Does Costco Sell Cakes? Price, Types, & Much More

Does Costco sell Cakes

Whether it is a wedding or a birthday party, cakes are the must-have items for these occasions.

While you can buy the cake from any bakery located near you, some people wonder does Costco sells cakes or not.

So, if you also want to find the answer to this question, keep reading. You will find everything you need to know below.

Does Costco Sell Cakes in 2023?

Yes, Costco sells cakes at insanely low prices. For example, a half-sheet cake at the store is for $19.99 and can feed up to 48 people.

Currently, Costco only has 2 flavors available. You can choose between a white vanilla cake with vanilla mousse and a chocolate cake with a chocolate mousse filling. 

However, the cakes at Costco are not available online. So, you will have to visit the store yourself and get them. 

Even though there is no need to pre-order the cakes, you can always place a custom order at Costco.

But, make sure you place the custom order at least 2 to 3 days before. 

Do They Make Cupcakes at Costco?

Yes, you can find cupcakes at Costco stores at incredibly reasonable prices. However, they are not listed on the website.

Moreover, you can order custom cupcakes at Costco too. According to the in-store order form, you can get a variety of designs for every type of occasion. 

The store offers more than 25 different designs to decorate your cupcakes with.

But, make sure that you give a two-day notice to the bakery. This is necessary to ensure that you get precisely what you want. 

Can You Customize Costco Cakes?

Yes, you can customize Costco cakes by visiting the store. However, this service is currently only available to members of the store.

The standard customized single sheet cake at the store costs around $19.99, whereas the smaller 10-inch round cake is for $12.99.

Even though the Costco cakes’ flavor, size, and design are pretty limited, you can customize them with different designs and custom icing.

However, you cannot customize a cake at Costco to two or three layers. You only get the option to choose from their rectangular sheet cakes. 

Does Costco Sell Mini Cupcakes?

Costco introduced mini cupcakes at its bakery that can be described as a summer dessert.

Currently, there is only one flavor available at the store: raspberry with buttercream icing. 

You can get a pack of six mini cupcakes at Costco for just $9, which is a lot less than the price you pay at other bakeries.

What Kind of Cakes Does Costco Have?

Costco only sells two kinds of cakes at its bakery: Vanilla and Chocolate. 

Talking about the vanilla cake, it is filled with vanilla mousse and sprinkled with white buttercream.

On the other hand, the chocolate cake contains chocolate mousse filling and chocolate buttercream icing. 

Earlier, the bakery had more options, but it had to limit them for some reasons. However, you can get more options internationally.

For example, Costco Australia lets you mix raspberry fillings with a chocolate or a vanilla sponge cake.

Can Costco Put Pictures on Cakes?

Unfortunately, Costco has stopped putting pictures on cakes since 2023

Costco is no longer making picture cakes because they cost a lot, and as a result, many customers cannot afford them.

So, to make the cakes affordable, the store stopped putting pictures on cakes and now only offers simple customized designs.

However, if you want photo cakes, you can get them from other stores or bakeries. 

For example, Dairy Queen and Walmart are known for putting pictures on cakes.

Even though they cost a bit more compared to Costco’s options, they are worth it. 

Is Costco Cake Good?

The cakes available at Costco are delicious and insanely cheap. You can have the cake multiple times, and it will taste the same as it did before. 

What’s more, it has an incredibly light taste. So, you can take several bites, and there will still be little taste to it.

The frosting on the cake is next-level too. Costco uses mousse for its frosting, which is much lighter than traditional frosting. 

Thus, the cake gets a level of flavor that is not available on other cakes.

Does Costco Sell Tiramisu Cakes?

Yes, you can get a 2-pound tiramisu cake from Costco for $15.99.

For those who do not know, tiramisu cake is an Italian dessert that features a coffee sponge cake, mascarpone cream, marsala wine, and cocoa powder.

Unlike traditional tiramisu cakes that come in cups, the tiramisu cake at Costco is available for 2 pounds.

This makes it a perfect dessert to share with friends and family during a get-together. 

Does Costco Sell Sheet Cakes?

You can get a half-sheet cake from Costco for just $19.99.

It can easily serve 48 guests, making it 41 cents per person. This is much cheaper than other bakeries and stores, including Walmart and BJ’s. 

The half-sheet cake at Walmart costs $25, whereas you can get the exact cake from BJ’s for $24.

For this reason, Costco cakes are gaining so much popularity these days. 

Does Costco Sell Carrot Cake?

Yes, Costco sells 2.5-pounds carrot cakes for $15.99.

However, they are limited-edition and are only available for a limited time.

The carrot cake available at the bakery is made of three layers, and you can see every layer from the shelf.

The 3 layers of the cake are made with cream with cheese frosting between each layer. Additionally, there are nuts crumbled on the top. 

Does Costco Sell Wedding Cakes?

You can buy wedding cakes from Costco in different designs, sizes, and flavors.

Once you have selected which wedding cake you want, you can also customize its other aspects, including icing flavor, custom text, and fillings.

But, make sure you order the wedding cake at least a week before your delivery.

This is necessary, so the bakery has enough time to prepare the cake according to your requirements.

Does Costco Sell Birthday Cakes?

Yes, you can get a variety of birthday cakes from Costco. You can choose the cake from the shelf or customize it according to your requirements.

If you are throwing a large birthday party, you can order a half-sheet cake from Costco. Other than that, the store also sells smaller 10-inch round cakes. 

So, you can choose an option that works the best for you. 

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Final Words

Costco sells cakes at incredibly affordable rates. But, the store has only two flavors currently.

You can either choose from the vanilla or chocolate flavor. Other than that, you can also customize the cake according to your preferred design and text.

However, make sure you order the customized cakes at least two to three days before you actually want them. 

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