List of 15 Korean Makeup Brands in 2023

You must have heard about the glass skin of Korean people as it is all the hype on Instagram these days. Korean beauty brands are totally changing the makeup game with their minimalistic outlook and glass skin finish.

We all know that two-toned skin and cakey faces are just one of a few problems that we face while dolling up. Still, Korean people don’t really seem to have that problem mainly because of the beauty brands of that region that specifically make makeup products to make their skin look as clear as glass.

Based on the feedback from top models and users, the best Korean Makeup Brands are MISSHA, Innisfree, Kaja Beauty, Holika Holika, and Etude.

So today, we are diving into the 15 Makeup Brands on top of the chart in Korea as well as in the world.

Korean Makeup Brands

Top Korean Makeup Brands

Let’s dive into the world of spotless makeup and flawless skin with our top-selling Korean makeup brands.


The makeup products offered by MISSHA are on the affordable side, and they mostly incorporate natural ingredients in their skincare products. The affordability of this brand has made it quite famous in the US as well.

The most famous product of this brand is BB cream, and they have sold 100 million units of this BB cream mainly because it is a multipurpose product. Other products include a thin mascara, pen liner, and glittery metal highlighter.

The packaging of MISSHA’s products is a little over the top, unlike other Korean cosmetic brands that believe in minimalism, and it also offers different eyeshadow palettes.

The problem with MISSHA is that it does not have a wide range of products. However, the products they offer are loved by people around the globe.

2. Innisfree:

The makeup range of Innisfree is famous for its longevity on the face. Though it is not easy to find Innisfree products in the US, Sephora has finally added selective beauty and skincare products from Innisfree to their stores.

The velvet lipstick is a hit in Korea and the US because it feels luxurious on the lips because of the texture, and most of the shades these lipsticks have are also very unique. Innisfree does not add harmful chemicals to its cosmetics.

It means that they are free from parabens and artificial colors. Also, skincare products by this brand are vegan, but some of them are not cruelty-free, and their beauty products do contain an unusual fragrance which certainly is added by the brand itself.

3. Kaja Beauty:

Kaja beauty is known to be an innovative brand, and it is mainly famous for its interesting packaging and brand image. If you look at the blush by Kaja beauty, it basically is a heart-shaped stamp that reminds us of our childhood makeover kits.

The texture of most of the Kaja beauty products, including the lipsticks, is very smooth, but they might not be the best when it comes to longevity. But formula-wise and quality-wise, the makeup from Kaja beauty takes the lead.

Kaja beauty products are also cruelty-free, which has made them famous among the US audience, and their cute packaging is, and vibrant colors are a treat to the eyes.

The blush and highlighters from this brand are particularly famous among the masses.

4. Holika Holika:

Holika Holika was founded back in 2010, and it immediately became popular in Korea mainly because of its multipurpose products.

You can use the eyeshadows on lids and as blush or highlighters, and it really makes this brand stand out.

The second feature of Holika Holika is that it is a comparatively affordable brand. People who use its products for the first time buy a whole stock for themselves because of the luxurious feel of Holika products.

However, most of their makeup products are targeted towards people with fairer skin, which is why dark-skinned people might not find their shade in the foundation and BB cream of Holika Holika.

5. Etude:

Etude is the brand that got most of its fame because of its unique brow products, just like benefit cosmetics. The responsibility of making this brand famous was then taken by its dear darling lip tint, which is a holy grail for teenagers.

Compared to other Korean brands on the list, Etude is on the slightly expensive side, and people with dry skin might find the formulas a little drying.

It is because they are made of Korean skin. The quality of their products is always over the top, which has made them famous not only in Korea but also in the US.

People also praise the packaging of Etude, and the only problem they have with the brand is that it is not cruelty-free; otherwise, it is the finest in the list of the best Korean makeup brands.

6. IOPE:

IOPE is famous in Korea for being a skincare brand. Still, its makeup products are also praised throughout the country mainly because of the advanced technology and innovative ideas they use to make these products.

The skincare products of IOPE are also made while keeping Korean skin in mind and are infused with ingredients that are great for the skin.

Moreover, the best-selling beauty product of IOPE is BB cream which is infused in a sponge with Hyaluronic acid and SPF+50.

This multipurpose product gives a very dewy and glass-like skin, which makes it the best-selling product of this brand.

Its makeup is specifically designed for women of middle-ages though everyone can use it, and it gives a pretty glowing look to all skin types.

7. Moonshot:

Now, the next Korean cosmetic brand we have is Moonshot. It is a very fancy Korean brand, just like Glossier in the US, and interestingly, the founder of Glossier is a very big fan of Moonshot. The primer and creamy lip stains are among the best-selling products of Moonshot.

Moonshot pays very close attention to packaging and aesthetics; that is why almost all the influencers love it on Instagram.

The products of this brand are also available on Sephora, and the brand is not really vocal about whether it is cruelty-free or not, so we cannot say anything in this regard.

8. Clio Cosmetics:

Clio Cosmetics is a brand that is made by a professional makeup artist, so it certainly is very comprehensive and contains makeup products, beauty tools, and nail care products, that too, of really great quality.

This brand is particularly famous in Korea but, you can also source its product from NYC in the US as they recently inaugurated a store in NYC.

