Does Ulta Sell Hair Extensions? Is It Worth It?

Are you worried about your hair length? Do you feel your hair is not thick enough to look attractive? The answer to all your hair-related complexes is hair extensions.

Nothing in the world boosts your confidence more than gorgeous hair. Hair extensions just do that for you by making your hair look attractive.

Ulta Beauty is a premier destination for fashionistas seeking quality cosmetics, makeup, fragrances, skincare, haircare products, etc. But does Ulta sell hair extensions also?

Does Ulta sell Hair Extensions

Does Ulta Sell Hair Extensions?

Yes, Ulta sells quality clip-in hair extensions that are very shiny and thick from roots to ends.

In fact, many different varieties of hair extensions available at Ulta immediately add up the volume and natural-looking length of your hair.

You can also cut them, get them colored, or apply heat for styling without dimming the shine. They act as a protective layer between your natural hair and your products or appliances.

Hair extensions also provide you with the advantage of changing hairstyles without cutting or changing your real hair. 

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last? 

Hair extensions’ longevity depends on whether you buy synthetic or real human hair extensions. 

Synthetic extensions usually last for a shorter period compared to human hair extensions. However, quality is another factor to consider when it comes to the longevity of synthetic extensions.

Toyokalon and Kanekalon are two examples of high-quality synthetic hair extensions. But, if you are looking for a better option, human hair extensions certainly have no competition.

That’s because they last almost three times longer than synthetic extensions. Of course, the life of extensions also depends on how well you care for them.

How Much Does Ulta Charge for Hair Extensions?

Prices of hair extensions at Ulta may vary depending on your product choice.

On average, Ulta hair extensions range from $40 to $200. However, if you choose to pay using afterpay, there is an option of 4 installments available. 

This comes in addition to shipping charges applicable for any purchase of $35 or above.

Ulta also offers deals on hair products, including a 50% discount from time to time. The store experts also provide consultation to help you make the right choice for your hair extensions.

This may include adding volume, length, or color to your hair. With endless possibilities of hair extensions available, it is obvious that the prices are not constant and differ accordingly.

How Do You Wash Hair with Extensions? 

Washing hair with extensions can be quite tricky, as it involves several steps so that your extension stays smooth and shiny.

Firstly, before applying water, brush your hair to minimize knots and tangles after washing. Next, use shampoo and lukewarm water to wash your hair.

But be careful near the areas closer to bonds or clips. Also, shampoo must be sulfate free. Once your hair is rinsed, apply sulfate-free conditioner to them for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse them afterward.

Another best practice is to use a hair mask at least once or twice a month. This way, your extensions and natural locks stay soft and healthy. Finally, dry your hair, from the roots to the end. Then, similarly, comb your hair.

Can You Wear Your Hair Up with Extensions?

With hair extensions, you can wear your hair up or down, exercise, and do many other things without damaging your hair.

If you are wearing your hair up high in a ponytail or a bun, it is better to do it with longer hair, as it helps to conceal the extensions properly. 

Thus, if your hair is not long enough, you should go with a medium or low pony for now, at least. However, if applied correctly, you can also style your weft, micro bead, and tape hair extensions into a pony.

All this can be achieved without showing any of your hair extensions application.

Are Hair Extensions Worth the Money? 

If you are concerned about the confidence and grace of your personality, hair extensions are totally worth the money.

Even with the advancements of the present world, most people are not sure about having hair extensions.
They either find them harmful or consider them too expensive. But, little do they know about their worth.

However, we fail to understand that these products make your hair shine and give you a chance to stand out among others.

Their profound qualities, such as adding up length or volume to your hair, protecting them from direct exposure to products, and easily styling your hair as per your desire, are just a few to name.

These all together make hair extensions a worthy product. 

Summing Up

To cut a long story short, if you want to improve your personality, look, and instill confidence within yourself, Ulta has hair extensions that are the most suitable products for you.

These extensions make your hair looks longer, thicker, and more attractive. Besides their high prices, the product is efficient and natural looking, making them worth every penny you pay.

Lastly, Ulta also allows you to pay for hair extensions in four installments, making them a viable option.

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