Does CVS Sell Socks? Diabetic, Compression, & More

Whether you play outside in your joggers or go for a trip up north, socks are a necessary companion to your shoes. Shoes always feel better with socks. So, with socks being a necessity for shoes, next comes finding quality socks.

There must be a store, regardless of which state you live in, with all the necessary things you could just go and build.

CVS is one such store, with retail stores all across the United States. But does CVS sell socks? You also might be wondering whether socks are available at CVS or not.

In this article, we will try to answer all your queries about socks at CVS. Let’s get straight into it.

Does CVS sell Socks

Does CVS Sell Socks in 2023?

Yes, CVS sells socks. There is a wide variety of socks at CVS. From over-the-calf socks to ankle socks, CVS has it all.

CVS also has diabetic comfort socks for patients who have diabetes that need an extra cushion for their feet as their feet are generally weaker and more prone to damage.

There are several other types of socks that are available at CVS. You can check the complete range on their website by entering the store location nearest to you.

Does CVS Sell Compression Socks?

Yes, CVS sells compression socks. Compression socks are available on their website as well. Availability may vary from store to store.

Compression socks are generally used to promote blood flow from your legs to the heart. These socks are used for compression therapy.

Compression socks are helpful in reducing ankle and leg pain and swelling. Compression socks for both males and females are available at CVS.

FUTURO, CVS Health, Copper Fit, T.E.D, and SIGVARIS, are some of the brands whose compression socks are available at CVS.

Does CVS Sell Diabetic Socks?

Yes, CVS sells diabetic socks. As discussed earlier, CVS has a wide range of diabetic socks that are unisex, i.e. both males and females can use them.

Diabetic socks are softer and more comfortable than normal socks. These socks are specially designed for individuals suffering from diabetes.

The feet of diabetic patients are very fragile and need due care. Diabetic socks provide that extra cushion against the ground to avoid any injury.

Does CVS Sell Dress Socks?

Yes, CVS sells dress socks. Dress socks are specifically designed to be used for pairing up with dress shoes and formal wear.

CVS has a wide range of dress socks at its stores. These socks are soft and comfortable.

Dress socks come in darker colors such as grey, brown, black, and navy blue.

Does Cvs Sell Ankle Compression Socks?

Yes, CVS sells ankle compression socks. We discussed the benefits of compression socks earlier. Ankle compression socks are generally of shorter lengths.

Ankle compression socks go right up to your ankle. You can explore more of them on the CVS website.

How Do I Know What Size of Compression Socks to Get?

If you are looking to buy compression socks, you have two varieties. One is ankle compression socks, and the other is knee-high compression socks.

For knee-high compression socks, take a measuring tape and measure the circumference of your calves. For ankle compression socks, measure the circumference of your ankles.

Sizes are mentioned for every sock available at CVS or other department stores. You can check those sizes and select accordingly.

One essential tip is to select one size smaller than the regular one closest to the original size.

This will fit perfectly to your ankle or calves and will be more comfortable.

How Many Hours a Day Should You Wear Compression Socks?

Compression socks are generally safe to wear for a prolonged time. Wearing compression socks is not recommended if you have any vascular disease in your lower limbs.

You can wear compression socks during the daytime, for work, workouts, or other activities. It is recommended to have two to three pairs of compression socks.

Keep on changing socks between days to avoid over-usage of compression socks. Also, wear them correctly. Otherwise, you might end up hurting yourselves.

Wearing compression socks for up to 12 hours is safe. Also, take off your compression socks at night before bed, as these socks are tight and can block blood flow to veins in the feet due to pressure.

To avoid pain in the toes and feet, take off compression socks at night and remember not to wear them continuously for more than 12 hours.

Does CVS Sell Baby Socks?

No, CVS does not sell baby socks.

There are several other departmental stores where you can buy baby socks, such as Target and Amazon.

Does CVS Sell Stockings?

Yes, CVS sells stockings. CVS has a wide variety of women’s stockings and women’s hosiery.

Stockings are socks covering your leg from feet up to knees and sometimes thighs too.

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Final Thoughts:

Socks are one essential part of your wardrobe. There are different kinds of socks available in the market.

CVS is one place where you can buy many things apart from socks. Unique socks are also available such as socks for diabetic patients.

Availability may vary from store to store. For this, we recommend contacting your nearest CVS store and checking availability before going there.

We hope this clears all the questions you had in mind regarding socks at CVS. That’s it for today.

Until next time.

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