Does Walgreens Sell Squishmallows in 2023?

Squishmallows are the perfect companion and provide a sense of community to the people.

They are soft, squishy, and adorable, which makes them the perfect toy to get relief from stress and anxiety.

Since they are so in demand, most stores often run out of stock. But what about Walgreens? Does Walgreens sell Squishmallows? Let’s find out!

Does Walgreens sell Squishmallows

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Does Walgreens Sell Squishmallows?

Walgreens has a considerable collection of Squishmallows on its website and stores at incredibly low prices.

The store started selling them in 2017 and has attracted a huge customer base since then.

These colorful, squishy, and adorable plush toys are available in a variety of designs and colors.

Whether you are a kid or an adult who loves Squishmallows, Walgreens will have something for you all.

For example, the store has Squishmallow stuffed characters, animals, and fruits. So, you can easily find the Squishmallow you want at Walgreens.

Is Walgreens Getting New Squishmallows?

Yes, Walgreens has introduced a new addition to its Squishmallows collection; Squishmallow Alien. This collection is exclusively available at Walgreens and is known as Piaxa the Alien.

Piaxa is a tie-dye purple, pink, black, and blue alien that has stars all over it. Moreover, there are two round dots on the antennae that look like eyes.

The Squishmallow has two black, round eyes with rings all around them. It also has a smiling mouth and a blue belly with a constellation pattern.

Piaxa is one of the most sought-after Squishmallows at Walgreens. For this reason, the store often runs out of stock.

So, make sure you call the store and inquire about the availability before heading to the store.

Where Can I Find Squishmallows at Walgreens?

Squishmallows are available in the toys section online and in-store at Walgreens. If you still cannot find them in the store, you can ask any Walgreens employee to help you.

They will take you to the Squishmallows section, where you can shop from their vast collection.

However, the local Walgreens stores sometimes do not have all the Squishmallows that are available online.

So, if this is the case, you will have to shop online for them.

When Does Walgreens Restock Squishmallows?

Walgreens restock the Squishmallows at the same time it restocks the other toys.

Typically, the store restocks the toys once or twice a week. So, this is when the restocking of Squishmallows takes place too.

However, since these stuffed toys are so much in demand, they are sold as soon as they are brought into the store.

Therefore, you must call your local Walgreens branch and ask about their availability before visiting the store.

This will save you from visiting the branch and returning empty-handed.

Does Walgreens Have Disney Squishmallows?

Walgreens has a huge collection of Disney Squishmallows at its stores and website.

Some famous Disney characters available at the store include Bambi, Nemo, Mickey & Minnie pair, Disney Piglet, and Stitch.

If your local Walgreens store is out of stock, you can always order the Squishmallows online.

The store takes 3 to 5 business days to deliver the Squishmallows to your address. Moreover, there is free shipping on orders above $35.

However, if you want the toys on the same day, you will have to pay extra charges even if your order value exceeds $35.

Does Walgreens Have Easter Squishmallows?

There are more than 80 Easter Squishmallows at Walgreens physical stores and websites.

From bunnies and dragons to chicks and bears, you can find it all at the store.

The Easter Squishmallows available at Walgreens are filled with polyester fiber. This is what makes them fluffy and soft.

Other than the collection mentioned above, the store also introduces a new line of Easter Squishmallows once in a while. However, they are sold as soon as Walgreens stock them.

For this reason, many people cannot get their hands on the exclusive Easter Squishmallows collection.

Does Walgreens Have Valentine’s Squishmallows?

Walgreens sells a variety of Valentine’s Squishmallows, including pink squirrel, big pink foot, pink mallard duck, and dolphin with heart.

Apart from this, you can also choose from the huge collection available at the store.

Whether you want to gift something small or huge to your partner, there is a Valentine’s Day Squishmallow to accommodate your needs.

Moreover, they are not too heavy on the pocket and represent different emotions that everyone can relate to.

Your partner can squish or play with them to get rid of their sadness and anxiety. This is what makes Squishmallows the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

How Much are Walgreens Squishmallows?

Different types of Squishmallows at Walgreen cost differently to the customers. However, all of them range between $4 and $25.

The reason behind the different prices is due to different sizes. Squishmallows are available in clip-on, small, medium, and large sizes.

The smallest Squishmallow at Walgreens is 3.5-inch long, whereas the largest Squishmallow is 24-inch long. Other than that, the price of a Squishmallow also depends upon how rare it is.

For example, Piaxa the Alien costs a bit more than other Squishmallows because it is in demand these days, and the store soon runs out of stock.

Can You Return a Squishmallow to Walgreens?

Yes, you can return a Squishmallow to Walgreens within 30 days of the purchase date.

While this does not usually happen, the store will still accommodate you if you wish to return your Squishmallow.

That’s because Walgreens offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee to its customers.

However, make sure that you have the original receipt with you at the time of the return. This will make the process easier.

Bottom Line

You can find a massive collection of Squishmallows at Walgreens at highly affordable rates.

For example, there are Christmas, Easter, and Valentine’s Day Squishmallows available at the store.

While you can buy them online and in-store, they often run out of stock. That’s because they are so much in demand these days.

So, make sure you first call Walgreens and ask about their availability. This will save you from the trip to the store.

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