Who makes Linsar TVs in 2023?

The Japanese and Koreans mainly dominate the TV industry. It is no secret that the TVs manufactured by the brands of these countries are top-notch, equipped with the latest tech, innovative features and attractive designs.

However, Linsar TVs, a British TV manufacturer, is establishing its footprints in the TV industry. You might not have heard the name, but Linsar TVs are becoming popular due to their quality and affordable prices.

But who makes Linsar TVs? or where are Linsar TVs made? Let’s find out more about this British brand.

Where are Linsar TVs made?

As per their official website, Linsar TVs are made in Turkey. However, Linsar decides the designs and components, which they believe meet the requirement of their UK customers.

Who makes Linsar TVs

Who makes Linsar TVs

Linsar TVs are made by Vestel Elektronic. The brand Linsar was acquired by Tempo international in June 2016

The firm was launched by Terry Read and Barry Kick in 2006, two individuals with strong knowledge of AV Business. The company is making affordable TVs that are equipped with great features. Linsar is headquartered in Bournemouth, UK.

The company’s name has an interesting story. While Terry and Barry were thinking about the brand name, they decided to mix the name of their wives Sarah and Lynne and thus, Linsar was formed.

Linsar started the business by making small-screen TVs (19 to 26 inches), a segment that big companies often neglect. Thus, there is a great opportunity for Linsar to capture this market and make a name for themselves.

Today, the company also offers a 65″ 4k UHD TV and a wide range of high-resolution TVs. However, still, their main market is the smaller screen TVs.

Linsar also provides some household appliances like Toaster and Kettle. In my opinion, they are just exploring the market and are not really competing with the bigger brands.

Linsar sells their TVs on Waitrose stores and popular retailers like John Lewis. The retailer was so impressed with the performance and feedback of Linsar TVs that they made a partnership with the company.

Now Linsar also makes TVs under the brand name for John Lewis for the retailer.

Is Linsar a Good Brand?

The brand is still relatively new, and they are competing in a very tough market. But so far, they are doing OK. They have started with the low competition market and are gradually moving up the ranks.

Linsar has a good reputation in the UK. Their TVs are known for their affordability and reliability. It is no wonder that the company has partnered with John Lewis, a very famous British retailer.

Linsar is also very good in terms of customer service. They offer a 5-year warranty on their TVs. This is very rare for most brands and even some high-end brands.

You should not expect their high-end TVs would stand neck to neck with the likes of Samsung or LG. However, one thing that has made the brand popular is its affordability.

So, if you are in the UK and want a low-budget TV with great features, then Linsar TVs are worth a try!

Verdict: Where are Linsar TVs made?

Linsar is a brand of televisions, which has been in existence since 2006. Although it is relatively new and has a long road ahead, it is getting popular among British consumers.

The brand produces quality televisions, which are well-designed and are known to be sturdy. They also offer great small screen TVs, which is certainly a plus point for Linsar. Their prices are also quite affordable.

What makes them special is their excellent customer service and warranty on their products.

Linsar TVs have a lot of positive reviews from customers on John Lewis and Waitrose, and it is easy to see why the company is getting popular day by day.

The company outsourced the production of its TVs to Vestel, located in Turkey. Vestel is responsible for manufacturing TVs for more than 500 brands. Thus, you can rest assured of the quality of Linsar TVs.

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