Does Wawa sell Eggs? Price, Delivery, & More

Imagine you are late to work and low on gas. You speed to your nearest gas station and barely clock in at work. All seems fine. But what about breakfast? This is where Wawa steps in!

It is an American retail chain with 900+ convenience stores and gas stations across the country. You can get various staples from Wawa stores. But does Wawa sell eggs? Keep reading to find out!

Does Wawa sell Eggs

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Does Wawa Sell Eggs?

Yes, Wawa sells eggs of different kinds at all store locations and provides delivery services. The Wawa menu is built to order and adds convenience for drivers on long-route journeys.

You can order through their official website, the Wawa app, or at Wawa stores. You can also opt for Drive-Thru or curbside pickup.

Wawa accepts cash, Credit and Debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Wawa gift cards in-stores. However, you cannot utilize wallet transactions online.

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Does Wawa Sell Raw Eggs?

Wawa sells grade-A raw eggs at all store locations in dozen packets.

You can find raw eggs at all Wawa stores since they count as staples. You can also get other staples like ketchup, butter, milk, etc.

The raw eggs are available in the “Grocery” section of the Wawa Stores. Wawa rewards apply to purchasing eggs as well. Raw eggs retail for around $4.09. However, the price varies from state to state.

Eggs at Wawa

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Does Wawa Sell Hard Boiled Eggs?

Yes, Wawa sells hardboiled eggs in packs of 2 from Almark Hardboiled eggs.

It is unclear if you can get these in every state. So, you might be disappointed if your local Wawa does not carry them. But make sure to check the best-before date on your pack of hardboiled eggs.

Many customers complain about diarrhea after eating, and some stores hesitate to restock them in bulk.

Does Wawa Egg Omelette Have Dairy?

Wawa sells a variety of egg omelets that are priced between $2 and $3.

The omelets often include cheese, milk, cream, etc. So, the dairy content varies from an omelet to omelet. A simple egg white omelet comes out to be a non-dairy option, conventionally.

If you do not mind dairy products in your omelets, you should opt for chicken cheese steak egg omelets or simple cheese steak omelets for great taste.

What Kind of Eggs Does Wawa Use?

Wawa uses powdered eggs in some food items while freshly cracked eggs for others.

Wherever you see the term “Egg Whites,” it simply indicates the use of powdered or dehydrated eggs. Convenience stores need to use these since they last longer. These are slightly more expensive than regular eggs.

Stores like Starbucks, Dunkin, etc., also use powdered eggs to prepare their meals. However, you can find real eggs on the menu too. Egg bites, egg salads, and some sandwiches still contain regular eggs.

Does Wawa Scrambled Eggs Have Cheese?

Yes, Wawa’s scrambled eggs contain cheese in most variants which are also mentioned on the menu.

Scrambled eggs are immensely infused in the breakfast menu at Wawa. You can find these in the “Built-to-order” section of the website.

You can order scrambled eggs having cheese in breakfast burritos and breakfast bowls. They retail for $ 2.99 and $3.19, respectively.

Wawa scrambled eggs also come with hoagies. They retail for $4.39 and $5.59, depending on size. The best-selling scrambled eggs with cheese items are cheese steak with scrambled eggs.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, Wawa sells eggs at all store locations as a part of the breakfast menu. The items are available throughout the day.

You can order scrambled eggs and omelets in hoagies, burritos, and breakfast bowls. The store also sells hardboiled eggs.

Items with egg whites on the ingredient list are prepared with dried eggs. These retain all the nutrients as regular eggs. You can also get raw eggs for groceries. Lastly, Wawa also offers mobile ordering services, pickup, and delivery.

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