Does Publix Sell Lottery Tickets? Mega Millions, Powerball

You can easily buy lottery tickets from every gas station or drugstore. But what if you are at Publix and want to buy it from there?

Does Publix Sell Lottery Tickets? Keep reading to find out!

Does Publix sell Lottery Tickets

Does Publix Sell Lottery Tickets in 2023?

Publix sells Powerball and Mega Millions lottery tickets in most states as of 2023.

You can easily find them at the customer service desk or the checkout counter of the physical Publix stores.

But, if you are looking for scratch-offs, you will find them behind the customer service desk or the vending machine. 

Even though most Publix stores sell lottery tickets, they are not available in the states where annual lottery contests are banned. Some examples are Hawaii, Alabama, Alaska, and Utah.

Make sure you take cash for purchasing lottery tickets at Publix, as it does not accept credit cards for their payment.

The store implemented this rule to minimize risk in case someone decided to file a claim against the winning lottery.

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Does Publix Sell Lottery Tickets in South Carolina?

Yes, you can buy lottery tickets at all Publix stores in South Carolina. However, they are not available online.

According to Publix, you cannot buy a lottery ticket with rewards and loyalty cards in South Carolina or any other state.

That’s because lottery tickets are not a part of the store’s merchandise, and you can only use the rewards to purchase Publix’s merchandise.

Does Publix Sell Mega Millions Tickets?

Yes, Publix sells Mega Millions lottery tickets at all its stores except for the states that do not participate in lottery contests.

This means you can buy Mega Millions lottery tickets in 45 states, the US Virgin Islands, and the District of Colombia.

However, you can only claim the winning amount in the state where the lottery ticket was originally purchased.

On the brighter side, you also have the option to claim your lottery by mail. So, this will not be a problem.

Does Publix Sell Lottery Tickets in Florida?

You can buy lottery tickets in most Publix stores in Florida, depending upon their availability. 

You must be at least 18 years of age to buy a lottery ticket from Publix. So, make sure you bring a valid ID at the time of purchase.

Other than that, you can also buy scratch-off tickets from Publix. While their price is $2 per draw, you can purchase an entire roll too.

The roll has 60, 150, or 300 tickets in it. Therefore, you can buy any options that best suit you.

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How to Cash a Lottery Ticket at Publix?

You can cash your winning lottery ticket at Publix by bringing it to the customer service desk. 

All you need to do is hand over the ticket to the Publix employee at the desk and verify your identification. The store will take care of some formalities and hand over the winning amount to you.

However, you must remember that Publix does not cash the lottery ticket of more than $600 in value.

So, you will need to file the claim at your state’s lottery association. You must fill out a form, and the state will send your winning directly to you.

Where to Cash In Lottery Tickets at Publix?

You can easily cash your Powerball and Mega Millions lottery tickets by bringing them to the customer service desk at Publix.

You can still cash the lottery ticket from Publix even if you did not initially purchase it from the store. 

The employee available at the customer service desk will scan your ticket and provide you with the winning amount.

But make sure you bring your ID card and proof of purchase. This will make the process a lot easier.

Does Publix cash Lottery Tickets

Can I Buy Scratch-Off Tickets at Publix?

Yes, you can buy Powerball and Mega Millions scratch-off tickets at Publix in the states where lottery contests are not banned.

They may be found in the vending machine next to the customer service area or in the office area behind the customer service desk.

You can buy either a single scratch-off ticket or an entire roll. However, you cannot buy them online.

Their prices will be different according to the quantities. For example, you can get a roll of 60 scratch-off tickets at Publix for $120.

On the other hand, 150 scratch tickets would cost around $150. However, prices can fluctuate at anytime.

How Does Publix Benefit from Selling Lottery Tickets?

Publix benefits through sales, commission, and bonuses by selling lottery tickets at its stores.

For example, Publix will get a bonus from the state if it sells the winning lottery ticket. However, the bonuses vary from game to game and state to state.

In 95% of cases, the customers who buy a lottery ticket at the store do not only buy a lottery ticket. They end up buying many other items too. 

Moreover, people who come to cash lottery tickets also buy many other products from the winning amount. As a result, the store gets a boost in its sales. 

What are the Requirements to Buy Lottery Tickets at Publix?

If you want to buy a lottery ticket at Publix, you must be 18 years of age and bring a government-issued photo ID.

The store asks for a photo ID to verify your age. If you look younger than 18, you cannot buy lottery tickets at Publix.

Apart from this, you must also have the cash to buy lottery tickets. That’s because the store does not accept credit or debit card payments.

Final Thoughts

As already mentioned, the store sells Powerball and Mega Millions lottery tickets at almost all of its physical stores.

However, they are unavailable in states where annual lottery contests are banned. Also, you cannot buy lottery tickets online. They are only available at the physical stores.

You can easily find them at the customer service desk or the checkout counter.

But, if you are still having difficulty, you can also take the assistance of the employees at Publix. They will be more than happy to help you.

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