Top Canadian Chocolate Brands of 2023

Canada is one of the world’s largest chocolate users. On average, Canadians consume 6.4 kg of chocolate annually, or 160 bars per person. It places Canada as the world’s ninth-largest chocolate consumer, one kg more than the US.

Today, in this post, we will tell you about some of the best Canadian chocolate brands so you can enjoy your treat even more. We have included the top brands and local Canadian chocolate makers of the highest quality in our list.

So, read all the way to the conclusion to understand all Canadian chocolate companies better.

List of 11 Best Canadian Chocolate Brands

As of 2023, the top Canadian Chocolate Brands include Laura Secord Chocolates, Mars Canada, Peace by Chocolate, Purdy’s Chocolate, Soma Chocolate Maker, Ganong Bros., and a few others…

Canadian Chocolate Brands

1) Laura Secord Chocolates

Frank P. O’Connor started the company in 1913 and opened the first store on Yonge Street in Toronto, Ontario.

Laura Secord is one of Canada’s top chocolate, ice cream, and confectionery companies. Moreover, the name was inspired by Laura Secord, a Canadian heroine.

If you live in Canada, you will not have a hard time finding this chocolate brand. According to its website, Laura Secord has more than 100 stores in Canada. They have stores in Ontario, Quebec, Maritimes, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

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2) Mars Canada

This chocolate brand in Canada is a favorite candy bar. In 2002, Mars Canada was discontinued in the United States, but it continued its production in Canada.

Now, you can assess how much Canadians love this brand. In our view, Mars is one of Canada’s top chocolate bar makers.

Moreover, the best thing about the brand is the caramel and chocolaty effect these chocolates have on you. It is delicious. The taste takes you to another world.

3) Peace by Chocolate

Now, the story of Peace by Chocolate company is very inspiring. For almost 30 years, they created delicious chocolates and distributed special treats across the Middle East and Europe.

Unfortunately, in 2012, a blast in Damascus, Syria, destroyed the original Hadhad family chocolate factory.

It caused the family to abandon everything and go to Canada, where they relaunched their family company in 2016 with the support of the local community.

Their chocolates are very delicious and will melt your mouth. These chocolates are a must-try no matter where you are.

Interestingly, there is a documentary movie based on the brand’s journey named “Peace by Chocolate.” Go ahead, and watch it.

4) Purdy’s Chocolates

Richard C. Purdy founded this company in 1907 on Robson Street, Vancouver. Purdys is now a Canadian chocolate maker, confectionery manufacturer, and retailer. The company has been committed to creating excellent chocolates using delicious fresh ingredients.

They are most famous for their delicious chocolate hedgehogs. Purdy’s also produces a wide range of special-filled chocolates.

You’ll never be far from a hedgehog with almost 60 stores in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. You can also visit their online store to buy.

5) SOMA Chocolate Maker

SOMA was one of Canada’s earliest bean-to-bar chocolate makers, opening its doors in 2003. It has now built two stores and begun distributing its chocolate to shops throughout Canada and the United States.

The butter caramel with fleur de sel and eight-year-aged balsamic truffle are two of the most famous chocolates from SOMA. Cookies, gelato, toffees, and other sweet delicacies are also available that will surely satisfy your sweet taste.

6) Hummingbird Chocolate

This Canadian Chocolate Brand is making delicious treats in a small shop in Almonte, Ontario, with much care.

They make chocolate with complete attention to all ingredients to achieve the perfect balance of flavor that will make your every bite loveable.

At the 2015 International Chocolate Awards, Hummingbird Chocolate Maker took home various awards. Also, they won Canadian gold for their Hispaniola bar.

HummingBird Chocolate Maker

7) Ganong Bros.

When it comes to the oldest chocolate company in Canada, Ganong Bros. is at the top of the list.

Ganong is Canada’s earliest and oldest family-owned chocolate enterprise, established in 1873. It produces all of its goods in St. Stephen, New Brunswick.

The company has maintained its heritage and claims that all its products are 100% gluten-free.

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8) CXBO Chocolates

CXBO stands for Chocolates X Brandon Olsen. Chef and chocolatier Brandon Olsen and his girlfriend Sarah Keenlyside own a shop in Toronto, Canada.

Their chocolates represent their passion for both cuisine and art. If you are around Toronto, this shop is a must-visit for chocolate lovers.

9) The Chocolateria

It is another must-visit shop for chocolate enthusiasts in Toronto. This small shop offers a wide range of delicacies, including ice cream, biscotti, and candy apples.

Moreover, everything is produced in-house using only the best quality ingredients. On special occasions, their special treats are a joy to bring home for your family.

10) Newfoundland Chocolate Company

Since 2008, the Newfoundland Chocolate Company in St. John’s, Canada, has been making chocolates.

The company is named after well-known landmarks and historical events in Newfoundland. The great part about this Canadian brand of Chocolate is that many of its delicacies are inspired by local flavors.

Two of their most popular items are the Lukey’s Boat (white chocolate, Newfoundland blueberries, cranberries, and raspberries) and the Gros Morne.

11) Olivia Chocolate

Good dark chocolate is really for your health. But, it must be both dairy-free and gluten-free. It is just cocoa beans and sugar at its basic level. However, Olivia Chocolate takes it to the next level by mixing coconut milk and hemp milk to make it vegan.

Moreover, the company also sells raw chocolate to various shops and companies.

Final Words

Chocolate has always been associated with love and delight. The people of Canada are no strangers to that little sweetness in their lives. 

Considering the love of Canadian Chocolate Brands, we have compiled a list of all the local brands. With the help of our list, you can easily find a Canadian chocolate maker in your country.

Our list is also useful for people who live in other countries and wish to try famous Chocolate brands made in Canada. Unfortunately, not all the brands mentioned above are accessible outside Canada.

But don’t worry; you can go to the website of your favorite chocolate shop and place an order. They will ship it to your location, no matter where you are in the world.

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