Where are LG Refrigerators made? 5 Countries in 2023

LG has been producing reliable refrigerators for quite a time now. I have been using the LG refrigerator for over 5 years now.

Yesterday, my friend came to my home, and during the discussion, he asked me where are LG Refrigerators made?

Since I am a big fan of LG Products, I had to find the answer. After doing some research, I found the answer, and since you are also curious about the same question. Let me answer it for you.

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Where are LG Refrigerators made?

LG manufactures its appliances in its factories situated in different parts of the world. However, most LG refrigerators are manufactured and assembled in South Korea. LG also has several other manufacturing facilities in other countries such as in China, Mexico, India, the US, etc.

Where are LG Refrigerators made

What is LG?

LG, formerly known as “Lucky Gold-Star,” is a South Korean multinational electronics company founded in 1947. Their headquarter is situated in Seoul. They are well known for producing high-quality electronic goods and home appliances. 

They are particularly famous for their high-class refrigerators as well. LG has been selling refrigerators for decades now.

In June 2000, the company also launched the world’s first internet refrigerator.

Let’s take a deeper look at LG’s production facilities.

Countries Where LG Refrigerator Are Made:

1. South Korea:

LG was born in South Korea. For decades, the company has catered to the home appliances needs of the country.

LG has a manufacturing facility known as LG smart park in Changwon. Changwon Is situated 400km away from the country’s capital, Seoul.

This plant has been the home for thousands and thousands of LG appliances for years. The refrigerators produced here are supplied throughout the country.

Some are exported to nearby countries as well. LG has recently announced an investment of US$683 million in this factory. This has been done to bring all the production lines under one roof and make the processes more efficient.

The company has already turned three production lines producing refrigerators into a self-automated system. Everything will be done using artificial intelligence and modern technology, from assembly to packaging.

As per the company, it will improve the production capacity by 1 million pieces annually. This step also aligns with the company’s goal to save energy and operate an environmentally friendly facility.

2. Mexico:

Mexico houses one of the most extensive LG refrigerator manufacturing facilities. Mexico has a total of 3 LG production facilities. These are located in Reynosa, Mexicali, and Monterrey.

The one situated in Monterrey is the home for LG Refrigerators supplied throughout North America. Mexico is considered a central hub for electronics manufacturers worldwide. So LG needed to have production bases here.

The Monterrey plant produces other home appliances as well. The LG refrigerators found in the North American states are primarily manufactured here.

So, if you have bought an LG refrigerator from any North American state or Mexico, it is highly probable it would have been manufactured in Monterrey.

The imposition of new taxes on household appliances has created many difficulties for the company.

LG is unsure whether it will continue its operations in Mexico or not. But LG continues to manufacture home appliances here.

3. United States:

In 2017, LG announced opening a manufacturing facility in the United States. The manufacturing giants opened their first manufacturing plant in the United States upon its completion in 2019.

The plant has been made with an investment of US$360 million. It is situated in Tennessee, Clarksville.

The 310-acre factory was built first to make front- and top-loading washing machines. But the company announced to increase the manufacture of other appliances.

The humongous plant houses many advanced features, such as robotics and artificial intelligence for operations.

4. China: 

China also houses manufacturing facilities of LG. China holds a very prominent place for LG products. Chinese consumers hugely demand LG products.

LG has been producing refrigerators in China for quite a time now. Most of the LG products manufactured here are purchased by the locals. Some refrigerators are also exported to nearby Asian countries.

5. India:

LG has a significant presence in India. LG has also been among the country’s leading electronics manufacturers. LG has two fully functional and established facilities in India.

The first is in Pune, while the second is in Noida. The eco-friendly facility in Ranjangaon, Pune, has made thousands of refrigerators for the Indian market.

TRA’s Brand Trust Report announced LG as the most trusted brand for refrigerators and washing machines.

For the second time, LG managed to be the most desired brand for refrigerators in India.

Are LG Refrigerators Good?

Yes, LG refrigerators are good. LG has been producing top-quality appliances since 1947, and they’ve won a lot of awards in recent times. Their refrigerators are energy efficient, durable and equipped with high-tech features. 

LG refrigerators are a great choice for customers looking for a high-quality appliance that will last for a long time. They have a great customer support team, and the quality of the products is not compromised in any way.

One exciting feature of an LG refrigerator is InstaView, which allows you to see the contents of your refrigerator without opening the door; now that’s exciting!

With that being said, LG refrigerators are among the top refrigerator brands globally. SO you cannot go wrong with choosing an LG fridge for your home.

How Long do LG Refrigerators Last?

LG Refrigerators are pretty good and are known to be sturdy and durable. They can last around 15 to 20 years. But one important factor for longevity is the care and maintenance of any appliance.

So, you should get your fridge serviced by a technician or do it yourself periodically. This will assist you in keeping your appliance operational for a long period. 


LG has now become a global brand. LG refrigerators are used worldwide. LG products demand is increasing day by day. In 2020, around 9.53 million refrigerators were made by the company.

LG’s reputation for producing reliable products is unshakable. Their prices are competitive, but the products have features that exceed our expectations. 

Now that you know where are LG Refrigerators made? You can also understand that the company is trying to open more eco-friendly manufacturing facilities.

The use of robotics and AI will cut costs for refrigerator manufacturing and help the company in the long run for energy saving.

That’s a wrap from my side. Hope you liked the information. Let me know what has been your experience with the brand!


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