Petco Sell Cats

Cats are beautiful, intelligent, and purring animals that everyone loves. Research has also proved that petting cats release a ‘love hormone’ in humans.

For this reason, they are one of the most favorite pets. So, what to do if you want to buy a cat? Can you get one from Petco?

Stay tuned to find out!

Does Petco Sell Cats & Kittens?

No, Petco does not sell cats & kittens at any of its physical stores or online. You can instead adopt them from the store.

Petco works with different rescue groups that come to the store on weekends and bring different adoption animals.

You can find almost all types of cats at Petco for adoption. However, their availability differs from store to store. For example, there are Persian, Sphynx, and Munchkin cats at the store.

You can also enter your location on the site and browse the different options available in your area. This will save you the trouble of visiting the store. 

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Why Doesn’t Petco Sell Cats to Customers?

Petco does not sell cats to customers because the store wants to promote its adoption. Breeding cats is bad for stores as it leaves animals in bad condition and is also related to kitten mills.

To keep the animals healthy and promote a healthy environment, Petco decided not to sell cats and kittens. Instead, the store provides the customers the option to adopt them. Adopting a cat at Petco is the same as buying one. 

You only need to pick a cat you want to adopt and pay the adoption fee. You can take it home once all the formalities are complete.

Can I Adopt Cats at Petco?

Yes, you can easily adopt a cat at Petco, as the process of adopting it is pretty simple.

The store keeps a small collection of cats on weekdays. That way, people know that they are up for adoption.

The pet store also works with many rescue shelters and animal rights organizations to provide a home to homeless cats. These organizations bring different cats for adoption every weekend. So, you can pick the one you like.

Additionally, Petco also hosts different Adoption Events. You can visit these events to find a pet of your liking.

Can I Adopt Cats at Petco

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What Kinds of Cat Does Petco Have?

Petco deals in multiple cats breed in-store and online. So, you can adopt any breed you like.

Some popular options available at the store are a Domestic kitty, American Bobtail, British Shorthair, Cornish Rex, European Burmese, Havana Brown, Japanese Bobtail, etc. 

Even though the store has listed almost all cat breeds on its site, their availability is not always guaranteed.

It depends upon the shelters that Petco is dealing with and how common the breed is.

So, if you are unsure of whether the store has the breed you want, you can call your nearby Petco store and ask about the availability.

That way, you will be saved from the trouble of visiting the store and returning empty-handed.

How Much Does it Cost to Adopt a Kitten at Petco?

The adoption fee for different adopting agencies is different at Petco.

It also depends on the cat’s breed, age, and type. For example, adopting a cat might cost between $15 and $200. On the other hand, adopting a kitten is more expensive than a cat and ranges between $100 and $200.

The fee gets even lower if the cat is over 7 years old. So, we cannot put an exact price on the adoption process. 

How to Adopt a Cat from Petco?

You can adopt a cat by visiting any nearby physical Petco store or its official website. While you can go to the store on any weekday, we recommend doing it on weekends.

That’s because most rescue shelters associated with the store bring cats on weekends for adoption.

Other than that, you can also visit the adoption section on Petco’s website. Opt for cats once you open the adoption section.

Next, you need to enter your location, and all the available cats will appear in front of you. 

You can browse through different options and find the cat you like the most. It will have all the contact details of the organization it is associated with it.

Can I Sell My Cat to Petco?

No, you cannot sell your cat to Petco, as the store does not accept cats.

The cats you see at Petco locations come through a rescue or shelter associated with the Petco Foundation.

So, even though you cannot sell your cat directly to Petco, you can surrender it to the rescue foundation that works with the store.

The process of surrendering your cat to the rescue foundation is incredibly simple. 

All you need to do is ask the foundation if they have enough space to accommodate your pet. You can take your cat there once they give you the green signal.

Does Petco Sell Cat Supplies?

Does Petco sell Cat Supplies

Yes, Petco sells almost every kind of cat supply at its physical stores and online.

Whether you are looking for cat nutrition products or cat food, the store will cater to your needs.

What’s more, the price of cat supplies is also very competitive. So, you do not need to worry about paying a huge chunk of your income.

Does Petco Spay/Neuter Cats?

Yes, Petco sells spays and neutered cats for their customers at different vet hospitals. 

Since the adoption of cats is done through different rescue shelters, one gets concerned about whether they will be spayed.

But you do not need to worry, as the store spays the cats before handing them to you. The spaying process of the cats is a bit more expensive than neutering.

For example, spaying costs between $60 and $160, whereas neutering ranges from $30 to $100. On the brighter side, you can pay for both processes with your pet’s insurance coverage. 


Petco never sold cats or kittens at its stores or website as it does not promote their breeding for sale.

Instead, the store is associated with different rescue shelters and animal rights organizations that bring cats for adoption. The store deals in almost all breeds of cats, but their availability differs from area to area.

You also need to pay a certain adoption fee for adopting cats from Petco. The adoption fee is different according to the organization and the cat breed.

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