Where are McLaren Cars Made? Is Mclaren British?

McLaren is one such brand that has been producing supercars for decades now. The brand has been featured in several movies. Several millennials around the world consider it a privilege to own a McLaren. The brand’s popularity might strike a question in one’s mind.

Where are McLaren Cars Made? Many people want to know the answer, and if you are one of them, you are exactly where you need to be. Let’s get right to it without wasting any time.

Where are McLaren Cars Made?

McLaren is a British Automotive Brand that produces, designs, and manufactures all its cars in England. The assembling of all McLarens is done in Surrey, more specifically in Woking.

Unlike other brands, which have their production houses in different parts of the world, McLaren has restricted its manufacturing to England. Even the components installed in their cars mostly belong to England.

The company sources some of its components from other European countries. The brand has an immense following from around the globe.

Where are McLaren Cars Made

I know you are curious to dig deep into where is McLaren Made? But let’s just first talk about McLaren’s rich history.

History of McLaren: A British Sports Car Brand

McLaren officially produces its cars under the brand McLaren Automotive. It was formerly known as McLaren cars.

It is a McLaren Group wholly-owned subsidiary. McLaren’s headquarters is in McLaren’s Technology Center, Woking, England.

McLaren’s foundation was laid in 1963 by Bruce McLaren. The brand registered as a company 36 years ago, in 1985.

The automobile brand deals in some of the most renowned cars. McLaren is named after the late founder Bruce McLaren.

With his small team, Bruce initially produced his first-ever McLaren car, the M1A, in 1964 under the name Bruce McLaren Motor Racing company.

This was the start of something massive that people would remember for years. McLaren produced 24 such units.

If you have the slightest love for a sportscar, you probably know about Formula 1. McLaren has a fully established team among the top liners participating yearly in Formula 1 and other global competitions.

McLaren GT division produces all of the brand’s racing cars. The first car produced by the company in the context of GT Racing was the 12C GT3.

One major reason for McLaren’s fame is its presence in the racing world. The brand’s signature F1 was once the fastest car ever built. It still secures a safe spot as one of the most loved cars.

Is Mclaren British

McLaren and Mercedez Relationship:

Apart from their manufacturing, the brand has partnered up with other peers in the industry as well, such as Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren and Mercedes Benz SLS McLaren were the result of a merger.

McLaren serves its wide consumers worldwide. The brand’s popularity transcends all the continents with an honorable reputation.

Who Owns McLaren?

Since the brand’s inception, McLaren’s ownership has shifted several times. Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company, a Bahrain Royal Family, currently owns McLaren. They are the largest shareholder of the brand, as McLaren is a public company.

Where is McLaren Made? Details about Manufacturing Plants

The wait is over. Let’s talk about Where McLaren cars are made in detail.

1. Production Facility in England:

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England is the hometown of McLaren. The brand assembled its first-ever car in England.

For years, McLaren manufactured its cars in its only manufacturing facility located in a town in Northwest Surrey called Woking. This factory in Woking has been the home to some world-class sports-winner cars.

In 2011, considering the surge in demand for McLaren cars, the company decided to open a new production facility in Woking.

The company invested a total of 50 million pounds in constructing the new factory. McLaren uses the new facility to produce high-performance sports cars.

This facility lies beside their Technology Center in Woking. The factory has a total area of 38,000 square meters, 20,000 of which are specified for production.

Production rolled off with the manufacturing of McLaren’s signature MP4-12C. McLaren Senna and McLaren 720 S were also manufactured in this plant.

This production site is heaven for automobile lovers as it is home to some of the world’s most popular sports cars.

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2. Manufacturing Plant in Sheffield:

The company achieved another milestone in 2017 when the construction of McLaren Composites Technology Center (MCTC) kicked off.

The company selected Sheffield for manufacturing, and it was the company’s first-ever production house outside Woking. McLaren inaugurated the plant in 2018.

The facility will produce carbon chassis for McLaren cars and carbon tubs for the existing range. The company produces All of the McLaren cars within these two facilities.

Earlier, McLaren sourced the different parts of the car from other European countries. But opening a new facility in Sheffield has considerably reduced the company’s dependence on third parties.

With that much fame comes great responsibility. McLaren exercises extreme caution while manufacturing. Only those units are sent forth that pass the strict quality standard test.

McLaren produces cars in four divisions. The four divisions are ultimate, GT, Super, and sports. McLaren’s finest cars are Senna, GTR, LM, Spider, 720 S, Artura, 570 S, Speedtail, P1, F1, 12C, 650S, 12C, 620R, etc.

Who Owns McLaren

Why does McLaren Sell its Woking Plant HQ?

In 2021, McLaren sold the famous Woking Headquarters to Global Net Lease (GNL) for a whopping $237M. The impact of COVID-19 resulted in low revenues, and McLaren had no other option with other expansions in mind.  


The McLaren brand has a rich history of producing high-performance sports cars, with a reputation for excellence in the racing world.

McLaren cars are one of those that everyone undoubtedly would love to own. The brand’s unique cars having top-notch features make it among the market’s best.

Considering the massive demand, the company might decide to open new factories in other countries. But for now, McLaren exclusively produces its cars in England.

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