Kill brow pencil of this brand is particularly famous among the Korean people because it helps them get thicker eyebrows.

Clio Cosmetics was founded by professionals back in 1993, and it is now expanding its parameters by reaching out to its potential consumers in the US and other regions. Moreover, Clio Cosmetics is not cruel free which sets some people off.

9. Amore Pacific:

Amore Pacific is a high-end brand that is mainly famous for its luxury. It is on the pricey side, but the quality of its makeup products makes it worth every penny.

The beauty products from Amore Pacific are very soothing, and the brand uses advanced technology to infuse skincare and makeup.

Amore Pacific’s foundations are not only designed to improve your complexion or give a dewy finish but are also designed to hydrate and protect your skin.

Amore Pacific takes care of the skin and the environment, which is why it is famous for being a clean brand.

The brand is from Seoul in South Korea, and it was founded in 1945, making it one of the oldest makeup brands in Korea.

10. EM Cosmetics:

This brand was created by a very ambitious YouTuber Michelle Phan. Though it was not that popular initially, its sales made records in 2017 when Michelle relaunched it with new packaging.

Michelle completely changed the direction of her brand and centered all her formulas towards Korean skin.

And, that is why her launch of dewy foundations and creamy lipsticks got so famous and gathered all the hype.

The packaging of this brand is still unmatched, along with its geometric logo that looks nothing less than an aesthetic piece on your desk.

11. Tony Moly:

Tony Moly is yet another super-creative and interesting brand that never shies away from adding many colors to its products.

The products of this brand are very affordable and are specifically made to give that glassy and glowing finish to the skin.

Makeup products by Tony Moly don’t really feel heavy on the skin, yet they give great coverage. The blush-on, lipstick, and eyeshadow range from this brand is super-fun and specifically loved by teenage girls.

The mascara also does not smudge, which is an ultimate hit here in the US as well. Though Tony Moly is a cruelty-free brand, it still is not confirmed to be 100% vegan. The brand is also very vocal about ethical ingredients in makeup.

12. Sulwhasoo:

It is a pretty luxurious and high-end Korean skincare brand that uses special ingredients to make its makeup line more innovative and impressive.

The makeup line of Sulwhasoo offers full coverage yet does not make the skin look cakey or two-toned, unlike most full-coverage brands.

Sulwhasoo is owned by Amore Pacific which we reviewed earlier in this list and which is also a leading luxury brand in Korea.

Sulwhasoo takes its inspiration from Korean herbal roots like Ginseng, and that is why we can see a hint of skincare in their makeup brands as well.

13. The Face Shop:

The face shop is a revolutionary brand that is introducing the concept of glass skin to other Asian and European countries.

The brand incorporates natural ingredients in its beauty products, and most of the products are affordable and long-lasting.

Face shop has some great products that can give your skin a pretty glossy finish, and their eyebrow products are the best ones among the rest with their monotonous and aesthetic packaging and different eyebrow shades.

Though the brand is mainly known for its skincare products, you should not miss some of its makeup products that are a must-have for everyone’s vanity.

14. Peripera:

Peripera is to Korea what Kylie cosmetics is to the US; famous for its lip products and giving a lavish feel.

The lipsticks and glosses of Peripera are pretty long-lasting and made from safe-to-use ingredients, which is why it is super-famous among the masses. Their products are great if you need some hydration because they don’t overly strip your skin.

However, the brand is not cruelty-free, yet it is pretty famous in Korea and is becoming a household name in the US as well.

People mostly use the lip tints of this brand to create that gradient lip look that is paired with glass skin perfectly.

15. Chosungah 22:

Chosungah 22 is known for creating cosmetic products that are not only basic and simple but also very easy to use.

The focus of this brand is to make makeup application easier for consumers, which is why they introduced their easy-to-blend foundation and eyebrow tint with a brush that makes your makeup effortlessly flawless.

It is good news for Chosungah 22 lovers that it is finally added to the Sephora collection, and people in the US or the middle east can buy the products from this brand through Sephora or online. The K-beauty movement and glass-skin craze are also initiated and led by this brand.

Where To Buy Korean Makeup Products

Discovering the best Korean makeup products has never been easier! With the rise in popularity of K-beauty, many South Korean brands have made their way to the United States.

From local pharmacies such as CVS to high-end beauty stores such as Sephora and Ulta, you can easily find a variety of K-beauty skincare and makeup products.

But that’s not all! The convenience of technology allows you to access an even wider selection of Korean makeup products online, with many exclusive and hard-to-find items available.

The best part? These products can be delivered right to your doorstep through online shopping. So no matter where you are, you can experience the beauty and effectiveness of Korean makeup products.

Conclusion – Korean Makeup Brands

All these Korean makeup brands that we have listed are one of a kind though some of them are not cruelty-free. So, it is up to your own preference which you are going for.

However, all of these brands create cosmetic products that are perfect for people who are looking for a dewy finish, just like Korean celebrities and influencers.

The best thing about the above-given brands is that most of them kind of mix up skincare and makeup, which creates a very healthy hybrid, so glam and health are going hand in hand with these beauty brands.

So, whether you’re looking for a new skincare routine or simply want to try something new, these Korean makeup brands have got you covered.

Adios from our side!

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