Google Home Mini not connecting to WIFI: [Problem Solved]

Google Home Mini is one of the marvels of Google’s smart speaker lineup. The donut-lookalike device is a voice-controlled smart speaker that can perform multiple functions.

You can easily play music, set reminders for a part of an event, play a podcast, or ask for the device’s suggestion for breakfast or any other meal. This device is simply magical.

Just like other smart devices, Google Home Mini requires an active internet connection. You need to connect it to a WIFI/internet connection to use it.

But, sometimes, users can face some connectivity problems. Your Google home mini not connecting to WIFI is a prevalent issue experienced by many users.

Luckily, there are many ways in which you can fix this issue quickly. Before getting into the detailed procedures to solve it, let’s go through a quick overview of what you should do in such a situation:           

Start diagnostics of Google Home Mini not connecting to WIFI by ensuring your router is properly plugged in. See that your TV is connected correctly to WIFI in settings. See the detailed step below.

Disconnect other devices from the WIFI connection and move your Google Home Mini closer to the router. Restart your router and Google Home Mini device. Reset both the WIFI router and Google Home Mini device if nothing works for you.

Now, we would get through all of them in detail. But, first, we will discuss why users face this problem.

Google Home Mini not connecting to WIFI

Why won’t Google Home Mini connect to WIFI?

There are several reasons why your Google Home Mini won’t connect to WIFI. Let’s briefly go over the:

1. Router Settings:

Most routers have this feature that you can block specific IP or MAC addresses. If you have accidentally blocked your Google Home Mini’s IP or MAC address, then your WIFI won’t connect to your Google device, or you’ll not be able to access the internet.

Ensure that you unblock this IP address and join your Google device with your router.

2. Change of WIFI password:

When you change the password of your internet device, all the devices that were earlier connected to your WIFI will disconnect.

If you have changed your WIFI password recently, you again need to manually connect your Google device to WIFI by entering a new password.

3. Low Speed of Internet:

This problem, sometimes, can be due to a very fundamental reason, i.e. the speed of the internet connection. Low bandwidth can affect your internet connectivity hence streaming.

There is a possibility that the internet isn’t working because too many devices are connected to your WIFI router. In this case, you will have a very low speed. Disconnect other devices and see if this works.

Also, you can contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to confirm whether this is a central issue faced by all users or if is it only they experiencing it.

4. Physical Distance between your WIFI router and device:

If your Google Home Mini device is placed far away from your router, your device would receive very weak signals, then your Google Home Mini won’t connect to WIFI.

Try shortening the Distance between the two. Also, remove any physical barrier i-e large objects such as furniture, cupboard, and other things between the two. 

5. Outdated Software:

Your google home mini device might malfunction due to outdated software. You should regularly update your Google Home Mini to keep your device in perfect working condition. Many other issues are resolved by updating.

The software update also fixes temporary general bugs causing mischief in the device’s system.

We’ll discuss later in this article how to successfully update your Google Home Mini device easily and quickly.

How to fix my Google Home Mini not connecting to WIFI:

Without wasting any further time, let’s get straight into the fixes of Google Home Mini not connecting to WIFI.

Fix 1: Fix your Router

Just as we discussed above in problems, the physical Distance between your WIFI router and your Google device should be reasonable.

Also, remove all kinds of interference (either physical or electromagnetic) between the two of them. Signals might be blocked by any such interference and can affect connectivity.

Look for any physical damage to your WIFI router. It is highly possible that there are overall general issues with your internet.

To test this out, see whether the internet is working fine on other connected devices or not. If it isn’t working on them, contact your internet service provider to get out of this problem.

It is also possible that due to heavy streaming and usage of the internet on other devices, your Google Home Mini isn’t getting much internet connection.

And that’s why the internet isn’t working on your TV. Try disconnecting these devices and then see if your Google Home Mini works now or not.

There are chances that your WIFI might block your Google Home Mini’s IP address or MAC address.

In this scenario, remove your Google Home Mini device from that blocklist. Now restart your router and connect your Google Home Mini device to WIFI.

Fix 2: Enter the new password of your Router in Google Device

If you have recently changed your WIFI password and are facing connectivity issues, all devices are automatically disconnected once you change your WIFI password.

Sometimes, the devices don’t disconnect, but you aren’t able to access the internet. In this case, start by disconnecting your Google Home Mini from WIFI.

To do this, you need the Google Home app. The app is available for both Android and IOS. Disconnect your WIFI and reconnect it by entering the new password:

Here’s how you can do that:

  • Start by opening your Google Home app and selecting your device.
  • Open “Settings” and select “WIFI.”
  • Forget the already selected WIFI network.
  • Now select “Add” and click on “Set up a new device.”
  • Click on “New Device” and then Next.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the setup and enter a new password.

Most likely, your Google Home Mini will connect with WIFI now. Remember first to disconnect your WIFI connection and then enter a new password.

Fix 3: Restart your WIFI router and Google Home Mini device

Restarting a device is a hack that fixes many temporary issues caused by bugs in a device’s firmware. This technique is time-tested and might help you get over this issue.

Well, why not try this fix to retrieve the WIFI connection on your Google Home Mini device? There are two ways to perform this.

Let’s dive straight into it:

Method 1: Using Google Home App

  • On your Google Home app, select Google Home Mini to restart.
  • Open “Settings” and navigate three horizontal dots.
  • Click these dots to widen the menu.
  • Locate “Reboot” and click on it to start the process.

Method 2: Plugin and Out

  • Turn off your Google Home Mini device.
  • Plug it out from the wall outlet or surge protector/extension.
  • Wait for around 1-2 minutes.
  • Plug it back in and restart your device.

If this didn’t work out for you, try restarting your WIFI router. The process is pretty simple. Follow the steps below:

Restart your WIFI Router/Modem:

  • Disconnect your WIFI router/modem from the wall outlet.
  • Wait for around 1-2 minutes.
  • Plug it back in, and now restart your router.

Now try connecting Google Home Mini to WIFI.

Fix 5: Factory Reset your Google Home Mini device

If nothing has worked for you and you are frustrated about this situation, it’s time to factory reset your Google Home Mini device.

Doing this will remove all of your device’s data, restore its default settings, and make it like a new one. It will also fix many other problems you might face from time to time.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • There is a factory reset button on your Google Home Mini device called the FDR (Factory Data Reset). This button normally lies at the bottom side of the device.
  • Locate this button and press it for around 15-20 seconds.
  • Release this button when Google Assistant indicates the reset of your device.

The process can sometimes be different if you are using some other device similar to Google Home Mini. Here’s how to reset them:

For Google Home, locate the mute microphone button. Press and hold this button for about 15-20 seconds.

For Google Home Hub, press and hold the volume up and down buttons simultaneously for the same 15-20 seconds.

For Google Home Max, the process is almost the same as for Google Home Mini.

Fix 6: Contact with Google Support Team

Last but not least, if even resetting didn’t work for you, try contacting Google Support Team as a lender of last resort.

Open Google Customer Support and fill out the online form. Try to explain the entire situation and the tips which you have tried to solve this issue but didn’t work out.

I hope that they’ll come up with a way out.

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Final Words:

By now, most probably, you will be able to regain your internet connection. Remain patient and follow all the troubleshooting steps.

If your Google device is working correctly and there is no other issue, we’ll recommend contacting your ISP (Internet Service Provider). They might aid you in getting your WIFI fixed.

I hope that this little guide on how to fix Google Home Mini not connecting to WIFI was helpful for you and that you made a way out by following this guide.

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