Does Petco sell Turtles and Tortoises? Updated Policy

Turtles make good pets as they are very calm species. They are easy to train and rarely display aggression.  

Petco is a leading retailer of live animals in the United States. The store takes a customer-centric approach to deliver convenient and reliable services nationwide. 

But what if you want to buy a turtle? Does Petco sell turtles too? Let’s find it out in the article below!

Does Petco sell Turtles

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Does Petco Sell Turtles?

Yes, Petco sells turtles in stores at most locations where the state allows the trade. 

Since the store does not sell them online, getting the turtles from your nearest Petco store is possible. You might seem interested to know if Petco sells axolotls or whether Petco sells Fish.

Does Petco sell Tortoise?

Yes, Petco does sell tortoises. You can get Russian, Hermann, and Redfoot Tortoise from the store.

Petco deals in the trade of both turtles and tortoises. So, how do we differentiate between the two? 

If you want a friend confined to the wet habitat, then a turtle is your pick.  A tortoise is your match if you want a companion that stays on the ground and seldom gets wet.  

Why Doesn’t Petco Sell Turtles Anymore?

Petco no longer sells turtles with shells less than 4 inches long to ensure compliance with state laws.

The law forbids the sale of small turtles because you are at a health hazard if you purchase a turtle smaller than the prescribed size. 

These reptiles carry Salmonella bacteria. The bacteria shed off the reptile skin. As a result, the pet owner can get really ill once they come in contact with the intruder. 

Does Petco Take Unwanted Turtles?

Fortunately, if you cannot take care of your aquatic friend, Petco allows you to make returns.  

However, the policy only applies if you claim returns within 30 days of purchase. You are eligible for a full refund if your turtle is uninjured and completely healthy.

But, the store manager may take a few bills off if the animals display discomfort.  

You can drop off your turtle at your nearest Petco warehouse to make returns. All you need is your receipt as proof of payment.  In addition to this, Petco also launched a campaign to shelter small turtles. 

Due to this, you can return the turtles to Petco with shells less than 4 inches. This helped to curb Salmonella. 

How Big Do Petco Turtles Get?

Petco turtles can get as long as 12 inches by providing proper care and habitat.

The growth varies from specie to specie. Hence, you can expect your turtle to grow between 5 and 12 inches. Since a turtle matures slowly, you can expect it to reach its full size between 5-8 years of life. 

What Kind of Turtles Does Petco Have?

Turtles Tortoises at Petco

Currently, Petco only sells Red Eared Sliders at its store locations. This species of turtle transitioned from carnivore to omnivore.

The animal is predominantly green in color. The shell, in contrast, is yellow from the top and bottom. You can also find a red streak on both ears.

Your messy friend requires at least 40 gallons of water and substantial living space to live comfortably. The Red Eared Sliders love to bask in the sun after floating through in their wet base. 

Moreover, they can co-exist with other species of turtles under proper supervision and living conditions. 

How Long Do Petco Turtles Live?

You can expect Petco turtles to live more than 20 years under moderate care.

It is also possible that they may reach 40. It totally depends upon the care of pet owners! Your turtle from Petco is a high-maintenance pet and requires a well-balanced diet and proper living space to thrive. 

You must also avoid touching your turtle too much, as it is a double-edged sword. While turtles pose a risk of carrying Salmonella, they can also fall sick from contracting bacteria off human skin. 

What Stores Sell Turtles?

You can get a turtle at any leading pet retail store, including Petco and PetSmart.

These are two big market makers in the pet retail business. Other than that, De Met’s Turtles also deals in the turtle trade. 

You can also keep an eye out for reptile expos and private breeders. However, they are also a slightly viable option. Lastly, certain online stores are also participating in the sales of turtles.  

You can head to My Turtle Store or American Reptiles if you wish to purchase a turtle from the comfort of your home. 

What Is the Best Turtle for a Pet?

The Red Eared Sliders are the friendliest turtles out of all the species. 

Though they might display territorial tendencies and act moody, this is not the case. 

If you cannot find a Red Eared Slider, you can try your luck with a Yellow-bellied Slider. They are Red Sliders’ cousins and are also amicable partners. 

Though the Red Eared Sliders are more active, the Yellow-Bellied Sliders live longer even in moderate care. You can also expect the African Side Neck Turtles and Mississippi Map turtles to make great company.

However, you might have to fight tooth and nail to get your hands on one of these jocks. 

Can Turtles and Tortoises Live Together?

Yes, it is possible to let your turtles and tortoises live together. Even though both claim different footing, you can create a suitable condition for both. 

In the reptile world, turtles and tortoises rarely display aggression. They are territorial by nature and prefer to be alone. You can also create a basking station to create a junction for the two to meet.  

Final Thoughts 

To wrap up, Petco sells both turtles and tortoises at its physical stores at incredibly affordable rates.

The store offers Red Eared Slider turtles for sale. But you cannot buy a turtle less than 4 inches long. That’s because the law forbids the sale of small turtles, and Petco abides by the law.

You can procure a turtle from any physical Petco store. However, deliveries are off-limits. 

The store will accept unwanted turtles within 30 days of purchase. But make sure you bring the original receipt at the time of return.

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