Does McDonald’s sell Gift Cards? Types, Expiry, & More

Gift cards are a perfect replacement for traditional presents as they give the receivers more liberty in their purchases.

McDonald’s is the pioneer food chain of American culture. The global fast-food giant has many items on the secret birthday and holiday menu. So, does McDonald’s sell gift cards? Let us find out in the article below!

Does McDonald's sell Gift Cards

Does McDonald’s Sell Gift Cards?

Yes, McDonald’s sells gift cards at selected store locations across the United States and in some countries abroad.

However, your gift card can only be redeemed in the country you purchased it from.So, if you want to send a McDonald’s gift card abroad, contact their local retailer.

All you need to do is add the receiver’s address as the shipping address, and McDonald’s will deliver the gift card on a scheduled date.

McDonald’s calls its physical gift cards Arch Cards. You can purchase these in denominations between $10 and $100. Unfortunately, McDonald’s does not sell digital gift cards through any channel.

Does Target Sell McDonald’s Gift Cards?

Unfortunately, you cannot find McDonald’s gift cards at Target stores or online.

Target sells Specialty gift cards from 90+ food, entertainment, and retail chains. You can buy cards as low as $5! While Target does not sell McDonald’s gift cards, you can find cards from some of the rival food chains.

Starbucks, Applebee’s, Burger King, Subway, Chipotle, Five Guys, etc., take the shelf space in Target’s gift cards section.

In addition, Target does not impose additional activation fee charges on these food gift cards.

Does Walmart Sell McDonald’s Gift Cards?

McDonald’s has no partnership with Walmart regarding the sales of its gift cards.

However, Walmart sells 100+ third-party gift cards along with its store gift cards. The retail giant also sells Specialty gift cards in physical and digital forms through its website.

Though there is a McDonald’s store inside Walmart, the retail giant cannot sell McDonald’s gift cards under its name. So, you can check the McDonald’s inside Walmart to purchase the Arch Cards.

Does McDonald’s Take Visa Gift Cards?

Yes, you can use Visa gift cards at all McDonald’s locations, even internationally.

While McDonald’s gift cards can only be redeemed in-store, Visa gift cards are not subject to such restrictions. McDonald’s also accepts online payments through Visa credit and debit cards and digital wallets like Apple Pay.

Does Kroger Sell Mc Donald’s Gift Cards?

Yes, Kroger is one of the few authorized retailers of McDonald’s Arch Cards.

You can purchase McDonald’s gift cards in-stores and from the Home Department of the website. Kroger sells a $25 gift card and $15-$100 gift cards from McDonald’s. The store provides pickup and delivery options as well.

However, you cannot redeem these at Kroger. In case of balance inquiries, you need to contact McDonald’s helpline.

Can I Buy McDonald’s Gift Cards at Walgreens?

Walgreens is an authorized retailer of McDonald’s; thus, you can get McDonald’s gift cards from there.

You can get these in-stores online on their website or you can call them to pre-order your Arch Card. You can avail free store pickup, same-day delivery, and next-day delivery on gift cards.

If you lose your arch card, you must contact your local McDonald’s store rather than Walgreens.

Since it is a third-party retailer, Walgreens sells Arch Cards in pre-decided denominations. In addition to Walgreens and Kroger, you can buy McDonald’s gift cards at Ahold, Kohls, Safeway, SUPERVALU, etc.

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Does McDonald’s take American Express Gift Cards?

Yes, McDonald’s accepts American Express gift cards online and at physical outlets.

American Express gift cards work anywhere American Express cards work. So, this unanimous acceptability allows them to be used interchangeably.

You can use any denomination of American Express gift cards for equal cost. These usually range between $25 and $3000.

American Express gift cards do not expire. However, since American Express is US-based, you are limited to redeeming them at McDonald’s in the US.

McDonald’s also accepts Mastercard prepaid cards and American Express and Visa gift cards.

Do McDonald’s Gift Cards Expire?

Luckily, McDonald’s gift cards do not expire or carry any additional charges.

Moreover, if you lose your gift card, you can call customer support to cancel your card. After this, the system will generate a new card and reload your amount. However, it might take up to 6 weeks!

Note that you cannot return, refund, or exchange your Arch Card for cash, credit, or check.

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Summing Up

To conclude, McDonald’ sells gift cards in-stores, online, and through third-party retailers. The restaurant authorizes Kroger, Kohls, Walgreens, etc., to sell Arch Cards in their respective stores and websites.

Surprisingly, major retailers like Target and Walmart do not carry Arch Cards. Also, Arch Cards are only available in physical form and cannot be redeemed on online purchases.

Lastly, McDonald’s arch card does not expire. Even better, they are reloadable!

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