Does Ulta Sell Hair Bleach & Toner? Is It Safe?

Does Ulta sell Hair Bleach

Ulta Beauty is an American beauty store located in Bolingbrook, Illinois. It is rated third for NPS among its competitors. 

Regarding beauty products or hair colors, girls are very choosy and picky. They want the best for themselves. Hair bleach is challenging to pick or choose from as it contains many chemicals that can damage your hair.

So, does Ulta sell hair bleach? Read below to find out!

Does Ulta Sell Hair Bleach?

Definitely, a big yes; Ulta sells many hair bleach creams.

It accommodates ladies with all beauty products, hair colors, and bleach creams. If you are searching for some excellent hair bleach, you can definitely visit Ulta to purchase your hair bleach.

You can select Ulta’s lightning-fast bleach kit if you want to explore with some good punky color. You may also go for Sally Hansen’s extra strength cream hair bleach.

Is Hair Bleaching Permanent? 

Sadly, hair bleaching is not permanent as it only lasts until the new hair grows from the roots.

Any kind of hair bleaching is not permanent or long-lasting. Once your new hair starts growing from the roots, you will get your natural color back.

You will be surprised to know that even the permanent hair color may last for just 6-8 weeks. You cannot get the bleached color back until you repeatedly put it on your hair.

Is Hair Bleaching Safe?

Unfortunately, hair bleaching is not safe as the process contains many harmful chemicals.

Bleaching or coloring hair is one of the most common and favorite things everyone loves to do. However, bleach can sometimes act very stubbornly. It may damage your hair in different ways.

For example, it does not only damage your outer cuticle, but it may damage the inside part of your hair too.

Once you use certain bleach creams, your hair loses its moisture, making it tough for your hair to maintain its protein balance.

Bleaching sometimes may also hurt your scalp. You may feel some burning sensation during the process, which may also continue after the color is done. This is mainly due to bleaching creams’ heavy and harsh chemicals.

Does Ulta Sell Professional Hair Color?

Yes, Ulta sells a variety of professional and great hair colors for all types of hair.

You can pay for professional hair colors from leading brands at Ulta, as it is one of the top beauty retailers. For example, professional brands include Biolage, L’Oreal, Madison Reed, Redken, Clairol, and Lime Crime.

Before you get your hair colored at Ulta, an advanced trained, licensed stylist checks the condition of your hair and gives you personal advice. ULTA’s hair colors include root concealer and permanent and temporary hair colors.

Does Ulta Sell Hair Toner?

Ulta carries one of the finest hair toning products at Ulta Beauty.

Hair toning products help eliminate unwanted hair tones to make your hair healthier, brighter, and shinier. One of ULTA’s hair toning treatments includes color masks.

Color Masks are hair toning treatments that do not have any ammonia or developer. Therefore, they do not give your hair a gray layer.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Hair Bleached at Ulta?

The cost of hair bleach at Ulta can change according to your selected package and brand.

The beauty store offers different treatments to get your hair bleached just the way you prefer. For example, if you choose a complete hair-lightening kit from Artic Fox, it can cost about $20.

On the other hand, the most expensive though outstanding quality bleach belongs to Madison Reed which costs about $30. However, the minimum price to get your hair bleached at Ulta is $7. 

Can You Buy Your Own Hair Toner?

Luckily, you can now get the salon-level hair tone done at home only with a toning shampoo.

There are plenty of excellent at-home toner products available nowadays that let you tone the hair color of your choice. You can also purchase a hair toner from Ulta beauty, as its products are really impressive, and the outcome is also good.

If your hair is too red, you may go for a green toner, and if your hair is too yellowish, a purple toner will be the perfect choice for you.

Wrapping Up

Ulta is one of the leading beauty salons which strives to satisfy its customers with the best services and products. When it comes to hair bleaching or toning, it is challenging to decide what products to choose. 

But, you no longer need to worry! You can now find the best quality hair bleach and toner from Ulta at incredibly affordable rates. What more can you possibly ask for?

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