Who Makes Cello TVs? (2023)

If you live in the UK, you must have heard about Cello TVs. Cello is a UK-based company that manufactures and sells TV sets, soundbars, tablets, and other electronic accessories.

But do you know who makes Cello TVs or Where are Cello TVs Made?

So, if you are also curious about this rising UK electronic brand, keep reading.

Cello Electronics make cello TVs. The firm was established in the North of England in 2001, where it is still situated. The company uses innovative technology with classic styles and finishing to make good mid-tier TVs.

Who Makes Cello TVs

Where are Cello TVs made?

Now, this is an interesting question. All Cello TVs are proudly made in England. The company has a manufacturing facility in Bishop Auckland, where all the R&D and manufacturing occur. 

Cello is among the very few brands that still have a manufacturing facility in England, and they can say with pride that all of their products are “Made in England.” 

Now let’s know a bit more about the company.

History of Cello TVs:

Cello Electronics Ltd. is a British Company that manufactures TVs and other electronic items. The company was established in 2001. The firm shifted its focus mainly on the manufacturing of TVs since 2005.

Initially, it produced TVs for other brands like Mark & Spencer, Argos, Aldi, and a couple more. The company then decided to launch its own line of TV series under the brand name Cello TVs. 

In 2016, Cello launched the world’s first solar-powered television. The device was mainly made for outdoor usage. The Cello Solar TVs have now grown in popularity and demand in countries like Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, Nigeria, etc.

Cello Electronics also acquired the Ferguson brand name from Technicolor in 2017 and now producing TVs under the famous Ferguson brand name. 

Are Cello TVs Any Good?

The company makes a great selling point of their British Heritage and rightly so! The brand still has a manufacturing facility in the UK, while the big sharks have moved their productions to countries like China and Taiwan.

This also means you can directly communicate with the manufacturer in case of any issue without hustling or waiting for months. Now, let’s talk about the performance of their TVs.

Today, the renowned British TV brand offers a wide range of products ranging from 19″ to 65″ 4k TVs. The premium TVs are equipped with all the latest features.

Our Tech Team bought a couple of their TVs for the review, and frankly speaking, the TVs did not disappoint us. First of all, you can not compare them with the lights of Samsung, LG, or even Sony. 

The company offers TVs that are in the mid-range segment. So, if you compare the price with the performance, they are doing a good job. However, they are not the absolute best in the market either. 

In the end, I would say if you want a mid-range TV with good features and also want the proud tag of “Made in England” product. Then, Cello TVs are the best choice for you.

Conclusion: Who makes Cello TVs?

Cello TVs have been around for more than 20 years now. The company is continuously innovating and making good quality TVs.

Although they are still not at par with the top tier brands like Samsung, Sony, or LG, they are making a name for themselves in the African Market.

They also have been featured in the Tech Track 100 Awards twice. It is a competition among the top-notch British Technology Companies based on sales in last three years.

Now that you know about the owner and manufacturing facility of the brand, it is quite easy for you to decide about purchasing it.

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