Top Canadian Luggage Brands in 2023

With so many options available today, it is difficult to identify which one is a Canadian luggage brand and which one is not.

So, today we will tell you about luggage companies in Canada to better understand the industry in your own country.

We will also look at the top-selling non-Canadian luggage brands in Canada’s local market to help you make the best choice.

Top Canadian Luggage Brands

Canadian Luggage Brands

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The following are the local luggage brands in Canada that you should know before going to the market.

1) Monos Luggage

It is a brand new Canadian luggage company that only opened its doors in 2018. Monos has been successful in providing travel and lifestyle luggage of high quality to buyers in Canada and the United States.

Each Monos suitcase is lovingly created in Canada with great attention to all details. The company uses only the highest quality parts and materials acquired from all around the world.

Monos is a great Canadian local maker to buy from if you are on a tight budget and want to buy quality stuff.

2) Heys Luggage

Heys International Ltd, founded in the suburbs of Toronto in 1986, has grown to become a global innovator in luggage design. It is considered among the best Canadian Luggage brands.

Now, this brand is identified as stylish, luxurious, and lightweight luggage with high standards of quality.

But, while reviewing, we have found that if you are buying Heys products online, then you first need to check the reviews about the vendors.

Many fake vendors also exist that can sell you cheap quality luggage instead of Heys original suitcase.

3) Monte and Coe

Monte and Coe is another Luggage company which is making quality suitcases on the local market. A small family runs this company in Toronto, Canada. It is considered among the best suitcase brands in Canada.

Every Monte and Coe product is handmade in limited quantities. So, in this way, the family has total control over the manufacturing process while ensuring high-quality standards.

This brand keeps growing since its inception 8 years ago. So, if you wish to give it a try the local Canadian luggage company, Monte and Coe are worth the money.

4) Rimowa Luggage

Rimowa is actually a brand owned by Germany. We included this brand in our list because they produce a huge number of products in their Canadian factory. Rimowa only has factories in three countries: Germany, the Czech Republic, and Canada.

This brand is a decent option if you are fed up with low-quality, expensive luggage. With Rimowa, you can have good quality at very affordable rates.

Read our below to find out more about Canadian brands:

List of Non-Canadian Luggage Companies in Canada

As we have already listed the Canadian-based luggage brands, now check out the list of the top-selling non-Canadian luggage brands in Canada.

1) SAMSONITE Luggage

Samsonite has been creating distinctive products for the smart traveler for over a century, using its craftsmanship and legacy as an innovator.

The company continues to bring innovation and fresh ideas into travel by identifying trends and understanding customers’ requirements.

The price of their products might be concerning for some travelers. But, the company’s high-quality standards have enticed people to buy despite the high prices.

2) AWAY Luggage

AWAY is an online and storefront luggage and travel accessory company based in the United States. This brand is famous for designing, manufacturing, and selling luggage.

The Away suitcase is easy to carry, and the Hinomoto wheels are far superior to those of other brands. In a nutshell, their bags are well worth the money.


Travel should be enjoyable, according to American Tourister. They take pleasure in producing luggage that is fashionable, high quality, and fun.

After more than 75 years, American Tourister is now the world’s second-largest luggage company.

AMERICAN TOURISTER offers a wide range of travel products, including suitcases, casual, and business bags, with its ongoing heritage of quality and style.

This brand is an excellent choice for you and your family to travel across the world in comfort.

4) Bric’s

BRIC’S has honored the history of Italian leather craft in its distinctive leather lines. Now, the BRIC’s has become a worldwide luggage brand.

Still, they are making the products in the factories in Como, Italy.

As of today, Bric’s is among the famous Canadian Luggage companies because of its high-quality materials, reliability, and traditional Italian design.

Their products are a little pricey due to their top quality standards, but they are worth the investment.


Swiss Gear luggage and travel bags are designed to be used on a daily basis. This brand is very popular among budget travelers. In terms of features, Swiss Gear outperforms other low-cost baggage companies.

So, if you are a daily traveler and in search of something very good at an affordable price, Swiss Gear is a decent pick.


To enjoy your traveling, it is crucial to carry your stuff in a quality suitcase. But, choosing a decent option from today’s saturated market is not that easy.

So, in this post, we have tried to compile all the top Canadian luggage brands to help you find a local maker.

Also, we have mentioned the top-selling foreign brands in the Canadian market so you can pick the best one.

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