Does CVS Sell Flowers in 2023? Price, Types, Quality

Be it mother’s day or wedding anniversary or you need to propose to someone, you can’t go wrong with flowers.

Flowers have a relatively shorter life span and can become stale and bogus very quickly. Finding a store where you can buy fresh flowers in a wide variety can be difficult sometimes.

CVS Pharmacy, originally named Consumer Value Store, is one of those American retail stores selling many things physically and online.

But does CVS sell flowers? Let’s find it out.

Does CVS Sell Flowers

Does CVS Sell Flowers?

Yes, CVS Pharmacy sells flowers. There is a wide variety of flowers that CVS sells. Flowers may differ at different stores around the United States.

CVS is known for many things, fresh flowers being one of them.

Apart from flowers, the retail corporation sells prescription medicine/drugs, beauty products, cosmetics, greeting cards, etc.

Other than CVS, Walmart also offers flowers, and presents a wide range of flowers.

Does CVS Have Fresh Flowers?

Yes, CVS has fresh flowers. CVS is known for having fresh flowers. The interesting thing about CVS is that they sell flowers year-round.

Yes, you can buy fresh flowers from CVS throughout the year. CVS also launches flowers for special occasions such as Easter, New Year, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.

What Types of Flower Does CVS Sell?

CVS has a wide collection of flowers. You can find gerberas, roses, marigolds, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, tulips, carnations, daffodils, orchids, etc., at CVS.

These flowers can be bought in single bloom, bouquets, and other more extensive arrangements according to your choice and taste.

When Can You Buy Flowers at CVS?

Flowers are available at CVS throughout the year. This is one of those stores where flowers are available year-round. 

CVS also launches unique flowers for special occasions. Some flowers flower only in a specific season, and some flower throughout the year.

Whenever a specific season comes, CVS stocks season-specific flowers in their retail stores across the United States.

Availability can differ at different stores of CVS around the United States.

Some CVS stores also sell succulents, but there is only a handful of them because succulents need due care to handle and need special care.

How Much Do Flowers Cost at CVS?

Prices of flowers vary depending upon the type and arrangement you are buying.

Single blooms and small bouquets are cheaper than the more extensive arrangements.

Generally, small bouquets and single blooms fall somewhere between 5$-15$ price category in their in-house store.

More extensive arrangements and bouquets start from 25$. In their online store, these prices can range from 50$-75$.

Flowers prices also vary depending upon the season and occasion you are buying.

But in general, flowers are much more affordable than what a typical professional florist charges for flowers.

So, at CVS, you can save money.

Does CVS Provide Flowers for Special Events?

Yes, as discussed earlier, CVS has flowers for special events. On almost every special occasion, CVS launches a dedicated section of flowers for that event.

Some noteworthy events when CVS launches flowers are Easter, Independence Day, Labor Day, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.

Can You Buy Flowers Online at CVS?

Yes, you can buy flowers online at CVS. CVS has an online store where there is a wide variety of flowers available.

The online store has a huge variety of flowers. Apart from flowers, you can also buy flower development powders and vases for your flowers from their online store.

The retail store uses supply service interaction to fulfill online orders. This delivers the ordered flowers straight to your doorstep.

Buying flowers from CVS can save you money.

Does CVS Sell Artificial Flowers?

No, CVS does not sell artificial flowers.

They only sell real flowers. Plenty of other stores sell artificial flowers, such as Walgreens, Target, Walmart, etc.

Does CVS Sell Flower Seeds?

Yes, CVS sells flower seeds. You can find packs of flower and vegetable seeds at their physical and online stores.

Flower feeders and plant food are also available at CVS. These are mostly on sale and are quite affordable than that available in the market.

Are CVS Roses Good?

Yes, CVS roses are good, considering the price tag they come in. Most professional florists charge heavily for even single roses.

At CVS, you can buy good-quality fresh roses at a reasonable price.

You can buy roses in single blooms, small bouquets, large bouquets, and other more extensive arrangements.

Does CVS Have Flower Vases?

Yes, CVS sells flower vases. Flower vases are available online and at their physical stores.

For physical stores, you need to confirm whether there are flower vases available or not.

Does CVS Sell Orchids?

Yes, CVS sells orchids. CVS has a wide range of favorite flowers, including orchids. Orchids are known for their colorful and fragrant blooms.

Besides orchids, CVS also sells several other types of flowers, which we discussed earlier. Check out their online store to know more about orchids at CVS.

Final Thoughts:

Flowers are one of the best ways to express your love to your loved ones. Flowers are delicate and need due care; that’s why there are very few stores that sell flowers.

And only a handful of them sells online. CVS not sells fresh flowers but also gives an option to its customers to buy online from their website.

Flowers get shipped in a few days at your doorstep. We hope this article answered all your queries about flowers at CVS.

This is all for today. See you next time.

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