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The dairy industry of Canada is quite famous around the world. Canadian yogurt brands have more popularity than other dairy products due to their natural ingredients and unique taste.

Yogurt is a necessary component of breakfast in many households in Canada and the world. It is also very beneficial for the sound health of a person.

Furthermore, yogurt is an important source of many significant minerals and vitamins crucial for living a healthy life. It is suitable for heart health too.

12 Canadian Yogurt Brands That You Must Taste


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Yogurt provides the best quality protein to the body for its proper functioning, which helps in controlling excessive weight.

Now we are going to provide you with a detailed review of the top Canadian yogurt brands with their ingredients and features:

1) Hewitt’s Dairy Yogurt

Hewitt’s Dairy brand was founded in 1887 in Ontario, Canada. It is a famous dairy product producer in the country.

This brand produces natural yogurt with pure Canadian milk. It buys milk for yogurt and other dairy products from local milk producers.

Moreover, there is no use of artificial additives and preservatives in this yogurt. It adds all-natural ingredients to the yogurt.

However, yogurt and other products of Hewitt’s Dairy brand are very expensive but are better in quality. It offers four different flavours of yogurt that are :

  • Goat Plain Yogurt
  • Whole Plain Yogurt
  • 2% Plain Yogurt
  • Skim Milk Yogurt


  • Natural yogurt with pure Canadian milk
  • No addition of additives and preservatives in the yogurt
  • Availability of different flavours

2) IOGO Yogurt

The yogurt of the IOGO brand is full of nutritional content. It has a balanced quantity of protein, fibre, vitamins, and other essential minerals for good health.

IOGO yogurt is perfect for your and your family’s breakfast and lunch. It can be beneficial in the proper growth of kids because it provides all the necessary nutrients to the body.

Furthermore, every 100 grams of IOGO yogurt contains over one billion probiotics. There is a patented BB-12 Bifidobacterium Lactic probiotic in this yogurt brand.

This yogurt is made from skimmed milk, cane sugar, water, strawberry puree, cream, modified corn starch, concentrated lemon juice, and active bacterial culture. It also has pectin and natural flavours.

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  • Use of cane sugar and skimmed milk in the yogurt
  • Full of nutritious content
  • Addition of natural flavours

3) Vitala Foods Yogurt

Vitala Foods is a top-quality yogurt Canadian brand. It produces one of the best yogurts in the country with natural ingredients and tastes.

Moreover, it uses innovative technologies to offer healthy yogurt to the world. It is produced from fresh farm milk.

There is no artificial colour and flavours in the Vitala Foods yogurt brand. It also has a significant count of probiotics that are necessary for good health.


  • Having many natural ingredients
  • Huge quantity of probiotics
  • No artificial colour or flavour

4) Beatrice Yogurt 

Beatrice is a famous Canadian Yogurt brand based in Toronto, Canada. It was established in 1969 as Beatrice Foods Canada.

Moreover, fresh Canadian milk from local farms is used in the making of this yogurt. It contains many nutritional contents and minerals.

This brand also provides fat-free strawberry yogurt with many natural ingredients. It offers yogurt in many flavours to offer unique and different tastes.


  • Fresh local Canadian farm milk yogurt 
  • Having many natural and healthy ingredients
  • Fat-free yogurt

5) Organic Meadow Yogurt

Organic Meadow is a famous Canadian yogurt and other dairy products brand. It was founded in 1989 to provide healthy yogurt to Canadians and other people of the world.

The main feature of this brand is that it makes its yogurt from 100 % Canadian milk. It is also an excellent source of calcium because pure organic milk is used in yogurt.

Organic Meadow offers the following different kinds of yogurt to the market:

  • Whole Milk Greek Yogurt
  • Partly Skimmed Greek Yogurt
  • No Fat Greek Yogurt
  • Lactose-Free Yogurt


  • 100% pure organic Canadian milk
  • Probiotic cultures
  • Wide range of yogurt flavours and products

6) Dairyland Yogurt

Dairyland produces very nutritious and full of probiotic yogurt. There is no artificial colour or flavour in the yogurts of this brand.

This yogurt is available in different size packs to facilitate the customers. It is also made from pure local farm milk and other natural ingredients.


  • Use of pure and natural ingredients
  • Fresh local milk is used in the yogurt
  • Unique taste and nutritious

7) Maison Riviera Yogurt

Maison Riviera offers a wide range of fruit and simple yogurt. It also produces sugar-free yogurt for diabetic patients.

You can find many vital vitamins like A, B12, and D in this yogurt. Moreover, Maison Riviera Yogurt contains probiotics that are very beneficial for the health of a person.


  • Contains many vitamins
  • Huge quantity of probiotics
  • Wide range of fruit and simple yogurt varieties

8) Farm Boy Yogurt

The yogurt of the Farm Boy brand is made from Ontario organic skimmed milk. It supplies a significant quantity of protein and other essential minerals to the body.

Furthermore, most of the yogurt varieties of the Maison Riviera brand have 0 % fat. It is consumable by any age group person.

This yogurt is a source of vitamins A and C, which are crucial in the proper functioning of the body. It is beneficial for the proper growth of the kids.


  • It contains vitamins A and C
  • Presence of minimum fat
  • Made from organic skimmed milk

9) Liberte’ Yogurt

Liberte is also a famous brand of yogurt and other dairy products. It was founded in 1936 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

This brand prefers simplicity in its products and makes yogurts in a traditional style. It uses local organic milk and is among the healthiest yogurt brand in Canada.


  • It uses organic Canadian milk in the yogurt
  • Traditional style yogurt
  • Use of natural ingredients

10) Astro Yogurt

Astro brand is famous for the Balkan style of yogurt in Canada. It makes one of the country’s most delicious and creamy yogurt.

Furthermore, this brand makes yogurt from natural ingredients like milk, cream, and probiotic cultures. It offers yogurt in five different flavours to the market.


  • Five different flavours
  • Use of pure and fresh milk
  • Balkan style of yogurt

11) Fromagerie Marie Kade’

This brand uses pure and natural ingredients to produce yogurt and other dairy products in Canada. Its yogurt is widely used in Canada and other parts of the world.

However, the prices of this brand are high, but its products are excellent in quality and taste. Its yogurt is available in different styles and flavours.


  • Natural and pure yogurt
  • Excellent in quality and taste
  • Available in different styles and flavours

12) Avalon Dairy Yogurt

Avalon Dairy produces whole milk Balkan-style yogurt. It uses 100 % pure and Canadian milk in its yogurt and other dairy products.

There is a 100 % natural probiotic in this yogurt. Moreover, It does not add any artificial colour or flavours to the yogurt. This brand supplies pure and natural yogurt to the market.


  • Balkan style yogurt
  • Use of pure Canadian milk
  • No artificial colour and flavour

Apart from yogurt, Canadian clothing and Canadian Car Brands are also famous worldwide.


In short, many Canadian yogurt brands are supplying yogurt with different tastes and ingredients. These brands produce Balkan and Greek-style yogurt in Canada.

Natural and pure yogurt is very significant for a healthy life because it is a great source of many essential minerals and vitamins.

Proper use of good yogurt is beneficial for the proper growth of the body. Yogurt is also helpful for weight control and other activities of the body.

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