Where are LG Washing Machines Made? List of 10 Countries (2023)

Where are LG Washing Machines Made

With a laundry list of benefits, LG Washing Machines have made quite a name for themselves. As the leading manufacturer of washing machines in the world, LG Washing Machines has managed to stand out from the rest by offering a number of innovative features that have set them apart from the competition. 

LG is one of the most well-known appliance brands in the world, but where do their appliances come from? And specifically where are LG Washing Machines Made? Let’s find out the answer.

Where are LG Washing Machines Made?

The bulk production of LG washing machines and other appliances is done in South Korea, the United States, Mexico, China, Russia, Poland, and Mexico.

An exciting fact about LG washing machines is that many of them are made exclusively in the United States after opening its first manufacturing plant in Nashville, Tennessee.

Excited? Well, we have much more to tell you in where are LG Washing Machines Made? But first let’s have a brief introduction of LG.

Who Makes LG Washers? Brief Intro of LG

Who Makes LG Washers

LG Electronics Inc, the company that manufactures LG washing machines, is a South Korean company. The company is a part of the LG group.

LG was initially founded around 63 years back in 1958 with the name of Gold Star. In 1995, the company’s name was changed to LG.

LG has gone through ages of changes. From becoming the leader of the LCD and LED market to the closure of phone manufacturing, the company has seen it all.

Apart from washing machines, the company also deals in refrigerators, televisions, home-theatre systems, computer monitors, and many more.

By lowering its environmental imprint, the brand also contributes to preserving the natural environment. The brand has evolved as one of the leading washing machines companies in the past few decades.

The washing machines produced here are supplied throughout the country, with a small portion being exported to other countries.

Apart from the countries mentioned above, some LG washing machines were also assembled in Mexico until 2016. In 2016, LG stopped its manufacturing operations in Mexico, moving all its products from the country to Thailand.

10 Manufacturing Locations of LG Washing Machines:

Let’s do an in-depth analysis of how and where LG Washers are made?

1. LG Washers Industry in South Korea:

South Korea is the hometown of LG products. The company was founded in the country’s capital, Seoul.

It was established in August 1958 to provide the South Korean market with consumer electronics and home appliances. Today, LG is headquartered in the LG twin tower, Seoul.

Since then, the company has produced millions of washing machines, refrigerators, and TVs. LG’s main production base is located in Changwon.

Located in Changwon’s Industrial area, this plant has served to be the LGs primary manufacturing facility for years.

Recently, the company invested around US$681 million in automating the production process using robots and Artificial Intelligence; hence, the name LG Smart Park was given.

Apart from use within the country, the washing machines produced here are also exported to several other countries, such as America and Europe.

2. LG Washers Industry in the US:

Quite surprisingly, the company owns a factory in the United States where assembling and manufacturing of LG products are done using local labor.

The company opened a plant in Tennessee in 2019. The LGs management made the decision as a result of rising trade tensions in the US market.

The impositions of hefty taxes on imported washing machines further worsened the situation as the company’s forecasted cost and sales dynamics were deeply affected.

Seeing the aftermath of the situation, the company decided to manufacture an independent plant for the US market in 2017. The plant was made with a total investment of US$360 million.

In August 2020, this plant in Tennessee achieved the milestone of producing one millionth washing machine.

This plant proved to be a magic charm for the company as the company was able to achieve record sales. LG’s washing machines have been recognized as among the best available on the market.

Where are LG Washers Made

3. LG Washer Production in China:

As per the case with significant entities worldwide, LG also manufactures in China. There are different enterprises located in the suburbs of Hong Kong for assembling the LG washing machines.

Factories in Shenzhen and Huizhou manufacture components required for the washing machines. These components are also imported to other countries.

Also, a small factory in Taipei, Taiwan, manufactures LG washing machines. Components in Taiwan are made in Xinbei and Xin Dian Qu facilities.

4. Industry in Russia:

LG has been in Russia since 2006 as a manufacturer. The firm began building an industrial complex in Ruza in 2005. The plant was built with a total investment of US$ 150 million by 2006.

With more than 120,000 square foot facilities, this plant has a huge capacity to produce LG products such as washing machines and refrigerators.

In 2018, a new industrial warehouse building was started and was completed in 14 months. This plant in Ruza is one of the biggest in Europe for manufacturing consumer appliances.

Washing machines manufactured here are exported to neighboring countries and Eastern Europe apart from the Russian market. LG has employed more than 1300 individuals here.

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5. LG Washer Production in Poland:

Seeing the rising demand for LG appliances in Europe, the company decided to expand its manufacturing in Poland instead of importing it from Korea or China.

The plant is situated in Poland’s city Wroclaw and can produce more than one million washing machines annually.

It was renovated and expanded in 2011 to strengthen its roots in the European market further.

6. LG Washers Industry in the Philippines:

The Philippines is yet another country where many LG washing machines are made. There is a manufacturing facility located in Manila.

Apart from it, the components for washing machines are produced in San Juan and Pateros. The engines used in these washing machines were being sourced from Taiwan.

7. Indonesia:

It was rumored that LG does have its assembly lines of washing machines in Indonesia. However, it just produces the components used in those washing machines.

Most of the washing machines are imported from China, South Korea, the Philippines, and Taiwan for the Indonesian market.

8. LG Washers Industry in India:

Another country that is of prime significance for LG is India. India is one of the leading consumer markets for LG as the company earns a big chunk of revenue from here.

Two fully functional factories are located in the cities of Pune and India. These factories are the source of all LG appliances in the country.

90% of the washing machines made here are used within the country. The remaining are mainly exported to Middle Eastern countries and Africa.

9. LG Plant in Egypt:

For the African market, the company has a manufacturing plant in Cairo. The plant was opened in 2017 in the country’s capital Cairo and since then has been producing thousands of washing machines.

Initially, the company budgeted to produce around 90,000 washing machines annually, more than half of which would be exported. The plant has been the source of most LG appliances found in African countries.

10. LG Washers Industry in Vietnam:

Vietnam also manufactures a large number of LG appliances. LG started working as a manufacturer in Vietnam in 2015.

The factory is located in Haiphong and is called the LG Haiphong campus. Apart from washing machines, refrigerators and vacuum cleaners are also manufactured here.

Are LG Washers Good?

The Front Load Washers from LG are considered among the best in their category. The company is renowned worldwide for its par excellence electronics.

The company’s Front Load Washers are known for their compact design, easy-to-use features, energy efficiency, and durability. They’re available in a variety of styles and models.

LG also manufactures Top Load Washing Machines, but their popularity is less known than the Front Load Ones.

I have been using the LG WM3900HWA for some time now. I can tell you with confidence, that it is one of the best washing machines I have ever owned. 

It is equipped with great features and is also rated highly by Consumer Reports. If you want a reliable Washer that will be reliable, efficient, and durable, this might be an excellent choice for you.

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Final Thoughts: Where are LG Washers Manufactured?

LG is one of the most well-known companies in the home appliance industry. The business has a long history of offering high-quality goods to its clients.

LG has introduced innovative ideas and technologies to ensure that its consumers enjoy washing machines that last longer than any other.

Their high-tech washing machines offer efficient cleaning power and help you save time as well.

In addition, the company also aims to play its role in the conservation and protection of the environment by adopting eco-friendly measures.

LG has opened various manufacturing facilities worldwide to cater to their worldwide demand.

US consumers highly praise opening a manufacturing facility in the US, and this initiative has increased the brand’s popularity even more. 

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