Top 11 Canadian Jewelry Brands That You Should Try!

Canadian Jewelry Brands

“You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Jewelry”

Whether you’re off to your office or having a wedding to attend, you can never go without jewelry. It just completes the outfit.

Finding the right jewelry that represents you inside out is quite tricky, especially when you have tons of amazing brands to choose from.

Delicate, unique, simple yet elegant jewelry is what everyone loves. And when we are talking about jewelry, how can we move on without mentioning Canada?

Canada has taken the world by storm with its amazing jewelry brands and designers. From simple everyday wear to wedding rings, you’ll find everything in Canada.

From Wolf Circus to Cadette, from Jeny Bird to Oremme, here are the 11 Canadian jewelry brands that you should know about.

List of 11 Canadian Jewelry Brands

After getting customers’ feedback, the top Canadian Jewelry Brands include Mejuri, Leah Alexandra, Cadette Poppy Flinch, Foxy Originals, Oremme, and a few others.

1. Mejuri

Canadian Jewelry Companies

Mejuri was Founded in 2013 and is one of Canada’s most famous jewelry brands. It is pretty renowned for its highly affordable and long-lasting jewelry.

As per their slogan, they make jewelry that can be worn every day, not something you would “put on your Pinterest board someday.”

Dome of their famous pieces includes small hoops, stacker rings, monochrome dome rings, zodiac necklace vermeil, bold chain ring sapphire twin hoops, and duo rings.

So if you are searching for classy yet delicate jewelry that you can wear every day, then Mejuri is the brand you need.

2. Leah Alexandra

Leah Alexandra is one of those Canadian jewelry companies that are loved and worn all around the world. It was founded in 2005.  

Leah Alexandra offers a wide range of high-quality products in every category.  This brand is pretty famous for its delicate jewelry.

The Sofia slice necklace, piercingly blue turquoise teardrop pendant, and Mini Antiquity ring are famous pieces. So, if you are looking for fresh and versatile jewelry that you can wear every day, try out some pieces from Leah Alexandra.

3. Cadette

Cadette is a Toronto-based Canadian brand that was founded in 2013. The whole collection of Cadette jewelry is inspired by the 20th Century. Cadette is famous for its distinctly feminine jewelry.

Moreover, Allison uses Metalsmithing techniques to make her timeless jewelry. She makes jewelry for “modern and mindful women.”

Vida necklace, lemon earrings, and nova earrings are 2 of the most famous accessories from this brand. If you are a fan of handcrafted jewelry, then you should try Cadette.

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4. Poppy Flinch

Poppy Flinch tends to produce jewelry that is good for everyday wear. Poppy Flinch Jewelry is known for its elegant designs and delicate pearls.

In all of their designs, they employ recycled gold, conflict-free diamonds, and fairly mined gemstones and pearls.

Poppy Flinch items that are pretty famous are a ruby chain link bracelet, Keshi pearl choker necklace, and golden arch three pear earrings.

5. Foxy Originals

Foxy Originals-founded in 1998- is one of the oldest and most famous jewelry brands in Canada. It is known for producing on-trend, vibrant, and affordable jewelry pieces.

The jewelry made by this Canadian brand is elegant and beautiful without too much feminine touch. Foxy Originals is perfect for those who don’t like feminine jewelry yet want some beautiful delicate jewelry.

So if you have a low budget and still wish to own some classy and elegant jewelry, then Foxy Originals is the brand you have been looking for.  

Foxy Originals are popular for its Filigree earrings and vibrant reversible necklaces.

Made in Canada Jewelry Brands

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6. Oremme

Oremme is yet another luxurious jewelry maker from Toronto that is famous for producing bold, colourful, unique jewels.

Oremme was inspired by Emilie’s mom’s jewel-collecting philosophy. One of the best ways to describe Oremme is by referring to it as a “happy luxury brand.”

Holden mini hoops and stackable Gemmie rings are two items that people adore a lot.

7. Jeny Bird

This Toronto-based jewelry brand is now available in almost 600 stores globally. This Made in Canada Jewelry brand is famous for creating architectural and minimalistic jewelry.

Jenny Bird is famous for making jewelry that will perfectly go with any dress. Many celebrities are also seen wearing this brand, which is enough to speak about its popularity.

So, if you are looking for long-lasting, affordable, and subtle-looking jewelry, give Jeny Bird a try.

8. Hestia

Hestia is a Toronto-based jewelry manufacturer that is famous for its artisanal craftsmanship. This brand creates jewelry that is not everyday wearable but symbolizes sentimental value.  

The natural precious stones and gems inspire Hestia. Each piece created by Hestia is a unique symbol of every person’s lifestyle.

Some of the famous jewelry pieces by Hetia include modern Diamond Baguette Earrings, Sophia London Blue Topaz Earrings, and Endless 14K Gold Dainty Hoop Earrings.

9. Anastassia Sel

Anastassia Sel is a Toronto-based Canadian jewelry brand that is famous for its modern and unique designs. It is mainly known for custom-made engagement rings.

Also, it has a wide range of handmade jewelry that is created with elegance. Anastassia Sel claims to provide high-quality jewelry without compromising sustainable and ethical values.

If you are a fan of handmade wedding bands and rings, then Anastassia Se is your brand.

10. Myel

Myriam Elie is the founder of this Canadian Jewelry Company. This brand is quite famous for being high-quality and budget-friendly.

From delicate rings to complex gold earrings, this brand has everything you’ll need, no matter how what your budget is.

Myel-inspired by arts and history, is a line of “detail-oriented” jewelry brands made of precious stones and alloy. Some famous jewelry by Myel is the cruise ring, amazon bracelet, and Helm Pendant.

11. Wolf Circus

Wolf Circus entered the industry in 2011, and now it is quite popular for its delicate and artistic jewelry made in Canada. They make jewelry by the lost-waxing casting process or hand fabrication. It uses recycled bronze or recycled sterling silver.

Wolf Circus makes jewelry that every day wearable, and it will add a touch of femininity to your dress. A gold vermeil long chain necklace with a daisy-shaped toggle is one of the favorite items by Wolf Circus.

Tips for Buying Authentic Canadian Jewelry Online

The key to buying authentic Canadian jewelry online is to do your research. It’s important to know that there is a wide variety of places where you can buy original Canadian jewelry.

The internet is a lot of people’s go-to place when they want to buy something, which means there are many more online stores than physical stores.

It’s always good to read reviews on the store you are considering and make sure that the company has a return policy.

Keep in mind that not every store will have the same policies, so it’s important to read up on them before buying anything!

Check out these 3 Tips for Buying Authentic Canadian Jewelry Online.

  • Look for the Kimberley Process seal on the jewelry website’s home page
  • Purchase from an online retailer that does not sell other brands of jewelry
  • Use a credit card with buyer protection and get your new jewelry gift-wrapped!

Final Words

Canada is home to a wide variety of jewelry brands and designers, each offering its own unique styles and designs. These brands cater to different preferences and budgets, from everyday wear to special occasions.

Mejuri, Leah Alexandra, Cadette, Poppy Flinch, Foxy Originals, Oremme, and Jeny Bird are some of the most well-known Canadian jewelry brands. These are worth considering when looking for the perfect piece of jewelry to complete your outfit.

Whether you’re looking for delicate and elegant pieces or bold and colorful designs, these Made in Canada Jewelry brands have something to offer for everyone.

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