Does Petco Sell Fish? Betta, Koi, Saltwater, FAQs

Buying a pet has never been easier. Now, if you’re deemed eligible to own a pet, you might be wondering where to get it.

Well, you do not need to worry, as Petco has got you covered! It is your one-stop solution to get yourself a little buddy. So, does Petco sell fish too? 

If your choice of pet is a slippery companion, then keep reading to find out if Petco can assist you in your search!

Does Petco sell Fish

Does Petco Sell Fish in 2023?

Yes, you can definitely shop for live fish in Petco’s physical stores or order it online. Fish make great pets due to the limited space they take up and the ease of maintaining them.

This is usually why they are the first-choice pets for busy individuals. A goldfish is a common first best friend to many of us.

Petco sells 4 different kinds of fish. These are further subdivided by species.

Hence, Petco offers a wide range of aquatic species to cater to beginners or aquarium enthusiasts looking for exotic fish to expand their collection.

Does Petco Sell Betta Fish?

Yes, Betta fish are available to shop from Petco Stores and the Petco website.

Petco sells more than 190 different Freshwater species, and 53 of them are Betta. What’s more, all of these are priced below $20.

Betta fish are vibrant-finned freshwater fish that live up to 2-5 years. You may be pleased that these fish are very easy to domesticate.

They come in aesthetically-pleasing color patterns. The most rated are the Imagitarium Rose petal, Butterfly, and Dragon scales.

However, you must be careful not to touch them in a way that threatens them. They may bite when they feel threatened.

Petco Betta Fish

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Does Petco Sell Koi Fish?

Yes, more than 20 different kinds of Koi fish are available at Petco stores and online. 

Petco has Koi fish in the sexes-male and females. Koi bettas are also listed for sale. The highest-rated Kois are male Koi Betta, black Koi, and Kohaku Koi. All these are priced between $20 and $40.

The good news is that the koi fish can also survive indoors in freshwater conditions. These fish are extremely beautiful and are associated with perseverance in Japanese culture. 

For this reason, they are one of the most sold fish at Petco.

Does Petco sell Saltwater Fish?

Yes, Petco sells a variety of saltwater species of fish.

Catering to a large customer base, Petco makes sure to satisfy all enthusiasts of aquatic friends. You can choose from the 139 different saltwater fish at Petco. They are moderately priced, between $10 and $40.

If you want to befriend DORY, things will get a bit icier as the prices for Blue Hippo Tang are above $ 100. The other top-rated saltwater fish for you at Petco are Anthias, Damsel, and Chromis.

Petco Fish Variety

Does Petco Sell Fish Antibiotics?

Petco caters to the entire well-being of pets, which includes providing fish antibiotics as well.

Whether your goldfish is acting differently or the entire aquarium is showing symptoms, Petco has the specific antidote to cater to each patient.

The Fish Health and Wellness segment is available online and in-store. The Petco staff can guide you to find the correct antibiotics on time.

You can order them to your doorstep with same-day delivery or resort to pickup from your nearest Petco store.

Does Petco Deliver Fish?

Yes, Petco is famous for delivering fish safely and timely.

The store facilitates making the sale online and honors this by delivering same day or offering the pickup option. 

The fish are encapsulated in shells of adequate conditions. Moreover, the temperature, salt content, and water level are also up to the mark.

Does Petco Take Unwanted Fish?

Yes, Petco gladly provides accommodation to unwanted fish. However, there is a condition to it.

The store de-incentivizes the return by not offering any monetary compensation.

But if there is a healthy fish that you simply cannot take care of anymore, visit your nearest Petco store and hand it over to the staff.

Does Petco Have Fish Supplies?

Yes, Petco has all the supplies to maintain and care for your fish.

If you want to maintain a pond or provide bedding to your aquarium, Petco online store is a click away. You can even avail of bundles to save on the cost of these products and to find all the related products in a single search.

What’s more, the store also lets you talk to an expert online via Petco.

Why did Petco Stop Selling Fish?

As of 2023, Petco has not stopped the sale of live fish, nor does it intend to do so.

When Walmart discontinued the sale of live fish as pets, Petco was also expected to follow in its footsteps.

However, you can visit any of the Petco stores and get yourself an adorable pet. But you must not forget to follow the protocols to take care of your fish!

Why are Pet Stores not Selling Fish?

Pet stores are not selling fish as they are finding it difficult to bypass the laws regarding the sale of live fish.

The manual by retailers like Walmart was unsatisfactory, and the lack of positive reviews led them to discontinue the sale.

PETA also cares for in-bred captive marine life and has repeatedly attacked Petco for acquiring them from the delicate coral reefs.

These social and technical concerns make retailers hesitant to take the fall for such malpractices. Not only this but the sale of live fish is being penalized in more and more states.

Final Words

Being one of the largest retailers of pets, Petco has a wide variety of animals. This article focuses on the sale of fish and the products the store provides for their care. 

Petco sells a variety of fish online and in-store, including Betta, Koi, and saltwater fish. The store will deliver them safely to your address the same day, or you can also opt for pickup. 

Other than that, you can also give unwanted fish to Petco if you can no longer take care of them. Great, isn’t it?

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