Where are Insignia TVs made? Info About Insignia

My son was working on a TV Project in School. He chose Insignia TV and asked if I knew the origin or Where are Insignia TVs made?

So, I started to do some digging and finally found the answer. Since you have the same question in your mind, let’s find out the answer.

Where are Insignia TVs made?

The majority of Insignia televisions are built in China. Insignia is not a company itself; instead, the brand is owned by Best Buy.

As a retailer, Best Buy does not manufacture the Insignia TV themselves; instead, Insignia TVs are made by different OEM and ODM manufacturers.

These companies design Insignia TVs according to the need, and Best Buy receives the final product to be sold. There are many factories in China where TVs are made.

As a result, pinpointing the actual location where Insignia TVs are manufactured is not possible.

Where are Insignia TVs Made

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Insignia TVs Overview:

If you plan to buy a TV, you might have come across the name Insignia TV. Sounds familiar?

Insignia is a TV brand that is owned by Best Buy. It is a consumer electronics retailer based in the United States founded in 1966.

Insignia TVs are known for their excellent picture and audio quality at affordable prices. This brand is trendy among consumers who want to buy a TV on a budget. 

Insignia TVs are primarily available in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

They are available in different sizes and screen sizes. The brand offers a simple 19″ LED to 70″ 4k UHD TV. Hence, you can pick the model that best fits you in terms of size and price. 

Who Makes Insignia TV?

As mentioned earlier, Best Buy is a retailer and does not manufacture Insignia TV. The brand has also not revealed its manufacturing location.

But it is believed that most of the Insignia TVs are made by Chinese multinational goods and electronics manufacturer Hisense.

This makes sense because Hisense is among the world’s largest television makers. Some other smaller electronics manufacturing companies manufacture the smaller and cheaper versions of Insignia TVs.

Rumors are that LCD panels for Insignia are manufactured by a Chinese display producer China Star Optoelectronics Technology; originally owned by TCL.

Their assembling takes place across different factories in China.

Earlier it was also said that companies like Samsung and LG are behind Insignia TVs, but this can only be true to the supply of screens.

All the top electronics manufacturers globally, including Samsung, LG, and other companies, have the policy to keep their electronics and design for TVs private and not disclose it to other companies.

This is done to prevent the unfair and unethical use of their mechanics and design by third parties and avoid replicating their flagship TVs.

Best Buy contracts with other firms to manufacture Insignia TV for them. After it, they rebranded the TV under the name Insignia to be sold in the market.

So, technically Best Buy does not manufacture Insignia TVs themselves.

Are Insignia TVs Good?

Insignia TVs are categorized as mid-range TVs. So, we cannot compare their features with the flagship models from Samsung or LG.

However, if you are facing budget constraints and can compromise on picture quality and lack of features, it might be the best choice.

The Insignia TV brand is known for its low prices and-average picture quality. Insignia TVs are popular among consumers looking for affordable and good-quality TVs.

However, I would not suggest these TVs if you do not compromise on image quality, resolution, and video lagging.

For example, if you are a gamer and looking for a TV that has a good picture and a great sound, you should go for a brand like LG, Samsung, or Sony.

How Long Do insignia TVs Last?

The best thing about Insignia TV is that they are budget-friendly. However, as far as the lifespan goes, the Insignia TVs last around 7 years. This is also the average lifespan of Smart TV.

In addition, these TVs are not advisable for gaming. So, if you are not using them with full brightness and long-running hours, these TVs might last ten years.


Bottom Line:

Insignia TVs are manufactured in China by different OEM and ODM companies. The original company behind it is Best Buy which supplies Insignia TVs worldwide.

Insignia TVs are a great option if you are looking for a good TV at budget prices.

The Insignia TV is a flagship product of Best Buy, and the company is always on the go to add new features to the TV and further cut down the cost so that everyone can afford it. 

This is not a serious worry for most people. But for those who are very particular about their brand, I hope that all of your queries are answered with the help of this article. 

In the comment section, let us know what you think about Insignia TVs and how is your experience?

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