Does Walmart Sell Fish in 2023? Shocking Fact!

Does Walmart sell Fish

Walmart offers a wide range of products at its stores and website. For example, the store has vegetables, electronic items, and whatnot!

This makes us wonder does Walmart sell fish too? So, if you also find the answer to the question, you have landed at the right place.

In this guide, we will discuss whether Walmart sells fish or not. Therefore, make sure you stick right to the end.

Does Walmart Sell Fish?

Yes, Walmart sells fish meat in 2023 both in-store and online. However, it does not sell any live fish.

For example, there are Atlantic Salmon Fillets, Tilapia Fillets, Flounder Fillets, Farmed Raised Catfish Fillets, and many others.

The fish meat available at Walmart is sourced from North America. It is not only fresh but quite affordable too.

You can get fish meat from Walmart in different quantities. The price will vary according to the quantity you are buying.

There is an option to order fish meat either from the physical store or from Walmart’s website.

You can easily find the meat in the refrigerators available at the store. In case you are buying it online, you can write ‘fish meat’ in the search bar and the results will show up.

Does Walmart Sell Live Fish?

No, Walmart no longer sells live fish at any of its stores’ locations. That’s because different animal rights groups pushed the store to stop the sale of live fish.

Previously, the store used to sell live fish at more than 1,700 stores all over the US. However, it finally gave up in 2019 and announced the discontinuation of the service.

But, this does not mean that Walmart doesn’t sell fish supplies. The store has a huge variety of pet fish supplies available at its physical store and online.

So, even if you cannot buy live fish from Walmart, you can still shop for fish supplies from the store.

When Did Walmart Stop Selling Live Fish and Why?

Walmart stopped the sale of live fish in 2019 due to the pressure from animal rights activists.

PETA, a non-profit organization campaigned for more than a decade to stop the sale of live fish in stores.

That’s because it was not only cruel but the stores could not even provide them adequate care.

So, Walmart announced in 2019 that it would be stopping the sale of all pet fish and live aquatic plants from all of its stores.

Does Walmart Sell Fish Food?

Yes, Walmart sells a huge variety of fish food at both its physical stores and website. For example, there is tropical fish food, goldfish food, all fish food, and a lot more.

If you order the fish food from the store’s website, it will take 2 to 3 business days to arrive at your destination.

You can also opt for the same delivery. However, there are additional charges for it.

Other than that, there is an option to pick up the fish food directly from the store too. But, you must ensure that the store has your desired brand in stock.

Does Walmart Sell Fish Antibiotics?

Yes, Walmart sells different fish antibiotics such as Amoxicillin, Cephalexin, Azithromycin, Metronidazole, and many others.

Fish antibiotics are available in different forms. You can either get tablets, powder, and capsules.

You can use them to treat different health conditions like bacterial infections and fungal infections. However, you must consult a professional before feeding the fish any kind of medicines.

The price of different aqua antibiotics at Walmart is different. For example, Amoxicillin starts at $19.99 whereas Cephalexin starts at $22.

Does Walmart Sell Fishing Licenses?

Yes, you can purchase a fishing license at Walmart from different stores location. But, there are certain conditions for it.

For one thing, the Walmart store needs to be listed under the license vendor section of the wildlife department website of your state.

Otherwise, it will not be permitted to sell the license. The price of the license depends upon the type of fishing license you are purchasing.

Not only this, the state where you are residing might also affect the license’s price available at Walmart.

What Fish Did Walmart Sell?

Earlier, Walmart used to offer a wide range of live fish for sale. Some of the most popular ones were Betta fish, Oscar, Cichlid fish, and Tetra.

The collection of live fish at Walmart included both fresh water and tropical fish.

These fish were transported from countries all over the world. For example, the Betta fish came from Thailand whereas the Cichlid fish was imported from South America and Africa.

Does Walmart Have Fish Supplies?

Yes, Walmart offers a huge collection of fish supplies for sale. You can buy them from Walmart’s physical store and website.

For example, there is fish food, aquariums, fish bowls, aquarium decors, water treatments, gravel, sand, and much more!

All you need to do is head to the pet section at the Walmart store or write ‘pets’ in the search bar. You will easily find what you are looking for.

If you still cannot find what you need, you can also ask the employees working at the store.

Does Walmart Sell Fish Tanks?

Yes, you can buy fish tanks from Walmart. They are not only available in different sizes and designs but are also quite affordable.

The fish tanks available at the store are of extremely good quality and you can get them both online and in-store.

But, make sure that you select the material and design carefully before placing an online order. This will save you the trouble of exchanging it.

Final Thoughts

To sum up the article ‘does Walmart sell fish’, the store only sells fish meat and fish supplies.

Even though Walmart previously sold live fish at more than 1700 Walmart locations, it stopped its sale in 2019 due to the pressure from animal rights organizations.

However, you can still get fish tanks, fish antibiotics, and other fish accessories from the store.

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