Does Wawa sell Butter, Ketchup, & Cheese? Yes!

Purchasing day-to-day miscellaneous items forgotten on the grocery list requires a convenience store. Wawa convenience stores and gas stations are spread across the United States for customers’ minute needs.

So, it makes us wonder about the products in Wawa’s inventory. For example, does Wawa sell butter, ketchup, & cheese? Let us find out.

Does Wawa sell Butter

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Does Wawa Sell Butter?

Yes, Wawa sells butter at some locations to its customers. It is easily available in the Wawa Grocery/snack line.

You can get Wawa Butter with canola oil. This is a product of Wawa Dairy that has been operating for more than 100 years.

The spreadable butter mixes canola oil with pasteurized cream, Vitamin A, Salt, and Beta Carotene. In addition, Wawa also sells Salted Butter and Nut-Butters.

You can also pre-order the butter online and schedule a pick-up or delivery. So, you can get these dairy and non-dairy kinds of butter for less than $5 at Wawa!

Does Wawa Sell Ketchup?

Yes, Wawa carries Heinz Ketchup Squeeze at all 800+ store locations across the United States.

The store carries 20z packets and smaller sachets to go with the eatables. A single serving provides 20 calories. Unlike other gas stations, Wawa did not replace Heinz ketchup with Hunt’s ketchup.

Some companies opted out when there was a countrywide shortage on Heinz’s end. However, Wawa had enough stock to hold out. You can buy a 20 oz pack for $2.99 at Wawa. Unfortunately, this ketchup is not vegan.

Does Wawa Sell Cheese?

Wawa Dairy sells cheese to its customers at different locations. 

The store Dairy’s product list also includes cheese. It retails for $6.11 at most locations. Wawa catering also includes many kinds of cheese in their hoagies, sandwiches, etc.

White American Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Swiss Cheese, Provolone, and others can be found.

When it comes to specialty items, the store also stores cottage cheese. But you need to check with your local Wawa station for availability.

Similar Blog: Does Wawa sell Eggs?

Does Wawa sell Cheese

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Is Wawa Butter Vegan?

Unfortunately, Wawa butter is not vegan, as Wawa’s butter uses milk. 

However, on the brighter side, Wawa sells other kinds of butter derived from nuts. For example, you can get almond butter, peanut butter, or both mixed with fruit flavors.

However, Wawa Apple & Peanut Butter Dip and JIF Creamy Peanut Butters were discontinued at Wawa stations. Note that JIF peanut butter is banned from selected ZIP codes only.

Does Wawa Sell Buttermilk?

Yes, Wawa sells buttermilk from Wawa Dairy at its convenience stores and gas station locations.

The buttermilk is a part of specialty items, so it may no longer be available at some store locations. However, it is available in only a quart size.

The store also sources a variety of milk for singular use and to go with the store’s blends of coffee.

Does Wawa Have Mozzarella Cheese?

You can easily find mozzarella cheese at all Wawa store locations in convenient sizes.

You can find Mozzarella cheese in the ‘Grocery’ section of the stores. 1oz of Mozzarella string cheese at Wawa costs around $0.99.

So, you can get small packets of Mozzarella cheese from the store if you are making enough pasta to serve one person.

Wawa also uses cheese in ready-to-go food items. So, you can find shredded Mozzarella cheese in hoagies, mac and cheese, and mozzarella sticks.

Does Wawa Carry Cream Cheese?

Wawa stores do not sell soft cream cheese at convenience stores and gas stations.

However, you can get cream cheese spreads to go with bagels. You need to check the store’s “Deli” section for this. The store only carries dairy cream cheese. So, you need to avoid it in your bagels and pre-packed salads.

Lastly, you can find alternatives at Wawa to substitute cream cheese. The store sells cottage cheese from Wawa dairy. This has lower fat content than cream cheese.

Other than that, you can also get sour cream. Both are similar to cream cheese and can be interchanged with the former.


Wawa stores sell dairy-based butter from Wawa Dairy at all store locations. Wawa also carries peanut and almond butter, with and without fruit flavors. These are vegan.

You can also get different kinds of milk and other dairy products at the store. These include buttermilk, mozzarella cheese, and cottage cheese.

However, you might have to go elsewhere for cream cheese, unfortunately.

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