Does Home Depot sell Furniture? Types & Prices

To a household, furniture is as essential as fire is to a furnace. Home Depot has been at the helm of home improvement retailers in the US. 

Almost every household has had the comfort of going to their nearest Home Depot or ordering something from their website. 

However, does Home Depot sell furniture? Let’s find it out in the article below!

Does Home Depot sell Furniture

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Does Home Depot Sell Furniture in 2023? 

Yes, you can easily find every type of furniture in-store and online at Home Depot.

The store has increased its focus on the furniture industry since 2020. You can also take advantage of their different delivery schemes and discounts. 

Whether you need a cupboard or a bed, go to your nearest Home Depot and grab it alongside a screwdriver for assembling. You can go to your nearest store or order online to shop from their vast collection. 

What Type Of Furniture Does Home Depot Sell? 

Home Depot sells a variety of furniture in different shapes and materials to its customers.  

Home Depot has been amassing top-notch brands under its belts, namely Home Decorations, Sealy, Sauder, South Shore, and Style Well. 

Upon visiting the store, you will realize that there are multitudes of sofas, chairs, bedroom furniture, and living room furniture from different brands. 

Does Home Depot Sell Office Chairs? 

Yes, you can get chairs of different sizes and materials at Home Depot stores. 

Colors such as matte, jet black, and brown retail from popular international vendors such as Boss, Flash Furniture, and Smug Desk. In terms of price, these chairs can range between $44 – $474 and even more.

On their website, they also have an ‘office chairs’ section dedicated to the furniture department. 

You will see many classic leathery soft office chairs with new options, such as the aerodynamic model with air holes, so your backs do not sweat. 

Does Home Depot Sell Bedroom Furniture? 

Home Depot is one of the largest bedroom furniture vendors in America. 

You can buy bedroom accessories to king-sized beds from their website or their official stores. They have intricately designed settees, chests, and cabinets for your compact need of fitting clothes. 

The bedroom sets can be very costly, depending upon the extravaganza you seek. 

If you need something to sleep on comfortably, you can get yourself off the hook for $500. But there are more options in bedroom sets which can go up to $5000.

The store also offers very durable nightstands, which you can buy separately. 

Does Home Depot Assemble Furniture? 

Yes, as quoted from the Home Depot official website, they install all kinds of furniture.  

The store has certified incredibly experienced professionals. They usually arrive within 1-2 days after delivery to assemble your furniture. 

Moreover, the installation is also extremely cheap. For example, outdoor installation costs around $150 to $600, which is much lower than private service providers’ rates. 

They also fit your grill and patios, costing you around $99 to $180.  

Furthermore, all of this comes with a 90-day return policy. All you need to do is bring your furniture’s receipt to make the return process easier.

Is Home Depot Furniture Good Quality? 

Home Depot has been home to a cluster of furniture brands that produce nothing less than excellence.  

The store bags many top brands such as Magnolia Homes and Laura Ashley. These brands have been in the market for a long time and have a regular and satisfied customer base. 

They are not only an option in terms of quality but also the perfect cross between standards and affordability. For this reason, Home Depot is most people’s top choice for buying furniture.

How Long Does Average Furniture Last?  

If used properly, your daily furniture might last longer than you imagined.  

An average cushion sofa lasts about 8-11 years, similar to chairs in a dining room, but the table lasts longer. However, they will not last long if you are a cat mom/dad. 

A bed lasts around 15-20 years, and its mattress needs to be changed every 5 years. Drawers also have a life cycle similar to a bed of around 15-20 years.  

However, you can easily add 3-4 years of life if you buy this furniture from Home Depot.

In Addition:

Which Sofas Last the Longest? 

Sofas with the densest woodwork and good quality wood last longer than your lightweight sofas. 

Sofas that are tightly woven and have durable leather or other durable textile leave the customer tensionless for years.  

They are also susceptible to termites and other wood bugs. Even though these sofas cost more than $2000, they are every bit of value to money. 

Does Home Depot Deliver Furniture?

Yes, you can expect Home Depot to deliver your furniture with care. The store offers free delivery on orders above $45.

Additionally, you can also avail of All-Day time delivery and Threshold Delivery at a minimal charge.

This allows you to get your furniture within 2-4 hours at any location. Lastly, Home Depot allows customers to track the delivery status in real-time.

Final Thoughts 

To conclude, Home Depot sells a variety of furniture and is better than other independent furniture contractors. The store gets its competition from other home décor retailers such as Lowe’s.

But even these big names fail to reduce the market sales of Home Depot due to the incredibly affordable prices it offers. Moreover, you can also claim returns and refunds within 90 days of purchase. 

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