Does Home Depot sell Sod? Price, Procedure, & More

Does Home Depot sell Sod

Does your yard have patchy grass? Do you wish your yard to look greener? You can regain the scenic beauty by simply laying sod on the turf.  

Home Depot reigns as the home improvement giant nationwide. The retail chain offers a multitude of products at an incredible rate. 

So, what if you wanted sod from Home Depot? Does Home Depot sell Sod? Let’s find it out in the article below! 

Does Home Depot Sell Sod? 

Yes, you can purchase sods of many types at all store locations and the official website of Home Depot at affordable deals.

Home Depot sells sods from 3 brands; Sod Pods, Harmony, and BETHEL. The sod at the store is available in the ‘Landscaping Supplies’ section on the stores and the website. 

You can make payments via Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. While Home Depot accepts returns within 90 days of purchase on unopened items, sods cannot be returned.

That’s because sods are perishable items, so the store does not accept their returns. So, make sure to check your item thoroughly before purchasing. 

Does Home Depot Deliver Sod? 

Yes, your Home Depot delivers Sods to most locations nationwide. 

The store offers efficient, free delivery on its retail goods worth $45 and more. Moreover, Home Depot allows you to schedule deliveries the next day, the same day, or at a later date.  

The store uses commercial shipping and truck delivery services such as UPS, Roadie, and FedEx to drop the products off to its customers. 

It also provides Threshold Delivery which means that Home Depot will ensure to leave your products on a suitable patch to avoid damage. 

What Is the Cost of One Piece of Sod at Home Depot? 

The Sod at Home Depot can range between $10 and $600, depending on size, type, and brand. 

The store offers its customers 8 different types of sods, including St. Augustine, Bermuda, Centipede, Zoysia, Bluegrass, Fescue, Mixed, etc. 

The sizes are available between 8 sq. ft and 500 sq. ft. So, you can choose according to the size of your yard. 500 sq. ft. Fescue Sod from Harmony is the best-rated sod available at Home Depot for $584.98. 

Is Sod Better than Grass Seed? 

Sod is a better option than grass seeds if you are looking for short-term options.  

Sods are turfs of grown grass that will be laid on the soil to produce green grass. On the other hand, grass seeds take a long time to grow from scratch. 

So, if your garden has completely damaged plant life, laying down sod will be the appropriate corrective measure. However, if you can see greener patches and rough course in between, you should opt for planting grass seeds.  

Does Home Depot Rent Sod Cutter? 

Yes, Home Depot rents sod cutters of many variants to its customers. 

For example, you can rent Pro Sod Cutters by Classen from Home Depot. The cutter is fitted with a Honda engine. Hence, you can use this automated equipment for maintenance.

There are over 1200 rental locations across the country. You can pick up the store’s lawn and garden equipment from rental locations on the same day. 

In addition to sod cutters, chainsaws, lawnmowers, trimmers, and blowers are also available. 

Can you Lay Sod Over Existing Grass? 

If you want your efforts to render results, you must never lay sod over existing grass. 

The sods may be a patch of freshly grown grass, but they need to be planted like regular greens to function. So, your sods must make contact with the soil to absorb nutrients. Laying them over existing grass will make your sods grow stunted.  

How Long Does Sod Take to Root? 

Under ideal conditions, sods can reveal the first growth within 10-14 days after laying. 

However, you must ensure that you properly lay the sod and avoid other contamination. 

Other than that, overwatering, improper ground preparation, and shaded placement could also make the results slower. Lastly, the results also vary between grass types and weather conditions. 

Should I Wet Dirt Before Laying Sod? 

Yes, you need to lay sods on at least 6-inch-deep wet dirt for the best results. 

Experts suggest that you must dampen the soil dirt to flatten the ground with ease. Additionally, you must also use a fertilizer for the best results. 

Can I Just Lay Sod on Dirt? 

No, the sod cannot thrive on dirt to its maximum potential.  

That’s because the dirt makes the soil firm for the sod, so your greens will eventually die. You need to lay down compost and then dirt to prepare the base of the sod. It also requires a layer of topsoil.  

How Hard Is It to Lay Sod Yourself?

The ease of laying sod depends on the quality and size of the turf you are laying. 

The good news is that Home Depot assists you in the process by providing a user manual. This manual breaks down the procedure right from preparing the soil to maintaining the sod. 

The process is labor intensive, and there is no easy way out. So, you need to do it right on the first attempt. Using motor-operated tools also makes the process easier compared to hand tools. 

Summing Up

In a nutshell, you can get many brands of sod at Home Depot. The store offers great discounts on purchases and also provides home delivery.  

However, Home Depot does not accept returns because sods are perishable. Besides this, you can also get sod cutters and other equipment from Home Depot for rental. 

Lastly, adequate ground preparation and sod maintenance yield faster results. So, make sure you lay the sod effectively for the best outcome.

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