Canadian Makeup Brands – Top Ranked Makeup brands

Let’s say that you are getting ready for a party or a wedding; what’s the most important thing that won’t allow you to leave your home and will also be your life saviour through the trip?

You’ve got it right! It’s MAKEUP!!! And when it comes to beauty brands, Canada has their footprint all across the world. Canadian brands are home to some of the best natural and cruelty-free makeup products.

There are many options in regards to cosmetics, and there are tons of products available on the market. Therefore, we’ve compiled the top 11 Canadian brands so you can pick according to your personal preferences.

According to our research, the top Canadian Makeup Brands are Bite Beauty, Nude Lipstix, MAC Cosmetics, Saje Natural Wellness, Lise Watier, and a few more.

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List of 11 Canadian Makeup Brands That Are Worth Trying:

Canadian Makeup Brands

1. Bite Beauty

Founded in 2011 by Sussane Langmuir, the Toronto-based company has shaken the lip product industry to the core.

The products they offer are a perfect blend of vegan and food-grade products. So if you are looking for natural, organic and cruelty-free lipsticks, look no further; Bite Beauty is the brand for you.

It offers a variety of high pigment liners and lipsticks with mind-boggling shades to choose from. Their “AGAVE” lip products are worth a try.

This Canadian Makeup Brand has expanded itself and now has an exquisite range of Primer, Foundation, Eyeliner and Maskara.

Some of the popular products of Bite Beauty include Creamy Matt Lip Crayon, A-gave Daytime Lip Balm and Road Trip with Bite Toronto Lipstick.

2. Nude Lipstix:

The next Canadian beauty brand is Nude Lipstix. This brand promotes natural beauty with no fancy makeup. Instead, the brand offers a wide selection of natural crayons that will give your face a fresh and radiant look.

Jenny Franklin founded this brand in 2014 with the help of her two daughters, Ally and Taylor Franklin. Their easy-to-use, multipurpose crayons are now very popular throughout Europe and America.

So, if you are looking for a simple and no-makeup makeup look, you can try the Nude Lipstix crayons that will make your life so much easier.

3. MAC Cosmetics:

If you have to choose an all-rounder that ticks all the checkboxes in beauty products and has contributed the most to making Canada the best makeup brand industry in the world, it has to be MAC Cosmetics.

They are one of the Pioneers of Canadian Makeup Brands and are regarded as a market leader in the makeup industry.

With so many iconic and popular products ranging from highly pigmented lipstick and eyeshadows, to jaw-dropping foundations, primer, and concealers, it is very hard to choose any favourite, but for start-up, you must try “MAC STUDIO FIX FLUID SPF 15 FOUNDATION”, which is a gem.

You can easily see this brand as a One-Stop-Shop. Now, take a look at the next Canadian makeup company.

4. Saje Natural Wellness:

If you don’t know about “PEPPERMINT HALO,” are you a true Canadian?? Well, it’s just one of many famous natural products of Saje Natural Wellness.

Founded by Kate Ross Leblanc and Jean Pierre Leblanc in 1992, the company started its business with natural essential oils.

But, now develop great natural and sustainable skincare products which leave a soothing and calming effect combined with protection against skin-related problems.

5. Lise Watier:

Founded way back in 1972 by Madame Lise Watier, the brand continues to provide innovative products related to Makeup, skincare, and fragrance.

To make it sweeter, Lise Watier has won numerous awards and accolades for its finest products.

The “TEINT LIFT ANTI-RIDES FOUNDATION” is our recommendation for its effective anti-wrinkle properties and a great variety of shades.

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6. Deciem:

The brand makes into our top Canadian Makeup brand list due to the wide and excellent range of products.

The brand calls itself Abnormal and no wonder why its “ORDINARY” line of products has made the internet go bananas. Each product is carefully prepared after vigorous testing for your skin-related issues.

You should try it for yourself and let us know what do you think?

7. Ilia:

This Vancouver-based brand focus on developing natural and sustainable skincare product for its customers with genuine efforts to preserve the environment.

All of their products, whether lipstick or Crayon, Primer or Concealer, are derived from organic materials.

Another interesting fact about the company is the effort toward sustainability, where they ask customers to give 5 empty beauty products each month, regardless of the label for recycling.

Now, this effort requires appreciation right! So, wouldn’t you want to be part of such a brand?

8. Cheekbone Beauty:

This Canadian beauty company was established in 2016 with a mission to reduce plastic waste. The product line includes Lipsticks, Contour Pallets and brow products.

They use only natural, vegan ingredients with no hazardous additives in any of their goods. All shades of their Warrior Women Liquid Lipstick are named in honour of the strong indigenous women.

It is really heartening to see a makeup brand working so hard to not only create awareness but devising ways to Reduce Plastic Waste.

9. Marc Anthony:

Created by famous hairstylist Marc Anthony in 1993, the company is on a mission to produce the best-selling hair products for your need. It is considered to be the Largest Independent Hair Care Brand in Canada. 

The brand addresses a variety of hair-related issues and designs products to solve the problem.

If you’re facing hair issues or would like to try a new product, we suggest picking from this brand’s wide range of hair products, which will not disappoint you.

I use their “GROW LONG SUPER FAST CONDITIONER” and have been super satisfied with the product.

10. Cargo Cosmetics:

It was launched in 1996 and since then, it has enjoyed enormous success among Hollywood celebrities.

The brand came up with the motto that Makeup is every woman’s cargo; thus it should be easy to carry and use. “THE SWIMMABLE” line of products from the brand possesses great eyewear shades for you to try.

11. Cake Beauty:

The last Canadian-based cosmetic company is Cake Beauty. If you are a fan of Curly hair, then this is the brand for you. Cake Beauty was founded in 2003 and was acquired by the Canadian giant Marc Anthony Cosmetics in 2018.

Although they are producing skincare products, they are famous for their 100% natural hair products that are paraben-free.

The “Do Gooder” dry shampoo can help you make more stunning new hairstyles that will make you stand out from others.

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So, these are the top-rated Canadian Makeup Brands. These brands are famous for their extensive range, exquisite shades and 100% vegan products.

Originating from Canada, they are now among the best cosmetic brands in the world and have definitely made Canada proud.

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