Top 11 Korean Shoe Brands – Shoes from the Fashion Paradise

South Korea is gaining popularity worldwide, from heaven for tech junkies to the paradise of fashion and skincare. Some like kpop while others are crazy about Korean clothing. However, there is one more thing about South Korea that is worth mentioning-its fashionable shoes.

Do you want to buy a new fashionable, high-quality, yet affordable pair of shoes? If so, then don’t worry, as we have got you covered.

Today, we are here with the 12 best Korean shoe brands that have some extraordinary pieces to offer.

Famous Korean Shoe Brands

As per the research and feedback from consumers, the top Korean Shoe brands are MLB, Fila, Doomba, Soophen and Kolca.

Explore these brands with us and buy a good pair of shoes, and you are all set to conquer the world. So what are you waiting for? Dive straight into these most popular shoes in Korea. Shall we?

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Korean Shoe Brands

1. MLB

Major League Baseball (MLB) is a professional baseball organization. For the manufacturing of its products, this Korean shoe brand has taken inspiration from the MLB logos.

This cult-favorite brand is famous for making all kinds of fashion products, from shoes and bags to hats and accessories. MLB shoes are known for their stylish designs, colors, and patterns.

One of the most famous MLB pairs of shoes is Big Ball Chunky. The 2-layer sole of these is attached using high-quality glue. These shoes are very comfortable and can go with almost every theme.

Although MLB shoes are simple, and unique famous baseball team logos as patterns make them loved by young people worldwide. 

2. Fila

Fila is famous for its unique Korean street fashion. The sole of Fila shoes is very stable and made of high-quality material, making them perfect for sports activities.

Fila is very famous and preferred by most Koreans because compared to Nike and Adidas, Fila shoes are pocket-friendly.

Moreover, since the kpop sensation, the world’s biggest boy band BTS has become the brand ambassador of Fila, this brand has gathered a lot of customers.

Apart from that, Fila is not only limited to shoes; it is also one of the best brands for sportswear, accessories, and apparel. The clear white sneakers with spiky bottom soles in the 2018 edition were on one of its most famous shoes of Fila. 

If you need something casual yet classy and fashionable, Fila should be your first choice. 

3. Doomba

Do you want some fashionable, high-quality, and forever-trendy sneakers? If so, Doomba is worth a try. Dooma is among the most affordable Korean shoe companies, and that makes it a crowd-favorite.

Whether you want a pair of sneakers for your morning runs or buy a pair for your part-time job, Doomba has got you all covered.

Although people don’t genderize shoes these days, few still look for shoes specific to men and women. The best part about Doomba is that its shoes are unisex, and you can wear them no matter whether you are a girl in your 20s or a man in your 30s.

Moreover, people who want to wear comfortable shoes for their all-day struggles always prefer Doomba. These shoes are made of high-quality material, making them a few of the most durable shoes in the Korean shoe industry.

4. Soophen

If you are looking forward to buying shoes for your entire family from one place, Soophen might sound like heaven to you. Unlike other famous Korean shoes, Soophen offers a wide range of footwear options.

From canvas shoes and sports shoes to ankle boots and slippers, you can find everything at Soophen.

Moreover, you can also buy shoes for kids and elders of your family from Soophen. It is also one of the most famous Korean shoemakers among both Korean and shoe lovers worldwide.

The main reason for its popularity is the affordable prices and basic yet pleasant designs this brand offers.

Whether you want to buy summer shoes, ankle boots to accompany you this autumn, or comfortable home slippers, Soophen is the perfect place for you.

5. Kolca

Kolca is quite popular among fashion and sports enthusiasts. Kolca shoes are known for their neutral colors, and the best part about them is their accentuating sidelines.

Despite being neutral, Kolca shoes are also very versatile and elegant. It means you can match them with all your outfits. Moreover, if you have always wanted to wear matching couple shoes, do try Kolca.

Bright tones and fancy shoes cannot be worn daily. And it is pretty inconvenient for an average person to buy matching shoes for all their dresses. That is precisely what makes Kolca shoes a great choice.

