Does Amazon Sell Real Gold? Jewelry, Necklace, Digital Gold

Are you wondering if Amazon sells real gold, or does the store only sell imitation jewelry? 

Well, this thought has been haunting us for quite a while too. For this reason, we decided to prepare this comprehensive guide.

In this guide, we will discuss whether Amazon sells real gold or not. So, let’s get started!

Does Amazon Sell Real Gold

Does Amazon Sell Real Gold in 2023?

Amazon sells a huge collection of gold products on its website in different varieties. For example, it has 10k, 14k, 18k, and 24k gold available.

The gold items at Amazon range from gold coins to customized jewelry. You can easily filter these items by price, mining location, range, and grade. 

It is a handy feature as it makes browsing through different items a lot easier. Thus, you can save a lot of your time.

It is effortless to buy real gold from Amazon. You only need an Amazon account and a registered debit or credit card. 

Is Online Gold Real?

Yes, online gold is as real as regular gold. You may purchase it online, and the seller will store it on your behalf in an insured vault.

There are many benefits of investing in online or digital gold. For example, you can invest any amount as low as $1.

Moreover, you can also use it as collateral for online loans and make online purchases with it.

You can also avoid the issues you had to face with physical gold. For this reason, it is gaining quick popularity all over the world.

How Can You Tell if Gold is Fake?

You can conduct different tests on gold to determine whether it is fake or real. Let’s check out some of them below.

1. The Magnet Test

The magnet test is the easiest and the most portable test to detect fake gold. That’s because you can conveniently carry a magnet in your pocket.

Fake gold attracts magnets, whereas genuine gold does not. Coins can also seem like they are made of gold, but in reality, their surface is only golden in appearance.

Additionally, imitation jewelry and other alloys will also attract the magnet. So, when you test the metal will magnet, it will reveal whether it is fake or real gold. 

2. The Acid Test

You can test all the precious materials through acid, as the acid only harms artificial materials. 

To test the gold with acid, you must make a tiny mark on it to penetrate the surface.

Next, pour some liquid nitric acid on that spot and look out for a chemical reaction.

If the gold is fake, it will soon turn green on the spot where you poured the acid.

3. Skin Test

You might have heard of skin discoloration from wearing fake gold jewelry.

While some people think it is a myth, this is not the case. In fact, it is true to the core.

To perform this test, you must hold the gold for a few minutes in your hands. The sweat on the skin will create a chemical reaction with the gold.

As a result, the skin will start turning into a black or green color if the gold is not real. On the other hand, your skin will not at all be affected if the gold is real. 

4. The Float Test

The float test is another crucial test to determine whether the gold is fake or real. You will need a cup of water and a piece of gold to perform this test. 

If the gold is real, it will drop to the cup’s bottom right away. Besides that, real gold will not discolor or rust when wet either.

However, if the gold is fake, it will hover on the surface of the container. 

Does Amazon Sell Gold Necklaces?

Amazon sells almost every type of gold necklace on its website. However, the store does not have necklaces above 18K.

The necklaces at Amazon are available in different lengths, karate, stone types, and weight.

Moreover, international gold brands are also listed on Amazon. So, you can even shop from them if you do not find the local sellers safe. 

You can filter the necklaces based on your birthstone or other themes. 

Some standard necklace themes available at the store include alphabets, dates, numbers, animals, sun, moon, stars, hearts, floral, and flags.

Does Amazon Sell Gold Chains?

You can buy a variety of gold chains from Amazon. They are available in different sizes and weights; and are priced accordingly. Most of the gold chains on the site are sold by third-party sellers.

So, even though they are listed on Amazon, you will be sent to the brand’s official website that deals in these chains.

To make sure the gold chains available on Amazon are from trustworthy brands and reliable, Amazon carries out thorough quality tests on their gold pieces. 

Thus, you do not need to worry about the quality of the gold chains available on the site. 

Additionally, Amazon also sells solid gold chains made of high-end gold. However, they cost a bit more than other gold chains due to their quality.

Does Amazon Sell Pandora Jewellery?

Amazon does not directly sell Pandora jewelry on its site as it is not a certified dealer.

However, many third-party sellers on Amazon sell Pandora jewelry to customers. While some of them are trustworthy, some can turn out to be a scam too.

Therefore, you must be extremely careful while buying Pandora jewelry items from third-party sellers on Amazon. If the price is too low compared to the original Pandora, it is probably a fake piece, and you must steer clear of it. 

You must also go through the return policies of third-party dealers. That’s because they are different from Amazon, and the store does not accept returns on their behalf. 

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Which Gold Is Best For Jewellery?

22k is the best option in case you want gold jewelry. That’s because it helps the buyers get better value when they sell it.

We would not suggest buying jewelry items made of 24k. The jewelry made from 24k breaks easily as it is malleable in its pure state.

On the other hand, 18k gold items will have too many imperfections in them. As a result, their value will decrease, and you will not get a reasonable price when you try to sell these gold items.

For this reason, 22k is considered the best for buying gold jewelry items. 

Final Thoughts

You can buy a vast collection of gold items from Amazon, including gold coins and gold jewelry.

The gold at the store is available in different karats, weights, sizes, and designs. So, you can choose the one that best fits your budget.

However, you must be extremely careful while buying gold from unknown third-party sellers at the site.

That’s because some of them can turn out to be frauds, and all your hard-earned money will be wasted. You certainly would not want that, right?

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