Where are Samsung Washing Machines Made? 7 Countries

Difficulties in life are just like washing machines. They make us spin and twist, knocking us from all sides. But the result is that every time we come out better, brighter and cleaner.

When it comes to washers, Samsung is arguably the most popular brand. A thought may cross your mind that where are Samsung washing machines made?

Well, you are at the right place. Without delaying it further, let’s get straight into it.

Where are Samsung Washers Made?

Most of the Samsung Washing machines manufacturing is limited to South Korea only. Apart from South Korea, Samsung washing machines are also made in the United States, Russia, China, Poland, Mexico, and Thailand.

Like many other companies worldwide, Samsung also sources most of its components from China.

The company’s washing machines are durable and equipped with latest technology, making them one of the best washing machine brands in the market.

Where are Samsung Washing Machines Made

Let’s have an in-depth analysis of how and where are Samsung Washing machines made with a brief review of Samsung’s history.

Overview of Samsung:

Samsung is a multinational company based in South Korea. The company was founded around 84 years ago (1938) in Daegu.

Samsung deals in various products such as washing machines, TVs, refrigerators, smartphones, etc.

Samsung phones are among the most popular globally, as we all know. The company is one of the most renowned companies globally and has a loyal customer base of millions.

Samsung first started making washing machines in 1974 and has produced millions of them since then. The corporation has dramatically evolved regarding its washing machine manufacturing over the past few decades.

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7 Manufacturing Locations of Samsung Washers:

Let’s take a closer look at the detail of where are Samsung Washers manufactured.

1. Manufacturing Facility of Samsung Washers in South Korea:

South Korea is the place where it all started initially. Samsung goods are widely used throughout the nation. Samsung introduced its first washing machine in the market in 1974, named Galaxy WM.

In no time, Samsung became one of the hot-selling brands of washing machines in the South Korean market. Most Samsung washing machines today are made in the South Korean city Gwangju.

It is located about 330 km south of Seoul, the country’s capital and is one of Samsung’s main reasons for leading the rapidly changing market.

Apart from washing machines, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, compressors, and air conditioners are also manufactured here.

2. Production of Samsung Washing Machines in the United States:

For many people, it was fascinating that Samsung had a company-owned plant in the United States where appliances are made exclusively within their factory.

Not many companies manufacture in the United States. The reason may be strict local laws and expensive labor.

The management decided to open a plant because of the US demand and the increase in import duties on washing machines.

The plant is located in New Berry, South Carolina, primarily focused on manufacturing washing machines.

This plant was completed by an investment of US$470 million and has created more than 1200 jobs locally.

This washing machine plant has been a massive success for the company. The company was able to achieve the feat of manufacturing and selling 1 million washing machines, all within the United States.

Today, this plant runs to meet the demand of American consumers and stands tall as Samsung’s benchmark US facility.

Where are Samsung Washers Made

3. Samsung Washers in China:

Suzhou Samsung Electronics Co is the company that manufactures and sells Samsung washing machines in China. The factory for Samsung washing machines production is based in Suzhou.

But in recent years, Samsung has gradually started to drive out its manufacturing from China. The reason reported is increasing raw material prices and a lower cap on labor pay.

Therefore, companies like Samsung have started establishing operations in other Asian countries. Whatever the case may be, Samsung still manufactures its washing machines in China.

4. Manufacturing of Samsung Washers in Mexico:

Earlier, when Samsung did not have a manufacturing facility in the US, Mexico used to be the spot Samsung Washers manufacturing. The company manufactures its appliances in a plant-based in Queretaro.

This plant is situated around 200 km away from Mexico-city and was started in 2003. Since then, it has been the epic center of all Samsung appliances found in the South American market.

With the construction of the Samsung factory in the US, this plant stopped supplying appliances to the US market. The plan focuses only on serving the South American and Mexican markets.

5. Samsung Washing Machines in Poland:

Samsung Electronics Poland Manufacturing SP. is the company that overlooks all of Samsung’s operations in Poland.

The company owns a manufacturing plant in Wronki, which it bought for a whopping amount of 205 million Poland Zloty from Amica in 2009.

This plant has been the source of Samsung appliances manufacturing in Poland in the last decade.

In 2022, the company announced to add 40,000 square meters to its existing production space, which will create 60 new jobs.

An industrial complex will be made to store household appliances. The new investment will spread throughout 2022-2024 and increase Samsung’s production capacity from 4 million to 5.2 million units per annum in Poland.

This plant currently employs 2300 individuals. Samsung washing machines made in Poland are supplied all over the European market.

6. Manufacturing in Russia:

Next on the list is Russia, where Samsung washers are made in Kaluga. This plant in Kaluga was opened in 2008 to fulfill the Russian market’s needs.

The 406,000 square meters plant has been producing washing machines for many years now. Washing machines made here are exported to Austria, Albania, Montenegro, Denmark, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, and 15 other countries.

7. Samsung Washing Machines in Thailand:

Apart from the countries mentioned above, some Samsung washing machines are manufactured in Thailand.

But these account for very few proportions of Samsung’s total production. The washing machines manufactured here are mainly exported to nearby Asian countries.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Who Makes Samsung Washing Machines?

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. manufactures all Samsung washing machines. The company has manufacturing facilities in around 8 countries where Samsung Washers are made.

Q2. Are Samsung Washing Machines Good?

I think most of our readers already knew the answer. So yes! Samsung Washing Machines are great. Samsung washing machines have been nominated several times as the most reliable.
Although their flagship washers are a bit expensive, they are totally worth it if you can afford them. 

Q3. How long do Samsung Washing Machines Last? 

The lifespan of Samsung Washing Machines is between 8 to 14 Years. But it does vary from model to model and usage of the appliance. 

Final Thoughts:

Samsung is considered a premium name in the world of appliances, and their washing machines are no different.

Thanks to their cutting-edge technology and designs, Samsung washers are among the top washing machine brands on the market.

Samsung washing machines are known for their efficiency, durability, and versatility. The company offers a wide range of front-load and other variants of washing machines.

It really does not matter where Samsung Washing Machines are made; they have set high-quality standards for all manufacturing facilities to be met.

So, we can relax and not bother about the origin of our Samsung Washer. 

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