Stamps at Walmart: Variety, Price, Availability, FAQs

Walmart is one of the largest stores dealing in stamps at an affordable price. But still, most people seem confused about Does Walmart sells stamps.

The simple answer is yes; Walmart deals with an extensive range of stamps. But to clarify its price, types, and availability in Walmart, we have researched and gathered all the required data for you.

Being a reputed grocery store retailer, it has a variety of stamp books and stamp rollers for you as well.

You can easily purchase the stamps from the money service counter or order them online to get them fast at your doorstep.

However, they also provide an online payment option with a pickup facility for your order from the neighborhood Walmart store.

Does Walmart Sell Stamps

Does Walmart Sell Stamps?

Yes, Walmart sells stamps as of 2023. They are providing high-end stamps at all Walmart stores. Some of their stamps feature unique designs that can’t be found anywhere else.

These stamps can be used for mail delivery, although these stamps do not come from the post office.

How Much Do Stamps Cost at Walmart?

The price for 20 USPS Forever stamps at Walmart is $21.50. However, you can also get a pack of 100 stamps for $83.75. This price is the same for all the stamp designs available at Walmart.

There is no minimum limit on purchasing stamps. You can either buy the single stamp or the pack of 20 and 100 stamps.

Does Walmart Sell Forever Stamps?

Yes, Walmart sells Forever Stamps. It gives you the facility of buying the stamps at any time of the year you want. There is no restriction for their potential customers on time, minimum limit, and payments.

You can easily get the stamps in various designs of your choice at a very affordable price than the market rate.

Does Walmart sell Forever Stamps

Apart from Walmart, you might also love to know which other stores sell stamps:

Does Walmart Sell Postage Stamps?

Yes, Walmart sells Postage Stamps. Even it has stamps which are difficult to find in stores.

If you are feeling difficulty buying specific stamps, you can check them out at Walmart.

I am pretty sure you will get one. First-class US postage stamps, forever stamps, and many other stamps are available.

Does Walmart Sell Books of Stamps?

Yes, Walmart has a huge collection of book stamps in the store. It offers the book stamp a little bit more expensive than the stamp roll.

But, of course, it is worth your money. Its manufacturing, material, and time the whole process make it costly.

If you calculate the price of both the stamp roller and the book rollers, you will get a difference of a minimum of $10 per pack of 100 pieces.

Does Walmart Sell Collectible Stamps?

Yes, Walmart sells Collectible Stamps. Consensus is typically the driving force for the emergence of collectible items.

For example, if someone begins to collect stamps depicting a certain bird breed, it is a collection. It could also be a collection of floral stamps or presidential stamps. 

Limited editions of these stamps are produced, which makes them precious. This assures that only a select few individuals have access to them.

Walmart does offer collector stamps that are worth buying.

What Types of Stamps Does Walmart Sell?

Walmart deals in a variety of stamps and categories like forever stamps, postage stamps, and seasonal stamps.

You can also get geographical stamps as well, but it depends upon the region of the country where you purchase them. A few of the stamp types available at Walmart are:

  • Forever stamps
  • Legal letter stamps
  • Souvenir stamps
  • First-class US postage stamps
  • Geographical stamps
  • Duck stamps
  • Postcard stamps

Besides these types of stamps, you can get many other options by visiting Walmart.

Does Walmart Take Food Stamps?

Yes, Walmart takes food stamps in all of its grocery stores as a payment. Also, The EBT card works the same for Walmart as your regular credit card and the debit card to pay your bills. 

You can use your food stamps at Walmart while paying for your grocery at the checkout without any worries.

Does Walmart Sell Stamps with no expiry?

Yes, Walmart sells Forever Stamps with no expiry date. It means these stamp stamps are to be used forever without getting worried about the expiry date of stamps.

Walmart offers a variety of stamps at a reasonable price. So, if you cannot find the forever stamps or even the duck stamps anywhere, you can easily get them at Walmart.

Collectible Stamps at Walmart

Does Walmart Sell Stamps at Checkout?

Yes, Walmart sells stamps at checkout to make it convenient for customers in case they forget to buy during the shopping.

Most of the time, customers cannot keep in their mind to buy their stamps from the specific counter. So they can easily get the stamps from the cashier available at the checkout counter.

Does Walmart Canada Sell Stamps? 

Yes, Walmart Canada sells stamps to meet your needs. You need not worry in case you do not find a stamp at Walmart. You can check them at any other branch with a stamp for you.

Walmart Canada sells not only the postage stamps of Canada but also rare stamps. It has an extensive range of stamps you could barely find at any other store dealing with them.

Does Walmart Customer Service Counter Sell Stamps?

Yes, the Walmart customer service counter sells stamps to customers. But, it is not for all Walmart stores.

If any of the local Walmart stores do not have a money service counter, then their custom customer service counter has a stamp for selling. You can ask them to get the stamp rollers or stamp books.

Walmart’s customer service counter is not designed for selling stamp purposes. But, they can sell to meet your stamp demands effectively.

How to Buy Stamps at Walmart?

The Stamps are available in the physical store and online stores as well. You can easily buy from the store located nearby to your residence area.

However, for the payment, you can pay at the counter the cash or using a debit or credit card.

Currently, Walmart is not accepting payments through google play or apple pay. So, you must have an account in Chase Pay, PayPal, and Amex Express.

If you are one of those who loves online shopping, then you have to pay its shipping fee to get your parcel to your doorstep.

But you can also pick up your stamp parcels from the nearby Walmart to avoid additional charges.

Are Walmart Stamp Books Cheaper Than Walmart Stamp Rolls?

No, Walmart stamp books are not cheaper than Walmart stamp rolls. The reason lies in the cost of manufacturing the material used.

It makes the Walmart books stamps expensive. The stamp rollers are easy to manufacture and require little material as compared to the book stamp.

You can get the stamp book for $21.50 with 20 stamps. However, the stamp roller costs you only $83.75, having 100 stamps in a pack.

So you can easily get an idea of the cost of the book stamp for you. If you save money and want to invest in the longer run, you can go for a stamp roll.

Does Buying Stamps at Walmart Support the USPS?

Yes, Walmart stamps support the USPS (United States Postal Service). These stamps can be used for mail delivery. Despite getting it from Walmart, they still offer the service of sending mail through it.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Walmart is a one-stop shop for all your stamp needs. From Forever stamps to collectible stamps, you can find a variety of stamps in-store or online.

Not only are the prices affordable, but Walmart also provides the convenience of buying stamps at the checkout or customer service counter.

And if you’re in Canada, don’t worry; Walmart has got you covered with its extensive range of Canadian postage stamps and rare stamps.

So, the next time you’re wondering where to buy stamps, head to Walmart and take your pick from their diverse selection of stamps!

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