6. Sappun

Founded in 2017, Sappun is another top name on the list. Despite being a newbie, Sappun surely has earned a reputation in Korean households. It is one of the most budget-friendly and versatile shoe brands.

Sappun offers a wide range of colors in its shoes. From knee boots to loafers and flats, you can find almost everything at Sappun. This brand makes their shoes keep elegant, feminine, and mature women in mind.

Have you ever gone through a situation where you liked a pair of flats but couldn’t find your favorite color? If so, you won’t have to worry about that when it comes to Sappun, as this Korean shoe brand offers 9 colors in each model.

And above all, Sappun shoes are made of high-quality material so your feet won’t hurt even if you wear them all day.


Are you looking for something more delicate and feminine? PINKELEPHANT is here to rescue you. These shoes are made with high-quality material that makes you feel fashionable and comfortable.

PINKELEPHANT shoes are known for their elegant and feminine looks. Moreover, if you always stay in trend, this brand is the right pick for you as it has new and dynamic models.

So what are you waiting for? Jum, on the fashion bandwagon and buy a pair or two from this brand. You can buy more if you want as it never hurts to own an extra pair of beautiful shoes.


The next best Korean shoe manufacturer that we have brought you is known for its diversity.

You can pair up SOVO shoes with a variety of outfit designs. So, now you don’t have to worry about spending a lot on shoes you can buy one good pair from SOVO, and you’ll rock all your dresses.

Although these shoes are a bit expensive, trust us, it is all worth it. SOVO shoes are known for their meticulous finishing.

Many SOVO shoes are handcrafted to ensure that the end product is not lacking anything and serves its purpose: to make you feel comfortable and trendy.

Sovo guarantees that its shoes will never damage your feet. So, gone are the days to walk with aching feet and act as if you are in love with the shoes.

Buy yourself a SOVO pair and get this trouble out of your life.

9. Yuul Yie

If you spend most of your time on Instagram scrolling up and down to get in touch with the newest trends, Yuul Yie won’t sound unfamiliar to you. Founded in 2010 by Sunyuul Yie, this Korean fashion brand is a viral brand on Instagram.

If you are a sucker for uniqueness, Yuul Yie is your perfect match. Unlike the ordinary shoes we have seen in the market, Yuul Yie focuses on making designs that you might not find anywhere else.

The main factory of Yuul Yie is based in Korea, where they develop concise and exclusive designs for every season.

 From Loafers to boots and pumps to even handbags, you will find a wide range of products at Yuul Yie. If you are looking for comfortable and yet stylish shoes, you will love Yuul Yie.

Moreover, its 2018 autumn-winter collection received a lot of appreciation.


MONOBABIE is one of the trend-leading shoe brands in Korea. This brand is pretty popular among ladies for its luxurious and elegant colored shoes.

Moreover, another factor that makes people go head-on heels for this brand is the unique designs and high-quality material.

You can easily distinguish MONOBABIE from other shoe brands due to its meticulous hand-stitched shoe collections.

Want to buy a pair of classy ankle boots to pair up with the skirt you bought the other day? MONOBABIE is your place.


Just like its name, WISE ENOUGH is a unique shoe brand. With a combination of classic craftsmanship of shoes and the latest concept of sneakers, WISE ENOUGH shoes are a few of the best shoes in the market.

WISE ENOUGH shoes are made with the finest leather from the best places around the world. This brand takes its inspiration from hip-hop culture, luxurious textures, and leather colours.

Moreover, they are pretty expensive compared to Korean shoes, maybe because they are not mass-produced and are easily found.

The only problem with this brand is that it doesn’t have an official online store despite being popular. However, you can always buy a pair on your next visit to South Korea.

Bottom Line

To sum up, from cute everyday sneakers to classy, elegant party heels, Korea has a wide range of shoes for all shoe lovers. If you are looking to renew your closet, there is no better place than Korean brands.

We have mentioned some of the best Korean shoe brands above. All these brands are famous for providing high-quality, classy, and daily wear shoes. These shoes are not only comfortable but are worth all the money you pay for them.

Make sure to visit their online store to get an idea about the newest models. We are confident you’ll love them.

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