Does Home Depot sell Plants? Price, Variety, & More

Plants definitely help to improve the living space, both in terms of scenic beauty and air purification.

Home improvements go hand in hand with selecting a good retailer, and what other retailer than Home Depot? So, does Home Depot sell plants too? Let us find out in the article below! 

Does Home Depot sell Plants

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Does Home Depot Sell Plants? 

Yes, Home Depot sells a variety of indoor and outdoor pot plants, bushes, and edible gardens to its customers. You can check availability in your nearest store or their official website. 

The store lets you choose from over 40 brands of plants at Home Depot, and they are available in the Outdoors department.

For example, Endless Summer, Costa Farms, PROVEN WINNERS, Bonnie Plants, Online Orchards, etc., dominate the store sales. 

You choose your plants according to the availability of sunlight, timing of planting, mature size, and blossom colors. 

Are Plants at Home Depot Expensive? 

No, Home Depot is one of the most affordable stores to get various species of plants from. 

Though Home Depot ranks cheaper than Walmart and Lowe’s, you can slash the prices even further. According to a survey from NBC, Home Depot sells around 29% below the industry average. 

Home Depot sources these plants in bulk. So, the store slashes off prices at procuring level rather than during retail.  Furthermore, if a validated retailer promises a lower price, Home Depot promises to match the price. 

Usually, the prices range between $10 and $400. The cost increases as the rarity, size, and brand rating increase. 

Is Home Depot a Good Place for Plants? 

Yes, Home Depot is one of the top places to get plants in every state.

Frequently, customers do complain that the store-bought plants die shortly after purchasing. This is because Home Depot’s inventory also includes plants that are not native to the climate. 

So, they die when customers cannot provide suitable conditions. You can refer to the manual and product details provided by the store. The store also runs frequent discounts and allows customers to avail better deals. 

Does Home Depot Guarantee Plants? 

Yes, Home Depot’s policy regarding plants guarantees maximum value. 

The store policy states that all trees, tropical plants, shrubs, etc., can be returned within a year of the original purchase date.

Beyond this, you can seek replacement options and store credits. Make sure to carry the purchase receipt and Valid ID to process the return. Even if your plants are dead, you can return them to Home Depot within the directed period. 

For all succulents, flower bushes, and indoor plants, you can return them within 90 days of purchase. The store replaces damaged goods within 3 days. 

Does Home Depot Sell Fake Plants? 

You can buy various indoor and outdoor artificial plants from Home Depot.

For example, bamboos at the store are as high as 6ft. Other varieties include Dracaena, Monstera, Palm, Fiddle Leaf, etc. 

Lastly, you can also opt for leaf panels for walls and flooring. The pots themselves come in many designs. So, you can choose the color and size for your table or hang them. 

Does Home Depot Deliver Plants? 

Yes, Home Depot delivers plants to its customers across the United States and Canada. 

The store uses third-party courier services like UPS, FedEx, etc., to ship or truckload their goods. You can opt for Next-Day Delivery or same-day store pick-up. 

Furthermore, you can also opt for threshold delivery, whereby the representative will leave your goods in the first place of a dry contact. 

Does Home Depot Sell Lavender Plants?

Yes, Home Depot sells Lavender plants in perennials and bushes.

These range between $10 and $30 at Home Depot. You can further filter your selection by low maintenance, hardiness zone, etc. 

Online Orchards and Bonnie Plants sell top-rated products to customers. You can also find lavender seeds.

Does Home Depot Throw Away Plants? 

Unfortunately, Home Depot throws away all dead plants instead of disposing of them sustainably.

The store makes a fortune from all living inventory; however, the dead plants are disposed of. This guarantees the store full store credit from the manufacturer when destroyed. 

Does Home Depot Sell Lemongrass Plants? 

Home Depot sells edible lemongrass garden plants at all store locations and online.

Daylily Nursery and Vigoro dominate the sales of lemongrass perennials at the store. You can buy them in packs of 3, approximately 3 inches high. These can be priced anywhere between $15 and $50.

Does Home Depot Sell Bamboo Plants? 

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase bamboo plants at Home Depot. 

If you check on the website, you might come across some links. However, those are old listings. So, make sure to avoid any knock-off websites claiming to sell them under Home Depot. 

Does Home Depot Sell Air Plants? 

Yes, Home Depot sells air plants at all store locations and online. 

You can search in the “Garden Centre” and “Succulents” sections to buy them. 

Does Home Depot Tomato Plants? 

You can easily find many kinds of tomato plants at Home Depot online and in-store. For example, the store has Cherokee purple heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, San Marzano tomatoes, etc. 

Does Home Depot Sell Strawberry Plants? 

Yes, along with vegetables, Home Depot also sells fruit plants, like strawberry plants. You can opt for $4.78 Quinault Strawberry plants and also get a hanging basket of organic strawberries. 

In Addition:

How Do I Get a Free Plant From Home Depot? 

The viral TikTok showed that Home Depot cannot charge you for dropped or broken plants. So, on your next trip, you can scoop a few dropped ones and walk out! 


In a nutshell, Home Depot sells wide varieties of indoor, outdoor, edible, etc., plants. These are the cheapest at Home Depot and come with guarantees of up to 1 year.

You can check the product details of the plant to see how long your plant is covered. Home Depot also sells artificial plants. So, if you are too busy to take care of plants, you can get fake ones.

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