Does Walgreens Sell Ice in 2023? Yes!

Walgreens sells a wide range of household products to its customers. For example, you can find beauty products, home care solutions, medicines, etc., at the store.

But what if you need to buy ice? Does Walgreens sell ice? Let’s find the answer to the question below.

Does Walgreens sell Ice

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Does Walgreens Sell Ice?

Yes, Walgreens sells crushed ice and ice cubes at almost all its stores; however, the availability of ice at Walgreens is different at different stores.

So, make sure you call the Walgreens branch near your house and inquire about the availability.

The store often runs out of stock during the summer season. That’s because ice is quite a in demand these days.

You can also order the ice online and pick it up from the Walgreens store near you.

But, do not forget to take the mini-freezer with you. Otherwise, there is a chance that the ice might melt.

What Does a Bag of Ice Cost at Walgreens?

Different ice bags cost differently at Walgreens. For example, the price of a 10lbs ice bag is $2.49.

This means you can get an ice bag of 5lbs for just $1.25, and 1 pound of ice bag is usually around $0.25. However, this does not mean that this price is fixed.

Some Walgreens stores might sell ice bags at a higher price than this, while others might sell at a lower price.

The prices will be lower if you live in a cold area and higher in a warm place. Other than that, they also keep changing during different seasons. So, it is not fixed.

Does Walgreens Sell Bags of Ice?

Yes, most Walgreens stores sell bags of ice in different forms and sizes.

For example, you can get a bag of ice at Walgreens in crushed form or ice cubes. The price of different forms of ice bags is different at Walgreens. 

While the 10lbs is the most common size available at the stores, you can also get ice bags in 5lbs, 2lbs, or even 1lb.

In addition to this, there is a clothed version of ice bags at Walgreens too. Since it is reusable, it costs more than other ice bags.

Does Walgreens Deliver Bags of Ice?

Sadly, Walgreens does not deliver bags of ice as the cost of delivering frozen products is exceptionally high.

So, if you want to buy ice bags from Walgreens, you must visit the store yourself. You can easily find the ice bags in the frozen product section at the store.

However, if you cannot find them, you can take the assistance of any Walgreens employee. They will be more than happy to help you.

Other than that, the store also offers its customers the option to place an order online and pick it up from the Walgreens store.

But, this is totally dependent upon the availability of the ice bags at the Walgreens store near you.

Does Walgreens Sell Dry Ice?

Walgreens does not sell any type of dry ice as the store does not have the facility to store it. Dry ice is a bit difficult to store compared to regular ice. That’s because it needs to be stored at -109.3ºF.

So, you need a particular type of freezer to store dry ice. Otherwise, it can turn into gas or sublimates.

Since dry ice cannot be stored with other frozen items in a regular freezer, the cost of keeping it can be extremely high.

For this reason, Walgreens decided not to sell dry ice at any of its store locations.

However many stores offer dry ice, e.g. Walmart sells Dry Ice.

What Other Stores Sell Bags of Ice?

You can find bags of ice at almost all the grocery stores. However, the prices at different stores might be different.

Costco, Walmart, and Target are some common locations where you can find ice bags.

If you want crushed ice or ice cubes, you will find them all at these stores. Additionally, you can also buy dry ice from Walmart.

You can call the grocery store near your location and find out whether they have ice bags available or not.

No matter where you buy ice bags, you must not forget to take a mini-freezer with you. 

If you do not have a mini-freezer, you can buy it from any store selling ice bags.

Does Walgreens Sell Ice Melt?

Yes, Walgreens sell different types of ice melts and shovels at its stores and website.

The ice melts at Walgreens are available in different quantities. So, you can use them more than once.

They are the perfect option for clearing icy and snowy surfaces at your house. Since they are so in demand, the store often runs out of its stock.

So, if you want to buy them, we suggest you first call the nearby store and check their availability. 

You can also find out about their availability by visiting the official website of Walgreens. 

Does Walgreens Sell Ice Cream?

Walgreens offers a huge collection of ice creams for sale at its stores. However, you cannot buy them online.

That’s because the store does not have enough facilities to deliver frozen items to the shoppers’ addresses.

But, this does not restrict the customers from exploring the different options on the website.

You can browse the different mouth-watering flavors and place an order online. Once your order is confirmed, you can pick it up from the store. 

Does Walgreens Sell Ice Packs?

Yes, Walgreens sells different types of ice packs in-store and online.

For example, instant reusables, cold compressed, and cold beaded ice packs are available at the store.

In addition to this, you can also buy ice bag clothes from your nearby Walgreens store or website.

While most ice bags are available both online and in-store, some are only available at the physical stores. So, you will not be able to buy them online. 

Does Walgreens Sell Ice Scrappers?

Even though Walgreens sell ice scrappers, sometimes the store does get out of stock.

On the brighter side, you can now buy ice scrappers from any grocery store nearby. Some common options are Walmart, Target, and Costco.

Ice scrappers at these stores are available both online and physical stores at incredibly affordable rates.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, Walgreens sells different types of ice at its stores. For example, you can buy crushed ice or a bag of ice cubes.

However, it is only available to be purchased from the physical store as Walgreens does not take online orders.

So, make sure you take a mini ice box with you while buying ice from Walgreens. Otherwise, it might melt on the way.

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