Does Home Depot sell Appliances? Variety, FAQs

Home Depot reigns as the number 1 home improvement retailer. It is a household name that comes first whenever you consider house necessities.

Home Depot is one of the biggest revenue-generating companies in America, with annual revenue of $150 billion. So, Does Home Depot sell appliances too? Keep scrolling to find out!

Does Home Depot sell Appliances

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Does Home Depot Sell Appliances? 

Yes, Home Depot sells every essential home appliance at all store locations and online.

The punch line goes: if Home Depot does not have it, you do not need it.

Home Depot sells electronic appliances for your kitchen, bedroom, and every possible room in the house, even outdoors.

The store also has a 90-day return policy for most items, unopened. However, the return window is a little bit short regarding electronic appliances. You can return your items in 30 days, possibly with a receipt to make it easier.

You can also send your product through the mail after contacting their customer support representative online or via email using UPS. 

Does Home Depot sell Washing Machines? 

You can buy washing machines online and from the official stores of Home Depot. 

The brands available are LG, Whirlpool, GE, Samsung, Hot point, and Maytag. The price range is around $500-$1100. The better the brand and the specs, the higher the cost. 

There are mainly 2 washing machines available at the store: the top load and the ones accessible via the front door. While you can buy both from the store, the front load is relatively expensive. 

You can also have a combo to buy both a dryer and a washing machine.

Home Depot Washing Machines

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Does Home Depot Sell Washing Machines Parts?

Yes, Home Depot deals in the retail of certain parts of washing machines.

The brands available at the store are Tide and Affresh, which start as low as $10. These brands have parts to keep your washing machine clean with multitudes of cleaners. 

If your outlet box has choked and requires a new one, Home Depot has that from brands such as OATEY. Apart from these, they have drain pans that will fit into your machine like a piece of a puzzle. 

The store has other stuff, such as a shut-off valve too. All these are available at a low cost and with free delivery.

Other Queries regarding Home Depot products:

Does Home Depot Sell Refrigerators?

Home Depot retails refrigerators at its official website and physical stores.

The refrigerator section is swiped by dominant market players such as Whirlpool, Samsung, and LG Electronics. These brands have competitive pricing, so there are multiple options for your money. 

As a result, you can get a refrigerator for as low as $400. You can also choose from other over-the-top options, such as the Whirlpool French Door Refrigerator, for $3000. 

The price increases as per the height and width of these behemoths. An average 27 cubic feet refrigerator costs you around a grand.  

Does Home Depot Sell Dishwashers?

Home Depot sells dishwashers and dishwasher parts to its customers at the best prices.

The store sells dishwashers from Samsung, GE, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Bosch, Summit Appliances, and Kitchen Aid.

Even though you can find other brands too, these are the big players in the market. You are also eligible for free delivery and installation on orders worth $396.

Does Home Depot Sell TVs? 

Yes, Home Depot sells flat-panel TVs to its customers at all store locations and online. 

The TVs come with LCD or LED screens that range from 10 inches to 100 inches. Home Depot carries TVs of different pixel resolutions. We recommend 720 pixels or above for enhanced image quality.  

Depending on your living space and needs, you can choose different mounts for your TV. Along with TVs, Home Depot also sells TV Antennas, TV stands, etc., at its stores and online. 

Does Home Depot Sell Microwaves?

Yes, Home Depot sells budget-friendly microwaves from renowned brands such as LG, Panasonic, and multiple others brands.

Starting from a price range of as low as $30, you can even go up to $300. However, the appliances would not be eligible for free delivery if the order costs $350 or less.

Home Depot Microwaves

Does Home Depot Sell Toasters? 

You can easily buy toasters from Home Depot’s physical stores and website.

Home Depot’s inventory contains toasters from Black and Decker, Hamilton Beach, Kenmore, Haden, Ostra, West Bend, etc. 

The toasters at the store are incredibly affordable as it retails them for as low as $20. They have a stainless-steel body with insulation and accessories like a removable crumb tray and automatic shut-off. 

You can choose between 2-slice or 4-slice toasters in various colors, though we suggest you get a black one. 

The Black and Decker Rapid Toast 2-Slice Wide Toaster is particularly top-rated. You can buy this for $36 or lower. 

Does Home Depot Sell Air Conditioners? 

Home Depot sells multiple types of air conditioners at incredibly affordable rates.

The store sells Air conditioners from 15+ brands, including LG Electronics, GE, Toshiba, Frigidaire, Haier, Whirpool, Carrier, etc. 

You can choose between portable and fitted air conditioners and get them fitted on your wall or window.

These air conditioners come in different sizes based on window lengths. You can also opt for an air conditioner with or without a heater. Additionally, Home Depot also provides installation services for its air conditioners. 

Does Home Depot Give Discounts on Appliances? 

Yes, you can save great money by purchasing appliances at Home Depot during promotional activities. 

Home Depot’s holiday sales slash prices immensely. Moreover, you can also check their website off-season for store discounts. To do this, write ‘Top Savings’ in the search bar and hit ‘Enter’ to check for items listed on discount.

Which Appliance Brands Does Home Depot sell?

Home Depot carries a wide range of appliance brands. Some popular names include:

  1. Amana
  2. Bosch
  3. Café
  4. Electrolux
  5. Frigidaire
  6. General Electronics (GE)
  7. Haier
  8. Hotpoint
  9. KitchenAid
  10. LG
  11. Magic Chef
  12. Maytag
  13. Panasonic
  14. Samsung
  15. Whirlpool
  16. ZLINE

Does Home Depot Remove Old Appliances?

Yes! Home Depot provides appliance removal services to make your shopping experience as convenient as possible.

Not only can you score great deals on new appliances with discounts ranging from 10-20%, but Home Depot also offers free delivery for 2-day delivery options.

But the savings don’t stop there. If you plan to shop for multiple appliances, you can save up to $750 from June 22nd to July 13th. Home Depot’s Best Buy offer is worth checking out, where you can save up to 30% on selected appliances.

And when it comes to getting rid of your old appliances, Home Depot’s removal service is a game-changer. This convenient service makes upgrading your appliances stress-free and easy.

Summing Up

Home Depot is more than just a home improvement store; it’s a one-stop shop for all your household needs.

Whether you’re looking for a new washing machine or a budget-friendly microwave, Home Depot has got you covered.

You can find the perfect fit for your home with an extensive selection of appliances from top brands like LG, Whirlpool, and Samsung.

Plus, with their 90-day return policy and free delivery options, shopping at Home Depot couldn’t be more convenient. So, if you want to upgrade your home with the latest appliances, Home Depot is your go-to destination.

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