Does 711 Sell Cheese? Price, Types, + More

From pasta to pizza, it is difficult to find a dish that isn’t really improved by a little sprinkle of cheese. The creaminess, richness, flavor, and other qualities of cheese make it so appealing to cheese lovers.

Cheese can be eaten as a snack and an ingredient for your meal. It is a staple product available in most people’s homes.

But, your hopes are usually set with convenient food stores to find cheese on off-times. So, does 711 sell cheese too? Let’s find out!

Does 711 sell Cheese

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Does 711 Sell Cheese in 2023?

Yes, you can find your favorite form and flavor of cheese at 711’s most retail locations.

Regarding cheese, plenty of different options are available at the store, including packaged and sliced cheese, Parmesan cheese, string cheese, and cheese sticks.

With all these available options, you have a whole range of cheese stock available, from which you can choose your favorite type and quantity required.

You can get the cheese stock delivered to your doorstep using 7-Now or acquiring services from Instacart or GrubHub.

In addition, read our following blogs to learn which other places sell cheese.

Does 711 Sell Cheesecake?

711 Cheesecake

711 is usually a go-to option for snacks, grocery items, and other essentials, but not many people know that the store offers cheesecakes too.

711 got you covered for your sweet cravings with its range of dessert collections that include classic Pinoy sweets, pastries, cakes, cheesecakes, and many more.

At the store, you can find a variety of cheesecakes, including cookies and cream cheesecake cups, blueberry cheesecakes, etc.

You might also like to know if 711 sells almond milk or what brand of eggs 7-11 sells.

Does 711 Sell Shredded Cheese?

No, you cannot find either mozzarella or cheddar shredded cheese at 711 stores.

People often choose shredded cheese to avoid the pain of shredding it from the block, as it is easier to use the shredded cheese directly from the bag.

But, using pre-shredded cheese can be dangerous at times, as it exposes you to several health-related issues, including ones related to the intestines, due to its high cellulose content.

Thus, the non-availability of shredded cheese at 711 stores is a blessing for its customers.

Does 711 Sell Parmesan Cheese?

Parmesan cheese from different brands is available at 711 stores, along with all other varieties of cheese.

However, Kraft grated parmesan cheese is the highlight of the cheese section. Its pre-grated feature helps you to save time in the kitchen. Its sharp and tangy flavor makes it a perfect blend for your favorite recipes.

At 711, it could cost you around $4.65. However, home delivery would result in an additional shipping fee. 7-Eleven also sells Parmesan cheddar white cheese under their own private label brand of 7-Select.

711 Cheese

Does 711 Sell Cheese Sandwiches?

Good news for cheese lovers, as 711 retails cheese sandwiches at most of its stores.

However, it is not a necessity that your nearby 711 stores must have cheese sandwiches. The menu may differ from store to store, and you may likely not find your favorite cheese sandwich at some stores.

But, don’t lose hope, as it is unlikely to happen that you don’t find them. On the brighter side, these sandwiches are usually wallet-friendly and mostly priced under $4. So, better grab them before they run out. Good luck!

Along with the cheese Sandwiches, 7-11 also sells Cheeseburgers.

711 Cheeseburger

Does 711 Have Mozzarella Sticks?

We are happy to tell you that mozzarella sticks are also available at most 711 stores.

Mozzarella sticks are one of the most sought-after cheese products. Most people have had mozzarella sticks before and are aware of their taste.

Just like fries and pizza, mozzystix is one such item that, even at its worst, is not awful to have. At 711, four of these delicious little sticks will cost you around $1.60.

Although many stores opt not to display them at night, store associates will happily heat some for you if asked nicely.

Does 7-Eleven Sell Ricotta Cheese?

As of 2023, 711 does not sell ricotta cheese at any of its stores.

But, who knows, maybe in the future, the store will revisit its policy and decides to add up ricotta cheese as well to the menu.

However, you can still buy ricotta cheese from other options, including grocery stores such as Walmart and Target.

How Much Does Cheese at 711 Cost?

Cheese prices may vary depending on the item you have chosen.

According to 7-Now, you can buy cheese snacks for around $1.99 each, but when it comes to 12 oz. regular Kraft cheese slices, they are priced at around $5.79.

These prices are comparatively higher than other larger stores, such as Walmart, where the same cheese pack is sold for $3.48.

As large as the $2.31 difference seems, it is the amount you pay at the convenience store for its quick services. But, if you are looking to stock up on cheese, it is preferable to buy it from some cheap place.

Final Thoughts 

To summarize, you can easily find your favorite cheese form and flavor at most 711 stores and online. Moreover, cheese products such as cheesecake, mozzarella sticks, and many others are available at the store too.

Though some of these products are expensive at 7-Eleven, the convenience of anytime availability of cheese and other products makes it worth it.

Lastly, you can find your desired cheese in the dairy section. You can also ask the employees for assistance if you are having trouble finding it.

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