Does 711 Sell iPhone Chargers? Are These Waterproof?

Millions of people own an iPhone that requires a charger, just like any other phone.

The newest version of the iPhone does not include a free charger like most other mobile phones. Hence, the customers are forced to purchase it separately, especially if their older chargers are incompatible. 

You must be wondering where you can buy an iPhone charger. Is it readily available at convenience stores? Does 711 sell iPhone chargers? Well, let’s find out!

Does 711 Sell iPhone Chargers

Does 711 Sell iPhone Chargers?

Yes, you can easily find iPhone chargers at all 711 stores. 

711 is one of the biggest convenience stores with branches worldwide. A mega store such as 711 typically has all the products a consumer may need. Each store has a different charger stock, as the branches are independently owned worldwide. 

If you are traveling and have forgotten your charger and cable or your current one stops working, 711 can be your go-to store.

How Much Does An iPhone Charger Cost At 711?

An iPhone charger at 711 can cost anywhere between $5 and $20.

The exact price of an iPhone charger, or any other charger, varies from store to store. While 711 stores are independently owned, the company asks them to stock the products from popular brands that millions of people use.

7-Eleven is a budget store, so the products stocked generally cost less than other stores, and the price of the goods is determined by the owner himself/herself. 

Therefore, the prices of products at each store might differ from other branches. The market price is set according to the competition in the area. 

The chargers and electronics at 711 may not be the official brand’s product, but they are still of good quality.

Does 711 Sell Phone Chargers?

Yes, almost all the 711 stores across the world sell phone chargers, as many customers look for a charger here.

The variety of stock may differ between branches, but almost all the branches carry phone chargers for different kinds of phones.

Whether you need a type C cable for your android or an iPhone charger, you will easily find both at a 711, as these are the most commonly used chargers. 

However, your local 7-11 stores may run out of stock, or the owner might forget to restock the chargers. For this reason, you must call your nearest branch to ensure that the charger you need is in stock and available.

It is also important to note that it will be challenging to find a charger if your mobile phone has a unique or uncommon charging port.

Are iPhone Chargers Universal? 

Yes, iPhone chargers are universal and can be used for all iPhone models. 

The charging port on all modern iPhones is the same and requires the same cable. This charging cable is called a lightning cable and was manufactured by Apple.

Apple has always been using the same point at the charging end of their cable, but since the release of the iPhone 11, the company has made a faster charger with a higher voltage.

But, the charging part of the charging port that you plug into your phone is still the same. 

However, with the conversion to faster chargers, Apple has changed the point that is plugged into the adapter from a USB point to Type-C. This may not be suitable with some old adapters.

Are iPhone Chargers Dual Voltage?

iPhone chargers work both on 120 volts and 220 volts. 

You do not need a voltage converter; you can just purchase and plug in your charger. Apple’s iPhone is a brilliant mobile phone used all around the world. 

Hence the company has to take into account different voltages in different homes.

Your iPhone charger can work anywhere with the correct adapter plug. iPhones are built so that the consumer can use them without any hassle. 

The power adapters that support the lightning cable given with iPhones go well with international voltage requirements.

Are iPhone Chargers Waterproof? 

The lightning port is designed to be waterproof and dustproof.

The charging cable is shaped in a way that it can protect the device from water or dust while charging. The endpoint of the cable is also water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it if you drop your charging cable in a sink.

However, the adapter may not function as effectively once exposed to water. It is also unsafe to charge your phone if your charger is wet when plugging it in.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where your iPhone charger is wet, make sure to dry it off completely before plugging it into the electrical socket.

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Summing Up

iPhone chargers are one of the most common accessories used around the world. This means that it is essential for chargers to be available and accessible easily by many users of the phone.

Therefore, convenience stores, especially international ones such as 7-Eleven, always have to cater to this demand and keep mobile phone chargers in stock.

So, you must not worry the next time your iPhone charger stops working. You must pay a visit to your nearest 711 stores and get it from there.

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